Careers in HTML Progmraming

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HTML elements forms a building block for all websites. A web browser can read HTML files and compose them into visible and audible web pages. Learning Catalyst offers courses in HTML Programming. To know more visit

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  • 1. Why should I learn HTML ?

2. Myth 1Writing HTML is too slowIn most cases, you dontneed to write HTML. Youneed to understand 3. Myth 2I have a great WYSIWYG editor soI don't need HTMLThere will always be times when you need totweak HTML manually. WYSIWYG editorswill never be 4. Myth 3 I am not good at programming so Ishould not learn HTMLDude, its NOT aprogramming language. Itsa mark-up 5. Myth 4HTML is obsoleteFor a long time to come, HTMLwould continue to be the basis ofa website. It will help you to takeon new languages like 6. Myth 5 I am a designer. I dont needHTMLYour dependence on other peoplereduces a lot if you know HTML. If youare working with frameworks, CMS,etcHTML knowledge is 7. If you know HTML, you're notlimited to the number of functionsthat the editor has to offer.You can always create your owncustomizable functions and code,which will look and feel exactly as youwish them to 8. Knowing that you can code HTMLto display a page properly in avariety of browsers is a relief !And knowing that the editoryou're using will not mess itup is priceless. 9. No matter how good or talented you are,the fact that you can't write HTML canaffect the way you present yourself topotential clients and 10. And thats where our learningprograms in HTML would beuseful 11. Some of the aspects we will cover in theprogram Basics Creating A Layout Form Creating Styles Multimedia Validation and Optimization Creating Styles 12. Learning Catalyst :The Go-to Place for NewMedia Courses andPlacementWe offer learning programs in WebMarketing and Web Technology. (Instructor-ledand Online)