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  • References May 2002 page 2 of 28


    Cyanide Chemistry Page 3 Technical References Informational References Cyanide Toxicology Page 4 Technical References Informational References Effects on Wildlife Page 16 Technical References Informational References Cyanide in the Environment Page 20 Technical References Informational References Cyanide Analysis Page 26 Technical References Informational References

    The references provided have been separated into categories for the convenience of those seeking more detailed information regarding cyanide, however there is a significant overlap of subjects in many of the information sources. Two types of references are listed in each category. Technical references include standard texts and articles that have been published in peer reviewed technical and professional journals or in government documents. Informational references consist of papers published in the proceedings of conferences and workshops and other papers that have not undergone a technical peer review process.

  • References May 2002 page 3 of 28

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  • References May 2002 page 4 of 28

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  • References May 2002 page 5 of 28

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  • References May 2002 page 6 of 28

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    Burdick, G.E. and Lipschuetz, M., Toxicity of Ferro- and Ferricyanide Solutions to Fish, and


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