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1.Education system in England;2.School day and school subjects;3. Extra curricular activities;4.State and independent schools.

Vocabulary : Science, religion, geography, history,literature, primary, independent, state,secondary, boarding, football, rugby,badminton, netball, uniform, on average, education, training, a widechoice, a break, examination, canteen.

(Before watching) Ex. 1 Put the Words below into the correct columns. What is the Odd Word? Geography, badminton, science, primary, literature, uniform, netball, boarding, religion, history, independent, rugby, football, state, secondary. Give Key Words.

School subjects

Extra curricular activitiesTypes of Schools111222333444555

(Before watching) E. 2Agree or Disagree1. Most children start primary school at the age of 8.2. About 20% of 18 year- olds go to university.3. At most schools students wear a uniform.4. There are about 22 students in a secondary school class.5. Students begin learning a foreign language at 15.6. Most parents in Britain pay for their children/s education. 7. All students have music lessons.

(While watching) Sequence 1 Try to complete the table with the words and numbers from the box. Training University 11 5 70 secondary Advanced Primary Certificate 20 16

Age Education ---- 11Most children go to ------- school.11 ----They all go to ---- school. -------In England they take GCSE examinations (General ------ of Secondary Education) ---- 18---% of students continue at school. At 18they take A Levels ( --- level examinations.) ------About ---% of 18 year olds go to ----- . ------Another --- % of 18 year olds go on to other kinds of education and ---------- .

Sequence 2 Watch the episode & number these pictures in the correct order.

Sequence 3 Watch the episode & cross the incorrect answer. Students have a break of an hour / half an hour for lunch. More / Some students bring sandwiches for lunch School finishes at four / five oclock. Students also play rugby / chess.

Sequence 3 Watch the episode without sound & tick the activities you see. football cooking hockey badminton netball athletics rugby music chess lunch

(After watching) Work in groups

Group 1 -- introduce information about the education system in in Britain;Group 2 -- Introduce information about school day , school subjects & extra curricular activity;Group 3 -- about state & independent schools

Who Is the best ?

YOUR TASK : Write a letter to Your pen friend telling him or her about Your school & Your life at school.

LIST OF SOURCESR. MacAndrew Window on Britain Oxford University Press, 2007