Coscup2010 opening 0815

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COSCUP / GNOME.Asia 第二天開幕式

Text of Coscup2010 opening 0815

  • 1. WELCOME

2. There's something you need to know... (again) 3. check in EACH dayand get yourLunch coupon before 10:30am, or you have to kill someone for his lunch box 4. vegetarian Please get your lunch box at the FIRST LUNCH AREA (4 floor) th 5. After lunch: recycle garbage(follow the staffs) CC:BY 6. tag!@GNOME.Asia @coscup2010 7. irc:// Check 8. In the Conference Room... 9. x3 10. Turn off your phone 11. No Food or Drink 12. No Smoking 13. H!TID WD N BABANDWIDTH MONSTER 14. H!TID WD N BA BANDWIDTH MONSTER 15. But... 16. Hack the Please don'tRouters we are using... 17. Turn OFF WiFi when you are on Wired.TurnOFF your own WiFi Router please. 18. N900 (3F)& Books (4F) On Sale! 19. HIDDEN CHARACTERS! Still exist 20. Take shuttle bus after Conference!SINICA MRT:Nangang 21. Enjoy it!