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This funding appeal highlights the situation Sinalo, describes her educational background and gives insights into her family situation.

Text of Funding Sinalo

  • MARCH 1, 2016

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    I, Ludovic Rochat, am a Swiss man of 31-years-old. I am completing my Master

    degree at the University of Cape Town in Social Policy and Management, Social

    Development department. I arrived in South Africa three years ago to accomplish

    my postgraduate study, as well as working in the social field and fighting against

    poverty and social inequality. I strongly believe that I came to South Africa with

    the specific mission of helping the most unprivileged people to reach a better

    standard of living, by becoming free of poverty. Since I arrived in South Africa

    in 2013, I have been involved in different townships in Cape Town. I finally chose

    to put all my energy in one informal settlement called Capricorn or Vrygrond (see

    picture in Appendix A).

    By doing volunteerism in a small NGO in Capricorn, I quickly got the opportunity

    to get to know the people of the community. Day after day, I realised what it is

    to live in a township and what kinds of struggles people are facing on daily basis.

    Doing my honours degree at the University of Cape Town, gave me the chance to

    do all my paper work in the township of Capricorn. Through numerous interviews,

    I met most of the key players in the community, such as various NGO directors,

    community leaders, school principals and some board members of the community

    trust. Last year, as part of my Master study, I did an internship in the largest

    NGO of the community. This allowed me to increase my knowledge of the

    community and to achieve a better connection with the leaders of Capricorn. For

    this year 2016, I have planned to work in this same NGO.

    This journey in the community of Capricorn has allowed me to create a clear

    understanding of the situation faced by the people of Capricorn. Coming from a

    rich country such as Switzerland, it took me several years to adapt to a total

    different way of living and to different cultures.

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    My postgraduate study helped me to gather all the necessary figures of the

    community, which reflect the level of the social issues faced in Capricorn. The

    major issues are low unemployment, low-income level, addictions to substances,

    low levels of education, school drop-outs and poverty.

    My vision is to eradicate poverty of this township, bringing back dignity in the life

    of people, and make Capricorn a beautiful place to live in (see Appendix B). My

    strong faith in God and my passion to see the life of people transformed, make

    me believing that everything is possible. However, I know that I would need the

    support of all South African citizen to achieve such goals.

    Sinalos Background

    To achieve such vision, the people of Capricorn need to be empowered and to

    become the change agent of their community. To do so, needless to say that

    education is the key factor to empower them. One of the most famous quotes of

    Nelson Mandela reminds us, as South African citizens that Education is the most

    powerful weapon which you can use to change the world (Mandela). As a result,

    young people in Capricorn need to have a better access to education, and they

    need to gain the required skills and character to be able to affect their


    Sinalo, a young black lady of 15-years old is among the future generation of the

    rainbow nation. However, if no one helps her inversing the circle of poverty, she

    would likely be following the path of her family, still trapped in poverty. Since my

    involvement in Capricorn, I saw too many young people who did not have a matric

    certificate and were totally left behind by the South African educational system.

    They eventually finished hanging around in the township, tempted to follow the

    wrong path, and with no future expectations.

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    Sinalo could rapidly become excluded from the system if no resource is mobilised.

    Despite the fact that she is a very friendly girl, always having a positive attitude,

    she has significant learning difficulties. The recent test done by the educational

    psychologist reported that she has a reading and writing level of a child of 9-

    years old. The report attached provides all the details (see Appendix C).

    From the views of the psychologist and myself, it is obvious that Sinalo urgently

    needs to be helped by being enrolled into a more adapted school, focusing on a

    skills based approach. The Oakley House fits perfectly with the type of school

    for a student like Sinalo.

    Family Background:

    Sinalo is the third child of a family of 4 children. She has two sisters and one

    brother. In contrast to many other families in Capricorn, Sinalo is still living with

    both parents. Nevertheless, while Sinalos mother is involved in her daughters

    upbringing, the father is totally absent. Working as a taxi driver, he spends most

    of his time on the road and when he comes back home, he stays in his room

    spending no time with his children. The lack of a father figure in Sinalos life has

    contributed to her poor personal development. Non-one is encouraging her in

    order to bring forth her potential.

    Over time, this has resulted of a low esteem and significant lack of self-

    confidence. Coming from a poor background, Sinalo is not involved in any extra

    activity that could help her to develop her potential and find more confidence. In

    turn, she spends most of her time at home watching television. The Oakley House

    is a unique opportunity for her to unlock her potential and eventually discover

    which fields and activities she is good at and that she likes.

    The wide range of activities proposed by Oakley house will significantly help

    Sinalo to become more open and extraverted. Due to her shy character, the other

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    siblings are used to take advantage of her by commanding her. Sinalo is always

    the one willing to help and rarely complain when asked to something in the house.

    Unfortunately, Sinalo and her sisters are facing some situations that affect the

    family dynamic and well-being. Sinalos father can show extreme violence toward

    his wife and he even physically abuses her. Sinalo has recently witnessed a

    situation where her father has tried to strangle her mother, almost killing her.

    The father must appear in court in January 2016 to be trialled ad judged for this

    criminal assault. He might be sent to jail.

    Enrolling Sinalo at Oakley house could represent a new life for her, allowing her

    to rise above the problems in her house and community. She will likely make new

    friends from different backgrounds and find a meaningful and healthy life. This

    school represents more than only getting an education but it will give her a new

    breath, so essential for a child who has been affected by certain circumstances

    of life.

    Education Background

    Since she has been attending a public school, Sinalo has struggled to follow a

    normal curriculum. Every year, in spite of a good attitude, willingness to work hard

    and almost 100% attendance, she receives very discouraging reports that does

    not reflect her quality of involvement.

    After redoing several grades, Sinalo has lost all confidence in her abilities to

    achieve success at school. She needs to find a school where she will be rewarded

    for her willingness and effort toward the work provided. Last year, she failed

    Grade 7, at Thomas Wildschuut primary school, for a second time. A report

    including the marks is attached in Appendix D. This school does not allow Sinalo

    to redo her Grade 7 again this year. However, redoing the year will not help her

    because she should have been placed in a private school many years ago.

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    Sinalo is a student who needs more attention to learn than others do. The fact

    that she is very sensitive and a slow learner make difficult for her to be in a

    normal school. Her development in major subjects such as English and Math are

    so far behind that no other school will accept her.

    As the report shows, she needs to focus on a more practical skills approach in

    order to help Sinalo to develop her potential. The uniqueness of the program

    proposed by Oakley house exactly fits the needs of a young girl like Sinalo. Oakley

    school has realised over the past years that too many South African students

    were left behind and in need of a different approach of learning. They have

    developed a model inspired by Oakley school in the United Kingdom that focus on

    practical skills. The programme includes topics such as communication, community,

    sport and leisure, home management, environment, number handling, health and

    survival, world and work, science and technology, wider world, expressive arts and

    beliefs and values. All these modules aim to rebuild self-esteem, foster an

    enjoyment of learning, provide a complete education, and help each child identify

    his or her own goals and targets. It also identifies and reaches potential in

    strengths, remedy weaknesses and improve language skills.

    Request & Budget

    This funding proposal aims to raise the necessary funding for Sinalo to continue

    at the Oakley house School. For this, an amount of R130,000 is required (see

    budget be