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Nguyen Viet Cach Nguyen Xuan Thuan Le Manh Hung Nguyen c Tu Phan Van Trng inh Th Phng


CHIM VN QUC GIA XUN THYNguyen Viet Cach Nguyen Xuan Thuan Le Manh Hung Nguyen c Tu Phan Van Trng inh Th Phng

nh: Nguyn Manh Hung Thit k: H Phi Linh

XUN THU- 2009


Li cm nChim Vn Quc gia Xun Thy l sn phm ca tp th cn b k thut ca Vn Quc gia Xun Thy cng vi vn phng CORIN-Asia ti Vit Nam v cc chuyn gia phi hp bin tp v hon thin. Vn quc gia Xun Thy chn thnh cm n Chng trnh Lin minh t ngp nc quc t (WAP) v T chc SIDA Thu in tr gip ti chnh cho vic xut bn cun sch ny. Sch chim ca Vn quc gia Xun Thy da trn c s cun sch Chim Vit Nam ca cc tc gi Nguyn C, L Trng Tri v Karen Phillipps (2005); Vn quc gia Xun Thy xin cm n Birdlife International Chng trnh ng Dng v cc tc gi cho php s dng bn quyn ca cun sch Chim Vit Nam. Trong qu trnh bin son, cun sch Chim Vn Quc gia Xun Thy nhn c s t vn chuyn mn ca ng L Mnh Hng (Vin sinh thi) v ng Nguyn c T (T chc Birdlife International ti Vit Nam). c bit, nhng hnh nh n tng ca cc loi chim v ni dung ting anh c ng L Mnh Hng cung cp. Tt c nhng s h tr trn gip chng ti xut bn thnh cng cun sch ny.


Chim Vn Quc Gia Xun Thy

AcknowledgementBirds in Xuan Thuy National Park was developed and edited by staffs of XTNP in consultation with CORIN-Asia, Vietnam and national experts. Xuan Thuy would like to thank Wetlands Alliance Programme (WAP) sponsored by SIDA who provided financial support to complete this book. Scientific information in this guide-book is based on the Vietnam birds book by Nguyen Cu, Le Trong Trai and Karen Phillipps (2005); Xuan Thuy would also acknowledge strong backstops of BirdLife International Indochina Program and the authors of Vietnam birds. Also, we apprecitate technical advices from Mr. Le Manh Hung (Institute of Ecology and Biological Resources) and Mr. Nguyen Duc Tu (BirdLife International Vietnam). Especially, we acknowledge assistance of Mr. Le Manh Hung to provide beautiful photos of bird species, and compile English section. All of the above are essential supports for us to complete this book.

Xuan Thuy National Park Bird Guide Book


GII THIU CHUNG:S di c ca cc loi chim trong khu vc VQG: Theo tp tnh v bn nng sinh tn, mt s loi chim s thc hin chu trnh di c n cc vng t c bin sinh thi v iu kin t nhin thch hp trong nm m bo cho s tn ti v duy tr ni ging lu di. VQG Xun Thy ghi nhn hai dng di c chnh theo trc Bc Nam v ngc li. Hng nm vo ma ng, chim di c trnh rt t phng Bc xung tr ng, mt s loi c th bay tip n Chu c n ma xun m p li bay tr li ni sinh sn vng cc Bc (nh Xibri, Bc Trung Quc, Hn Quc) Dng di c th hai l cc loi di c trnh nng vo dp h thu hng nm. Cc loi Giang Sen, B Nng t min Nam Vit Nam v Campuchia chn VQG Xun Thy lm ni trnh nng trong vng i di c hng nm ca chng. Nh vy VQG Xun Thy l Ga chim quc t quan trng ca nhiu loi Chim qu him v c bit l ni c ng an lnh ca nhiu loi chim nc trong cuc chin sinh tn nhiu gian nan v th thch. Ti nguyn chim VQG Xun Thy Vn Quc gia Xun Thy c khu h chim kh phong ph, c trn 220 loi chim, chim trn 25% s lng nhng loi chim hin c ca Vit Nam. Trong s trn 220 loi chim ca VQG Xun Thy c trn 150 loi di c, khong 50 loi chim nc v trong c 09 loi c tn trong Danh lc cc loi b e da tuyt chng quy m ton cu. Hai loi chim nc di c rt him gp ti cc vng ven bin khc l C tha mt en (C tha) v R m tha li c th d dng bt gp Vn quc gia Xun Thy trong nhng nm gn y. Sch chim ca Vn Quc gia Xun Thy nhm b sung thm ngun ti liu v danh lc cc loi chim v gip cho mi ngi d dng nhn bit cc loi chim trong t nhin ivChim Vn Quc Gia Xun Thy

INTrodUCTIoNMigration of birds in the Xuan Thuy national park area Many bird species immigrate to different regions on the globe to suit their needs for existence and inheritance. XTNP highlights two migratory currents, one from north to south and one from south to north. Every winter, birds fly down to the south from the northern areas to avoid the coldness; some even lengthen their trip to Australia. All of them will return home in northen pole (Siberia, northern parts of China, Korea, etc.) The second migratory current occurs in summer, when birds try to stay away from the hot sun. Birds like Painted Stork, Pelican, etc. in the south of Vietnam and Cambodia choose Xuan Thuy as the feeding and resting site. Therefore, Xuan Thuy is an important bird station at international level. Bird resources in Xuan Thuy national park XTNP is rich in bird resources with over 220 species, which account for more than 25% of the total bird species in the whole country. It is important to note that among the 220 species, there are above 150 migratory, about 50 waterbirds, and 9 endangered species that are listed in the Red List. Especially, Black-faced Spoonbill and Spoonbilled Sandpiper could be easily observed in Xuan Thuy in recent years. The book of Birds in Xuan Thuy National Park would act as a guide-book for bird watchers in Xuan Thuy, and help raise awareness of the local communities about birds and bird protection. In order to achieve the objectives, the book introduce information about birds in Xuan Thuy with selected descriptions and pictures.Xuan Thuy National Park Bird Guide Book


trong khu vc. ng thi, cun sch mong mun gp phn nng cao s hiu bit v quan tm ca cng ng n vic bo v cc loi chim. thc hin mc ch ni trn, cun sch s gii thiu thng tin v trn 220 loi chim hin c VQG Xun Thy, mi loi u c hnh nh minh ha km theo. Ni dung m t: Th t sp xp v Tn chim: theo Danh lc chim ca Birdlife International (2008). c im hnh thi: Mi loi u c m t v hnh thi kt hp vi hnh nh. Phn m t ngn gn ch yu tp trung vo kch thc, mu sc ca b lng gip cho tt c mi ngi c th d dng nhn bit chim ngoi thin nhin. Sinh cnh sng: c im sinh cnh sng c trng ca mi loi trong khu vc. Phn b/Quan st: Phm vi phn b ca cc loi chim VQGXT bao gm cc khu vc khc nhau. Vng m: Khu vc Ni ng, Bi Trong v Cn Ngn; vng li: Cn Ngn, Cn Lu v Cn Xanh (Cn M). Tnh trng: Tnh trng cc loi c th hin nay ti Vn quc gia Xun Thy nh: ph bin, khng ph bin, nh c, tr ng, tr h, dng chn trn ng di c, him gp, v vng lai. Phn hng ca Sch Vit Nam (2008) v IUCN (2008) i vi cc loi b e da c xc nh theo cc tiu ch ca IUCN 1994 v 2001: Cr - Rt nguy cp EN - Nguy cp VU - S nguy cp NT - Gn b e da dd - Thiu dn liu Quy c: Tnh trng cc loi trong Sch Vit Nam c vit hoa (CR, EN, VU v NT); trong Danh lc IUCN c vit thng (cr, en, vu v nt). viChim Vn Quc Gia Xun Thy

description content: Order and bird name: in accordance to Bird checklist of BirdLife International (2008) Bird identification (with photo): short description and focus on size and body color. Habitat: significant ecosystems of each species in Xuan Thuy area Observation: Bird distribution in different areas in XTNP, including Agricultural/residential, Trong islet, a part of Ngan islet (buffer zone); a small part of Ngan islet, Lu islet, and Xanh / Mo islet (core zone). Status: Bird status in the park is ranked from common, uncommon, resident, winter visitor, summer visitor, passage migrant, rare, and vagrant species. Conservation status in Vietnam Red Databook (2008) and IUCN Red List (2008) is based on criteria of IUCN 1994 and 2001: Cr - Critically Endangered EN - Endangred VU - Vulnerable NT - Near-threatened dd - Data deficient

Note: Conservation status of birds is abbreviated in capital letters (Vietnam Red Databook) and normal letters (IUCN Red List).Xuan Thuy National Park Bird Guide Book


NHNG CH KHC KHI N QUAN ST CHIM TI VQG XUN THYPhng tin i li: VQG Xun Thy cch H Ni khong 160 km v pha ng Nam, ht khong 4 gi i xe. Du khch c th i xe khch t Bn xe Gip Bt v M nh. Phng tin i xem chim trong Vn: Du khch c th i b, i xe my, thu thuyn my ca Cng ng, hoc s dng xung my ca VQG Xun Thy i xem chim. iu kin n : Khch ti VQG c th la chn im n nghi khc nhau. - VQG Xun Thy c trang b phng nghi v tin nghi phc v khch du lch. - Cc khch sn Th trn Ng ng v Khu du lch Qut Lm, cch VQG t 20-35 km vi s lng phng nghi khng hn ch. - Nghi ti nh dn: ti x Giao Xun. Giy php: VQG l Khu vc bin phng, nn cn phi c cc thng tin v khch n Vn. Khch ni a cn xut trnh Chng minh th Nhn dn. Khch quc t cn mang theo H chiu v Visa cn thi hn VQG trnh bo vi cp thm quyn v qun l tm tr.


Chim Vn Quc Gia Xun Thy

NoTICE for BIrd wATCHErS IN XUAN THUY NATIoNAl PArKTransportation to the park: Xuan Thuy is about 160 kilometers to the Southeast of Hanoi, and takes arround 4 hours by bus. Visitors can catch bus to XTNP from Giap Bat and My Dinh station. Bird watching means: Visitors can travel by motorbike, boat and on food. Accommodation: Visitors you may choose to stay in XTNP, hotels in Ngo Dong town and Quat Lam beach (about 20-35km), or at local houses (homestay) in Giao Xuan commune. Permission: Vietnamese visitors need to show their ID card; international visitors are required to have passport and visa with valid date.

Xuan Thuy National Park Bird Guide Book




Chim Vn Quc Gia Xun Thy

Xuan Thuy National Park Bird Guide Book


COTURNIX JAPONICA (Temminck & Schlegel, 1849) CAY NHT BN

M t: 19 cm. Mnh trn. ui rt ngn. Khi bay, pha lng c cc sc m, nu sm. ng vin trong cnh nu xm. Lng my ni bt. Hai vt mu ti hai bn c l c im phn bit loi ny vi cc loi khc trong h cun ct. Sinh cnh sng: Vng cy bi v c, rng phi lao. Quan st: Rng Phi lao Cn Lu. D quan st vo bui sng v chiu mun. Thng 3, 4 v 10. Tnh trng: Loi dng chn trn ng i. Khng ph bin.

JAPANESE QUAIldescriptions: 19 cm. Brownish above with whitish streaks. Rufescent to chestnut breast and flanks with black and whitish streaks. Pale or whitish throat with two dark bars at side. Male breeding has chestnut throat and dark throat-bands. Habitats: Grassy areas, cultivation, pine forest. observation: Morning and late afternoon at casuarina forest