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Duch group service in Automotive industry: 1. Car model, Scale model 2. Automotive components, like plastic parts, LED lighting

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  • Duch Group was created in 1996, based in pretty city, Xiamen, owning two branches in Suzhou and Beijing, covering around 50000 squre meters,There are over 1000 staffs in the company. Duch has built a long-term friendship business relations with around 20000 global customers and become one of the most professional technical company incluing the full serive from industrial design, technical analysis, rapid prototype, customized mass production for small batch, personal customized production,mass production, package, shipment and global sales.

    , Duch's world, world's Duch

  • The Headquarter of Duch Group

  • The Headquarter of Duch Group

  • The Headquarter of Duch Group

  • The Beijing Branches of Duch Group

  • The Suzhou Branch of Duch Group

  • Product 3D Model Builiing


  • Our designers accomplish the full service including product design, manufacturing,package, publicity and sales through different 3D model building software and Shlistinge such as aliasCATIASolidWorksPro/ERhinoceros3DMaxkeyshotPhotoshop etc. The close cooperation between designers and engineers helps to promote the relationalization and cost management for design and manufacture, which can reduce the production time and improve the efficiency. Besides, it offers the extremely design optimization for the customers in automotive field, which make it easier to auto parts mass production and create the perfect products.

  • Auto Lights

  • Auto wheel hub & Grille

  • Auto Inner parts& decorations

  • logo Auto logo, bumper

  • The whole car structure

  • Duch Group owns the world first-class strong automobile prototype team and around most advanced 250 CNC. There are different kinds of CNC prototype surface, such as polishing, painting, silkscreen, electroplate etc. The appearance and result is almost beautiful and strong as products from mold tooling; It can meet customers' final design intention considering the external appearance, assembling and functions. Our workers are experienced and responsible, our equipments are high-accuracy, high quality, and intelligent, which is the first-class in the filed.

  • Duch Group owns the world first-class automobile technical team, which can reflect on the automobile finished products. Under the harkworking of workers, we have strong capacity to produce auto wheel hub, car grille,bumper,car nceiling, auto lights,auto door, decorative material and some other relative spare parts, which are highly recoginized by the customers.

  • Auto LIghts

  • Decoration spare parts

  • Auto LIghts

  • Auto decorate serials

  • Auto decorate serials

  • Logo

  • Car Door

  • Bumper

  • Bumper

  • Car Grills

  • Wheel Hub

  • Wheel hub

  • Car Ceiling

  • Car door structure

  • Car Door

  • Duch group provides full service from spare parts production to vehicle assembly. Duch group possess the advanced automobile manufacturing euqipments and rich experience in automotive production..We offer the serivce of making concept cars and show cars for many well-known automotive companies such as Janguar, Bentley,Bugatti Veyron, Land Rove,Cadilac, Ford etc

  • Bentley Show Car

  • Bentley Show Car

  • Great Wall Show Car

  • Great Wall show car

  • Bejing Automotive new engineer show cars

  • BMW Show Car

  • Duch Team are highly recoginzied by cooperation partners

  • The coopeation partners of Duch Group is all over the world In Chinese local market, it cooperates with Great Wall, Beijing Automotive, Huatai Automotive,Zotyue Auto etc In the global market,it cooperates with many well-know auto companies ,such as Benz, BMW,Bentley,GM,Tesla,Tata, Bugatti Veyron,Ford, Guangzhou Honda,Jaguar,Cadilac, Land Rover etc