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Arranged by Layth. King Fasil I عبدالكريم قاسم, عبدالله العمري

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Text of Arranged by Layth. King Fasil I عبدالكريم قاسم, عبدالله العمري

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Arranged by Layth Slide 2 King Fasil I Slide 3 , Slide 4 , Slide 5 Slide 6 Slide 7 Slide 8 Abdullah Baker, Baha' A'wni and al Munajim at reception held by Iraqi Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Baghdad Slide 9 Nuri Pasha Al Said. Probably in Pakistan. Ayoub Khan President of Pakistan in Background. Not sure if the lady is Mrs Ayoub Khan. Also to be seen in the photo, Burhan addin Bash'ayan and Fadhil Jamali In this photo: Ayoub Khan, Burhan addin Bash'ayan, Fadhil Jamali Slide 10 King Feisal's 2nd birthday. I have tagged the children I recognise. In this photo: Muna Al Farisi, Salwan Baban, Anisa Sadoun, Aysar Sulaiman, Lamis Al Daftari, Nasser Al Haideri, salwa sati' Alhuseri, muhsin Suleiman Slide 11 Iraqi people celebrating coronation of King Feisal II. Baghdad May 2nd 1952 Slide 12 An evening with Um Kalthoom at Jamal Baban's house. Jamal Baban, Najib Al Rawi, Mumtaz Al Omari, Fazila Daghistani, Suad Al Omari, Nimat Yasin Al Hashimi, Nuri Al Said, Salima Daghistani, Tawfiq Al Sweidi, Tahsin Qadry, Obeyd Al Mathaifi Slide 13 All the models were Iraqi ladies from prominent families. Can anyone imagine this kind of event taking place in Iraq today???? Slide 14 Said Qazzaz and Ghazi Daghistani Slide 15 Fancy dress party. Nuri Pasha Al Said, his wife Naima standing to the left of Photo. Their son Sabah and Ghazi Al Daghistani in Daghistani costume seated. Also, Tahseen Al Askari Slide 16 reception at the Iraqi Embassy, Tehran In this photo: Princess Shahnaz, King Feisal II, Tahsin Qadry Slide 17 Ghazi Al Daghistani and Obaid Al Madhaifi Boar hunting Slide 18 King Feisal's Birthday Al Rihab Palace. May 2nd 1946. Um Kalthum sang at this occasion. Slide 19 Baghdad Pact Session. Ankara In this photo: Yousef Gaylani, Tawfiq Al Sweidi, Ghazi Daghistani, Burhaeddin Bash'ayan, Fadhel Jamali, Nuri Pasha Slide 20 Nuri Pasha receiving Adnan Menderes At Baghdad Airport. The Pasha's ADC Wasfi Taher at extreme left of photo. Slide 21 Unveiling ceremony of Abdul Muhsin Al Sadoun's statue. Baghdad May 20th 1933 Slide 22 Slide 23 Slide 24 Al Qushla Clock Baghdad 1919 Slide 25 Al Kadhum 1919

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