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The Green Music Dinner finally returns to Berlin as Green Music Soirée! After holding very inspiring and successful Green Music Dinners in Hamburg, in Cologne in the context of the c/o pop and already two times at the Melt! Festival, the upcoming Green Music Soirée takes place in on the eve of the Berlin Music Week. On the 4th of September selected international and national representatives of the music scene, science, politics, NGOs and environmental associations will get together to collaboratively generate new and innovative ideas on how to run their operations smarter & greener. Keynotes and input statements will offer a variety of topics for rich and lively discussions during the Green Music Soirée. More information on:

Text of Green Music Soirée

  • Accelerating the Energiewende

    4 September 2012Berlin Music Week, Berlin



    CHRISTOPH VON KNOBELSDORFFStaatssekretr in der Senatsverwaltung fr Wirtschaft, Technologie und Forschung Berlin

    Green Music da fallen einem Al Green, Fiddlers Green oder Green Day ein, aber auch das erste Greenville Festival, das gerade im Juli dieses Jahres vor den

    Toren Berlins erstmals ber die Bhnen ging. Bei Greenville und der Idee der Macher kologische Aspekte bei der Organisation zu beachten, ist man schon nahe dran an dem, was hier gemeint ist: green music, green clubbing, green festivals. Wer schon auf einer Musikmesse mit Flyern berschttet wurde, die Lichtanlage einer Groraumdiskothek oder die Mllberge eines Festivals gesehen hat, ahnt, dass fr eine bessere kobilanz einiges zu tun ist.

    Der Jahresstromverbrauch eines Clubs entspricht rund 40 Drei-Personenhaus-halten, ein Festival hat den CO2 Fuab-druck einer Kleinstadt und die Besucher verursachen tglich die doppelte Menge Mll verglichen mit einem Durchschnitts-brger. Aber interessant ist auch, dass 48% der europischen Fans mehr Geld fr Greener Events ausgeben wrden.

    Hier setzt das Team rund um Jacob Bilabel mit der Green Music Initiative an. Nicht mit erhobenem Zeige nger sondern mit kleinen, aber effektiven Schritten sollen Wege hin zu einer klima- vertrglichen Musik- und Entertainment-branche gefunden und gegangen werden.

    Ein Beispiel dafr ist der Masterplan "Green Berlin Music Week" Schon 2010 wurde erstmalig ein Leitbild fr eine umweltvertrgliche und klimaschtzende Berlin Music Week entwickelt. Die Vielzahl der Orte, Konzepte und Akteure stellt ein systematisches Umwelt- management vor groe Herausforderun-gen, um die nicht zu unterschtzenden Umwelteinwirkungen zu minimieren. Gemeinsam mit der Green Music Initiative haben die Veranstalter Lsung-sanstze entwickelt, wie diese Heraus-forderung in Zukunft sinnvoll gemeistert werden kann. Und darin liegen Chancen.

    Die Green Economy ist Wachstums-faktor un Innovationsmotor, Ressourcen-ef zienz wird zu einem immer wichtigeren Wettbewerbsfaktor. Green Music und Green Economy das kann ein spannendes Duo werden, von dem wir in Zukunft gern mehr hren.



    JACOB BILABELFounder of the Green Music Initiative

    During a recent visit to the SXSW conference in Austin / Texas I had meetings with three US Cleantech Start-Ups. Be-

    side the all american tendency of hardsel-ling their products I was taken by the per-spective all of them had on the business opportunity they saw in climate change: "Climate change is one of the greatest wealth generating opportunities of our generation., said Robin working with Sir Richard Bransons Carbon War Room (yes, that Branson). He put it as bluntly as I never had heard it before. Then he suceeded with: Almost all technologies necessary to meet our global 2020 emis-sions reduction requirements exist today. Only market barriers would reinforce the status quo and prevent capital from ow-ing to sustainable solutions with compel-ling returns.

    Being in Texas, the heartland of fossil fuel gulping mega heavy SUVs and ACs cranked on artic levels just for the fun of it (and home to Bush & Perry), that some-how naive view blew some fresh air into the room and my head.

    Before that I felt that we could not solve the challenges ahead with the same mechanisms which created most of them (the ever growing business & markets way of thinking). Is there really a market-driven solution to climate change as long as we have smart enough entre-preneurs to seize this opportunity? For most of my new friends I met in Texas, Germany was a blueprint for a smart new approach, a roadmap for other countries to follow. Besides Kindergarten and Autobahn, they had learned a new German word in the last months: Energiewende.

    They understood the necessity to move away from dangerous or harmful ways of producing energy like nuclear or coal towards renewables. And instead of asking what it will cost, they saw it as an investment into the future, which will re-turn with a beautiful margin for those who adopt early. As there will be no other way.

    When we came to talk about the ener-gy ef ciency work the GMI is doing with festivals, clubs and concert venues, we realized the lack of a genuine energy product tailored to the unique needs of the entertainment sector. Five beers later the idea for Green Music Energy was born. From 2013 on Green Music Energy will power all the things we love to do to-gether. Regional. Decentralized. Competi-tively priced. And maybe even a bit faster & louder than your old energy. See you in the Grid.

    Harder. Faster. Greener Music Energy.


    Large events are ma-jor sources of pollution: thousands of people travelling from all over the place, scores of taxis and cars that jam up the streets, yers, guides,

    programme booklets, masses of bro-chures, additional energy consumption that could easily supply a small town, unparalleled amounts of rubbish, a sea of material waste the list goes on and on. However, alternatives do exist and greater care and awareness are called for in fu-ture, as shown by the numerous activities of the Green Music Initiative, an estab-lished partner of the Berlin Music Week since its foundation in 2010.

    Just how seriously issues such as reduc-ing CO2 emissions, sustainability and environmental friendliness are being taken is being shown in a number of ways this year. As well as the Green Music Soire, there are events such as the Clean Tech Media Award and the future workshop Ferropolis. There is also the best practice presentation of Velomax GmbH, a com-pany which is demonstrating itself to be one of the pioneers in the event industry by drawing up a sustainability concept for running an event arena, which is currently being put into practice.

    Through the multitude of workshops and consulting services offered by the Green Music Initiative, together with our partners of the Berlin Music Week, we at Kulturprojekte Berlin have learnt a lot

    about how we can turn green thinking into green actions. Examples of measures are event tickets which include public transport, shuttle services between event venues and greater use of digital media to avoid unnecessary amounts of paper for print publications. At the largest inner-city festival in Europe, the Berlin Festival at Flughafen Tempelhof, the event organis-ers have switched entirely to LEDs to reduce electricity consumption. We re-use advertising banners in the form of bags, deck chairs and other forms of seating. In the area of catering also for participat-ing artists we make sure that regional partners and products are used.

    However, all these examples are just the beginning of the path to a Green Berlin Music Week. As event organisers, we believe that we have a responsibility to act as a role model and pioneer for our partners, consumers and music fans. We want to make the best possible use of this position. Mutual motivation within the music and culture industry is important to achieve the Eureka-effect, which will in turn be transferred to fans, festival-goers and clubbers, hopefully inspiring some of them to follow our lead.

    MORITZ VAN DLMENManaging Director of Kulturprojekte Berlin GmbH


    SYBIL FRANKESales & Marketing Director of Velomax Berlin Hallenbetriebs GmbH

    Sustainability and environmental issues are becoming more and more important in the management of venues. The venue managers of multipurpose arenas

    have taken quite a few years to catch up with the new demands of the environ-mental needs. Hotels and Congress Cent-er were the rst once to follow the new demands in the industry and create new standards in venue operations.

    Our Management Team of Max-Schmeling-Halle was one of the rst in the industry who consciously decided to focus actively on sustainability and envi-ronmental conservation in the daily oper-ation of our huge building. Therefore several employees of Velomax set up a Green Team two years ago.

    The team is now meeting regularly to improve the green activities, to renew the Green Globe Certi cate every year and to de ne which panels and exhibitions should be attended to gain knowledge, to expand the network and to share experiences.

    We are still in a constant process of studying and we are seeking for new inspi-rations to offer green events and to help our clients who rent the venue to arrange a clean event. We are very concerned to act authentic, transparent and veri able and dissociate ourselves from popular green washing.

    We believe that the Green Music Soire is a unique opportunity to share experiences and to gain more knowledge and inspiration in terms of green opera-tions. To discuss innovative approaches in the music industry with selected high-ranking representatives of music, politics, science, media and environmental institu-tions can lead to concrete results in the protection of our environment, in saving costs and supporting social engagement.



    The German Energie wende does not only seek to transform the energy system but implies the transforma-tion of society as a whole.

    The Energiewende is not a technical change process in the rst place, but asks for new concepts like sustainable growth, collaborative capitalism, reallocation of social power and participation in econom-ic and political processes. They come along with a substantial shift of culture. New cultural patterns that go