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MAK BIODIGESTERManufacturer of Bio Toilets and Bio-Digester Tanks

About MAK BiodigesterMAK Bio Projects is a leading manufacturer and supplier of bio toilets and bio-digester tanks. We provide these Biodigester Toilet as per the requirements of the customers.

MAK being a TOT holder for this DRDO technology has installed many bio-digester toilets in India.

MAK bio-digester tanks can be made to cater any no. of users from small home to huge community apartments, temples, malls, institutions etc.

We are an ISO 9001:2015 certified company and one of the leading Anaerobic Digester Manufacturers in India.

Why BIODIGESTERDisposal of human waste in accordance to conventional systems leads to ground water contamination and pollution of resource that might cause an epidemic outbreak.

Bio-digester provides eco-friendly disposal of human waste. It is maintenance free, efficient without dependent on any energy source and its effluents are odourless.

ComparisonS. NoBiodigesterConventional Septic Tank1Eco-friendly & hygienic.Unhygienic disposal of human waste leads to surface and ground waters pollution and health problems.2Maintenance free bio-digester and one time inoculum feed throughout life time.Needs periodic evacuation of sewage andmaintenance intensive.3More than 99% pathogens reduction.Possibility for spread of diseases.4Less space requirement (1/3 of Conventional Tank).Require larger space.5No foul smell.Obnoxious smell from septic tanks.6Generation of odourless, recycled effluent water and inflammable biogas.No useful by products.

Completely eliminates the need for human maintenance.More than 99% of pathogens are killed and hence it is hygienic and healthy.Eco-Friendly and 100% hazard free.No Sewage Cleaning100% Eco-FriendlyHappy Living

Process of Biodigester

Advantages Of BiodigesterLess than 30% of conventional septic tank area is sufficient.

Completely eliminates need for human intervention for maintenance as no evacuation is required.

More than 99% of pathogens are killed and hence it is hygienic and healthy.

More than 99% of waste is decomposed.

Low to moderate capital costs; No operating costs.

Prolonged life.

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