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香 港浸會大學知識轉移處 Knowledge Transfer Office Hong Kong Baptist University. Better Community, Better Life. The Connecting Classroom Global Project by the British Council Hong Kong. Better Community Better Life. Project Leader Dr . LEUNG Mee Ping , Academy of Visual Arts - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Better Community, Better LifeThe Connecting Classroom Global Project by the British Council Hong Kong

Knowledge Transfer OfficeHong Kong Baptist University


Project Leader Dr. LEUNG Mee Ping, Academy of Visual Arts External Partner British Council (Hong Kong)

Project SummaryThis project aims to give young people a shared, creative public platform to explore their local community, learn about other cultures and express themselves on global issues, partners schools in the UK and China to work together on an agreed theme.

British council has invited six secondary schools to participate in the 2010-2011 Better Community, Better Life student community art project. With a sponsorship from KTO, six graduates from the Academy of Visual Arts of HKBU were able to work with the schools as student artists. The schools have chosen People and Community as their theme of artwork creation and community action. In order to share their ideas and great works with the public, all the student artworks were displayed in the exhibition on July 9th to 26th, 2011.

The community action plan is another important part of the Better community, Better life Project. Students have identified some community problems such as pollution, care for the elderly and conservation conflicts, etc. They looked at how they can act at a local level and contribute positively to their community. Five of the six Hong Kong schools have stood out in the panel selection and won the Community Action Plan Competition which provided them with funds to carry out their plans to benefit their community. Better Community Better Life

2Benefits to the AcademicsTo gain exposure and raise influence on the international art education platform, and to engage in the global discourseTo promote and expand the visual arts culture through online exhibitions and international group exhibitions resulted from the projectTo enrich visual arts teaching materials, and to facilitate the changes in art education with the 3-3-4 curriculum reformBenefits to the School CommunityTo enhance the appreciation and awareness of visual arts with an international perspectiveTo engage in community development and research through visual artsTo gain an opportunity to explore their local community, learn about other cultures and express themselves about global issuesBenefits to the Students/AssociatesTo create useful experiences and opportunities for community researchTo gain insights in the international exchange of artistic and cultural discussion with educators and students from UK and ChinaTo further understand the contemporary art and cultural significance in art education in UK and China

Better Community Better Life3

Media CoverageFor more details about the program, please click here. Better Community Better Life4