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Self introduction. Good friends. New words. Chuck’s friend. Language points. Back. Warmly Welcome to Our School !. Hello ,everyone ! My name is Peary . My Chinese name is Zhang Meixiang ( 张美祥 ) I ’ m very glad to be your English teacher. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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  • Self introductionNew wordsLanguage pointsChucks friend

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  • Warmly Welcome to Our School !Hello ,everyone !My name is Peary. My Chinese name is Zhang Meixiang () Im very glad to be your English teacher. Id like to be your friend, too.From now on, well study together. I hope we can help and learn from each other.Thank you very much. Back

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  • Likes : surf the Internet,table tennisI like/enjoy/loveI am fond ofI am intoMy hobbies/ interests areI think is interesting/boring/terrible.Dislikes: noises, go shopping, play cards with my sonsome TV plays ,classic musicnews, cigarette(sometimes) , Back

  • Would you please answer me some questions?1. Where are you from?5. What do you think of Songgang Middle School?4. Are you living a happy life now?3. How many people are there in your family?2. Which part of Xingjiang do you live in?Back

  • 9. How can you learn English well? 6. Do you have any friends, what do you think of them? 7. Do you like English? Why?8. What are your likes and dislikes?Back

  • If someone doesnt like telling lies, he is h______.If someone is not afraid of danger, we say he is b______.3 true and faithful , not turning against l_____4. If an old man is bright we call him a w____ man.5. opposite of ugly(for man) h______6. if a boy is clever , we say he is s_____.7. Work out a problem means s______ the problem.honestbraveloyalwisehandsomesmartsolveBack

  • 8. Opposite of modern is c_______.9. If you like doing something, you are f____ of doing it.10.Now we usually make fire with a lighter , but in the past people make fire with a m_______.11.A friend is a m______, because he or she can let us know about ourselves.12.A film is a m_____.13.Throw a stone means c_____ a stone.classicalfondmatchmirrormoviecastBack

  • 14.go on living, escape being killed means s______.15.A place where there are no people is a d________ place.16.They are look for an e-pal, that is to say, theyre h_______ for a friend on the line.17. The noun form of sorry is s______.18. To have the same interest or feeling as someone elsemeans to s_____.19.for example like---s ___ a_.survivedesertedhuntingsorrowsharesuch asBack

  • 20. An exciting or dangerous journey is an a________.

    22. Write someone a short letter means d_____ someone a l_____.23. A friend on the internet is an e-____.24. They are afraid of something , afraid means s____.adventuredrop linee-palscaredBack

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  • The best design1.C2.D3.A4.C5.B6.D7.B8.C9.D10.ABack

  • Post reading1. how to collect water, hunt for food and make fire2.He realizes friendship is important He realizes that he hasnt been a good friendBack

  • Chuck Noland, a successful businessman,lands on a_______ island.after a plane _____. Chuck has to learn basic survivalskills on the island. __ ____ __ do withloneliness, he _______ a friendship witha volleyball _____ Wilson and _____ it as a real frienddesertedcrashIn order todevelopscalledtreats

  • Five years life on the island teaches Chuck the importance of having friendsand being a good friend. He knows friends should ______ happiness and_______.Friends should _____ andas much as they _____from each other.He also learned that he _____have cared more ____ his friends.So in some ways friends are _______.sharesorrowgivetakeshouldaboutteachers

  • Human friends and unusual friends are important in our life.Friend and friendship help us understand ___ we are and how we should _____.whobehaveBack

  • Language points in Unit 11.quality---goodness, worth He is a man of fine quality. This material is poor quality.2. honest----not telling lies an honest e-pal3. loyal---true and faithful be loyal to sb./sth. A loyal supporter of the Party4. arguequarrel argument(n.) argue about/over sth. argue with sb. We argued with the waiter about the price of the meal.Back

  • 5. solve the problem--- work out the problem the solution to---the way of solving the problem Neither side can find any solution to an argument.6. .so that.../ such that so + adj. /adv. so good/smart/loyal.. such +/. such boys/material/e-pals/such a boy such a adj.+ so busy a manager so adj. a + such a busy manager so many/much/little/few such adj./ such funny stories such good weatherBack

  • a.The box is ___ heavy that nobody can lift it. b._____heavy is the box that nobody can lift it. c.These are ____ small shoes that I cant put them on. d.It is ____ fine weather that we will go swimming e.It was ___ a lovely day that we decided to go hiking. f.The Smiths have ______ many children that they formed their own basketball team. so SosuchsuchsuchsuchBack

  • . sothat/so thatsothat so that / in order that, in order to doSo hard-working a boy is he that he always gets high marks in all subjects.He is ___ hard-working that he always gets high marks in all subjects.We left early so that we could catch the first bus.We left early ___ ____ ____we could catch the first bus.soin order thatBack

  • so /neither/nor so /neither + // + / I was at center school last year, and so was my friend Bob. I study hard, and so ____ my brother. If you can finish it in time,so___ we. If you go to the cinema tonight, so ____ I. If you dont go to the cinema tonight, neither ____ I. You didnt see him, neither ____ I.doescanwillshalldidBack

  • So it is /was with + John has gone, and so it is with Mary.(=so has Mary)Mike didnt attend the meeting, and so it was with I. (=neither did I )Toms father was a good worker, and worked very hard. So it was with Jacks.So + +// ---Tomorrow will be Monday.---So it will. Back1-5ADDBB6-10ABBBB11-15CBDAB

  • 7. like/love/enjoy be fond of/be into/be interested in(doing) something I think is ok/interesting/boring/terrible become fond of him---be beginning to like him8.survive ---escape being killed, go on living survival(n.) the last surviving member of the family survive on---feed on/ live on9.Cast Away---be left away on an island after your ship has sunk castthrow cast a netBack

  • a man named Chuck Noland ---act as /play the part of a man with the name Chuck busy that he has little time for his friends --- too busy to have any time to stay with his friends12.manager manage to do on a flight--- is flying go on board the plane/ship/train ----get on the plane/the ship/train14.crash n. vi. --fall/drop crash into the tree a car crash an aircraft crashBack

  • 15.deserted island--- on an island without people/ where there are no people a deserted village/island/temple desert n. v. in the desert 16.hunt for---search for/look for17.challenge ---something difficult that you have to order to do ---so as to do/in order that sb can do19.develop a friendship---- make a friendship better20.realise/realize---- come to know, make sth truerealize his own danger realize ones hope

  • 21.have been thinking about always, often From yesterday, he has been reading the novel. --Hi, Tracy, you look tired. ---I am tired. I ______ the living room all day. A. painted B. had painted C. have been painting D. have painted22.treat as---regard as, look on . As treatment(n.)

  • 23.share happiness and sorrow ---to have the same happiness and unhappiness share----to have the same feeling or interest as someone else share(in) something Lets share, you have half and I have half. share something with sb. share the cost with you share my troubles and joys take my share of the ones great sorrow/surprise/joy look at sb. in sorrow

  • about ---take care ofdont care to do something()care forlike be fond of25.should have cared more about his friendsshould have done () shouldnt have done() What a pity! He should _____ ________ (solve) the problem. Otherwise he cant be busy now.We should _____ _______ (cast) away the useless things last week.have solvedhave cast

  • 26.give as much as we take27.such as--- for example/ like28.adventure--- a long walk in the country have an adventure in Africa an adventure story29.scaredafraid be scared of (doing) something --- be afraid of be scared to do joking around---like making jokes31.drop me a line---write me a short letter, write a short letter tome

  • A sample e-mail(Page 6)Hi Jane, My name is Xiao Fei and I come from Hunan. Hunan is in the south of china. I am a middle school student and like speaking English.I read your e-pal ad and I would like to be your e-pal.You wrote that you like rock music. Can you tell me what bands you like? Have you ever heard any Chinese rock bands? You also wrote that you like talking and joking around.I do too! I think you and can be good friends. Please send me an e-mail as soon as possible. Xiao Fei

  • Exercise 3 in Page 87Dear aunt, Hi! I have made many friends at my school. WeAre getting along very well. But one day one of my friends lost 100 yuan. He thought I had taken his money and he told others about it. They are not as friendly