Happy Holidays!

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新年的祝願 New Year Blessings

Text of Happy Holidays!

  • 1. 16 New YearBlessing

2. The Twelve Strikes of Midnight 3. The twelve strikes of your clock at midnightwill bring my wishes to youfor the next twelve months. 4. First Strike Wish of Health [health that all the money in the world cannot buy ] 5. Second Strike Wish of Love [that life around you be filled with love,not with hatred and war] 6. Third Strike Wish of Luck [that you never lack of anything in this life] 7. Fourth Strike Wish of Dreams [ that you have dreamsso as to see them come true] 8. Fifth Strike Wish of Courage [courage to accept what you cannot change] 9. Sixth Strike Wish of Encounters [that you taste the sweetness of friendshipand never feel lonely] 10. Seventh StrikeWish of Family Unity [ that you enjoy the enduring ties of a loving family] 11. EighthStrike Wish of Success [that all your projects be fruitful] 12. Ninth Strike Wish of Peace [that your heart be free of anxiety, hatred, and envy] 13. Tenth Strike Wish of Gratitude [that you rejoice for being alive each and every day] 14. Eleventh Strike Wish of Imagination[that you can see even beyond the wonders of creation] 15. Twelfth Strike The Most Important Wish [that youreceive blessingeach and every day of this new year] 16. Happy New Year!May all my wishes to you come truein this year May all my wishes to you come true Happy New Year!