SAMPLE CHAPTER OF "SYNAGOGUE RISING" by Hugh Akins Two DO NOT ALLOW THE FAITHFUL TO BE DECEIVED For too long have we been silent…[I]t is our duty to help men and nations who are in distress, and to eliminate all present and threatening evils…Therefore, omit no watchfulness, diligence, care and effort, in order to ‘guard the deposit’ of Christ’s teaching whose destruction has been planned, as you know, by a great conspiracy.”[1] See to it, Venerable Brethren, that the faithful do not allow themselves to be deceived.” [2] EMINENT CHURCHMEN WARN OF CONSPIRACY OF THE SYNAGOGUE Revolutionary Judaism can only be effectively countered by counterrevolutionary Catholicism. Of the many prominent churchmen that have distinguished themselves in recent times as staunch counterrevolutionaries by continuing the age-old struggle against the Synagogue of Satan, we‘ve chosen to introduce the following nine. (1) Fr. Giuseppe Oreglia was founding editor of La Civilta Cattolica, the Italian journal which Bl. Pius IX himself ordered the Jesuits to publish in order to defend the Church against the assaults of her arch-enemies. In 1880, Fr. Oreglia spoke of the Jews migrating to Christian lands as a “barbarian invasion by an enemy race, hostile to Christianity and to society in general…” Even Wikipedia admits that La Civilta Cattolica under Fr. Oreglia “did promote religious discrimination [3] based on their perception of Jews as being responsible for deicide, ritual murder and their influence on society,” but that it never espoused any kind of anti-Semitism “based on race…The journal never approved violence against Jews.” (2) Msgr. George Dillon’s work exposing the Synagogue and the Lodge was likewise not only given the highest approbation of the Holy See, but was deemed so important by Leo XIII that the Holy Father ordered and then personally financed an Italian edition. The eminent monsignor speaks thus: “In this, as in all matters of importance, ‘to be forewarned is to be forearmed,’ and it is specially necessary to be forewarned when we have to contend with an adversary who uses secrecy, fraud and deceit…I believe this secret atheistic organization to be nothing less than the evil which we have been long warned against by Our Blessed Lord Himself, as the supreme conflict between the Church and Satan’s followers. It is the commencement of the contest which must take place between Christ and Antichrist; and nothing

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TO BE DECEIVEDFor too long have we been silent[I]t is our duty to help men and nations who are in distress, and to eliminate all present and threatening evilsTherefore, omit no watchfulness, diligence, care and effort, in order to guard the deposit of Christs teaching whose destruction has been planned, as you know, by a great conspiracy.[1]See to it, Venerable Brethren, that the faithful do not allow themselves to be deceived.[2]EMINENT CHURCHMEN WARN OF

CONSPIRACY OF THE SYNAGOGUERevolutionary Judaism can only be effectively countered by counterrevolutionary Catholicism.Of the many prominent churchmen that have distinguished themselves in recent times as staunch counterrevolutionaries by continuing the age-old struggle against the Synagogue of Satan, weve chosen to introduce the following nine.(1)Fr. Giuseppe Oregliawas founding editor ofLa Civilta Cattolica,the Italian journal which Bl. Pius IX himself ordered the Jesuits to publish in order to defend the Church against the assaults of her arch-enemies.In 1880, Fr. Oreglia spoke of the Jews migrating to Christian lands as a barbarian invasion by an enemy race, hostile to Christianity and to society in general Even Wikipedia admits thatLa Civilta Cattolicaunder Fr. Oreglia did promote religious discrimination[3]based on their perception of Jews as being responsible for deicide, ritual murder and their influence on society, but that itneverespoused any kind of anti-Semitism based on raceThe journal never approved violence against Jews.(2)Msgr. George Dillonswork exposing the Synagogue and the Lodge was likewise not only given the highest approbation of the Holy See, but was deemed so important by Leo XIII that the Holy Father ordered and then personally financed an Italian edition.The eminent monsignor speaks thus: In this, as in all matters of importance, to be forewarned is to be forearmed, and it is specially necessary to be forewarned when we have to contend with an adversary who uses secrecy, fraud and deceitI believe this secret atheistic organization to be nothing less than the evil which we have been long warned against by Our Blessed Lord Himself, as the supreme conflict between the Church and Satans followers.It is the commencement of the contest which must take place between Christ and Antichrist; andnothing therefore can be more necessary than thatthe elect of God should be warnedof its nature and its aims.[4](3)Msgr. Henri Delassus, who was both a contemporary and a favorite of Pope St. Pius X, also pulled no punches in laying at the feet of the Talmud-poisoned Jew the worst of the revolutions to shake the foundations of the Christian states ofEurope in the 18thand 19thcenturies. In the following passage he makes the connection between democracy, Freemasonry and their common progenitorship in the Synagogue. Now, the character that democracy brings to the fore is that of SatanThe soul of this conspiracy is Freemasonry and, over the government and Freemasons, theTalmudic powerthat, for nineteen centuries, has been working to prepare the way for the temporal messiah whom they await: the Antichrist.[5](4)Msgr. Ernest Jouin, founder in 1913 of the League of the French Catholic and inspiration behind the organizations magazine,The International Review of Secret Societies,another periodical endorsed by the Holy See, was not just a well-known expert on the worlds deadliest Enemy of Order Talmudic Jewry and its most powerful front organization, Freemasonry but was also personally encouraged in a private audience with Pius XI to continue his crusade against these diabolic antagonists.In 1939 he wrote: It is impressive that the Magistery of the Church should have expressed itself in such a continuous manner during the centuries.The real social crimes committed by the Jews since they were emancipated through successive revolutionary outbreaks, the disastrous influence which they have exercised, as much the economic life of the people as upon public morality, their persistent and perfidious activity in the religious domain for the destruction of Catholicism, are startling proofs that the popes acted with great understanding in taking the strictest measures efficiently to protect the Christians.They have known how to combine charitable gentleness with necessary severity.But the sequence of their decrees fixes the principles of a Christian solution of the Jewish question.It needs only to adapt to the special conditions of our times.[6](5) TheRight Reverend Antonio Garcia, Bishop of Tuy,Spain, issued this warning in the 1930s: It is evident that the present conflict is one of the most terrible wars waged by the Antichrist, that is, byJudaism, against the Catholic Church and against Christ.And at this crisis in the history of the world,Jewry usestwo formidable armies: one secret, namely that ofFreemasonry; the other, open and avowed, with hands dripping with blood, that of thecommunistsand all the other associated bodies, anarchistssocialists, as well as the auxiliary forces, Rotary, the Leagues of Benefactionin which are preached the exclusion of Christ, of His morality and of His doctrine, or in which one hears at least that abstraction is made of such, as if Jesus Christ had not clearly declared: He that is not with Me is against Me.[7](6)Fr. Denis Faheyswritings and apostolate, as mentioned earlier, spanned three decades from the 1930s to the 1950s.A bona fide champion of Christs Social Reign and prominent member of Fr. Edward Cahills League of the Kingship of Christ inDublin, Fr. Fahey waged an unswerving crusade against the Powers of Darkness at the summit of which stands International Jewry.The Jews as a nation refuse to accept the Divine Plan for orderCalvarywas a consequence of the refusal of the Jews to submit humbly to God the Father and accept His SonThe Jews freely rejected Christ before Pontius Pilate, as they freely reject Him todayThe combat against naturalism in general and, therefore, against the organized naturalism of the Jewish Nation, is urged upon us [by the Church][8]Just as all the efforts which culminated in the death on Calvary of Our Lord Jesus Christwere either controlled or inspired by the leaders of the Jewish people who had rejected the Supernatural Life in Person, Fr. Fahey writes in another treatise, so all the efforts making for the destruction of the Supernatural Life of the Mystical Body of Christ in the modern world are largely controlled by thesame people.[9]In a third study he writes: A day will come when the Jewish Nation will cease to oppose order and will return in sorrow and repentance to Him Whom they rejected before Pilate.That will be a glorious triumph for the Immaculate Heart of Our Blessed Mother.Until that day dawns, however,their naturalistic opposition to the true Supernatural Order of the world must beexposed and combated.[10](7) In 1959, just three years before the start of the Second Vatican Council,Bp. Gerald de Proenca SigaudofBrazil issued an urgent warning of the deadly storm he saw approaching.I see certain signs which cause great alarm.These are so grave, that I think they should be taken into consideration by the ante-preparatory PontificalCommission to the Ecumenical Council, and, afterwards, by the Council itself as well.[11]Bp. Sigaud, who was part of the Coetus Internationalis Patrum that defended Catholic Tradition during Vatican II, along with Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre and Bishop de Castro Mayer,[12]cautioned about the spirit of the Revolution that was penetrating the clergy and the Christian peoplea war to the death going on against the Church in every placeVery serious evidence which shows the worldwide conspiracy against the Catholic order and its imminent victoryVery soon the Masonic order will encompass all of humanityInternational Judaismwants to radically defeat Christianity and to be its substitute.Its chief armies are themasons and the communists[13]Today, of course, the armies of militant Islam must be included as yetanother major offensiveresulting from the plot of International Jewry, for the Muslim scourge is adirect consequenceofZionist hegemony, oppression and genocide in the Middle East the rape of the Holy Land and mass slaughter of Palestinian innocents.His Excellency Bp. Sigaud draws this telling conclusion: Until the Jewish people are converted, the Jewish Synagogue will be the Synagogue of Satan.[14](8) Shortly thereafter, in 1961-62, a consortium of twelve priests, using the pseudonymMaurice Pinay, put their heads together to compile a 700 page document on modern Judaisms coordinated attempt to hijack the Vatican Council that was about to convene in Rome.The study, which was later published in book form, became known asThe Plot Against the Church.Copies in manuscript form were hand-delivered to some of the most influential cardinals, bishops and theologians that were invited to participate in Pope Johns Council.Here is what the authors said in introducing their study, in the days immediately preceding the Councils commencement:A most dastardly conspiracy is in being against the Church.Its enemies are about to destroy its most sacred traditions and to propose such daring and malevolent reformsIn the middle of last year [1961] we discovered that the enemy is again attempting to start a conspiracy to open the doors to communism, to bring about the collapse of the free world and to deliver the Holy Church into the claws of the Synagogue of SatanWithout losing time we collected documentsThe documents collected and the accompanying commentaries make up the text of their vitally important book, which was probably less a timely warning of what was about to happen of what actuallydidhappen during and in the aftermath of Vatican II than it was a timeless single-volume history of rabbinic, Talmudic, revolutionary Jewrys centuries-old scheme against Christ and His Church, and against the nations that rose up to form the magnificent multinational alliance of Christian nations that became known as Christendom.The Plot Against the Churchprovides crucial background reading which puts not only the Second Vatican Council in a clearer light, but thewhole Judaic-Masonic war on Christ the King.Heres one more excerpt to ponder from that well-documented book: In contrast to the temples of other religions, the synagogues do not restrict themselves to holding religious services; they are far more than assembly places, in order to discuss and approve political decisions.They are thechief centers of the Jewish conspiracy, from whence every kind of measure takes their outlet, which aim at the conquest of peoples[15](9) Next we turn to His GraceAbp. Marcel Lefebvre.What this outstanding and much-loved archbishop had to say of the forbidden errors that were surfacing like poisonous fumes from the intrigues of Vatican II and were being deeply inhaled by many a Council Father unto their doctrinal insobriety, was later put to print under the title ofI Accuse the Council.In this work, the venerable monsignor spoke of averitable conspiracyof the Cardinals from the banks of theRhine[of]secret societieswhich had been preparing for this Council for more than a century[of] anastounding conspiracyprepared long beforehand.Israeland the Jews Attack Msgr. LefebvreA few years later, Msgr. Lefebvre, the French prelate who was soon to emerge as a leading light in the post-Conciliar Catholic resistance and restoration, and whose eventual excommunication from modernist Rome (but notEternalRome) was as invalid and null and void as that of St. Athanasius centuries before and for many of the same reasons, would be forced to be more specific about who was behind those secret societies he had been alerting the Church to in his previous writings.In fact, he said, it wasIsrael and the Jewsthat were behind the plot to silence loyalists like him and crush the groundswell movement back to tradition before it really got off the ground.Many today prefer that we hold our tongue about the archbishop ever having spoken against Jews at all.An e-mail from a Catholic priest urged us not to include this in our book.We responded that our Catholic conscience would not permit us to accommodate such an inappropriate request.Clearly, the priest that wrote us was not in sync with the Church, the fathers, the doctors, the saints, the popes, on this vital issue; Abp. Lefebvrewas.Here, then, are Msgr. Lefebvres very own words, taken from the official German website of the International Priestly Fraternity of Saint Pius X (SSPX), which organization he founded in 1970 with full canonical approval.[16]When we founded the Econe seminary [at the time Econe was the Swiss-based world headquarters of the SSPX] we never expected to become the object of such attacks by socialists, by communists, by freemasons andeven by the Jews!We are being attacked by all those who at least up to a certain degree are enemies of the Church.I mean the JewsIn all fairness we would point out that the monsignor admitted he found it difficult speaking of the Jews in particular because they are a raceit is always delicate to speak about a race and a people.He confessed that he tried avoiding the subject as much as possible: [T]hat is why I have not talked about the JewsBut, he is quick to add, it istheywho attack meAn Israeli paper has published an article called Israel and Econe.I have never mentionedIsrael, and I have never spoken of the Jews; I have said nothing.And their article admits this: His Excellency Lefebvre has not spoken of the Jewshe has said nothing of us.And they continue something like this: His Excellency Lefebvre is much too clever to talk about the Jews.But when he attacks the communists, when he attacks the freemasons, he knows perfectly well that by doing this he attacksus!For we have friends there, friends among the freemasons, friends among the communists.So speak the Jews [His Grace continues]they have written this in their newspapersThey say that by way of attacking the masons, by way of attacking the communists, we attack the Jews.They are free to say this; it isnt I who say this.I only mention it to show you how the enemies of the Church, the enemies of Our Lord Jesus Christ attack us and have feelings of enmity against Econe, because they know very well that we cling to the faith as it has ever been, and that we affirm that Our Lord Jesus Christ is King.And they believe that they have theentire world in their claws, if I may say so, thewhole world under their domination![T]hese people believed already to have won the victory.And the small house of Econe, little Econe, disturbs them, angers them, provokes them because it doesnt permit them to be already completely certain about their future.[17]Lefebvre Identifies Jews, Communists and

Freemasons as the ChurchsGreatest EnemiesFor the reader who is still not satisfied, let us point out that what Abp. Lefebvre said here is consistent with what he wrote a decade later in a letter to Pope John Paul II datedAugust 31, 1985, namely, thatJews, communists and freemasons were the greatest enemies of the Catholic Church.[18]And what he is quoted by his biographer as saying, Since Israel refused the true Messiah, it would give itself another messianism that is temporal and earthbound,dominating the worldby money, Freemasonry, Revolution, and social democracyThe worldwide designs of the Jewsare being brought about in our time[19]A comment is in order here.As we pointed out, Msgr. Lefebvre himself made it clear he had no desire to speak about the Jews and that normally he did not (although there was never any doubts that in exposing the Conspiracy of the Sect in his brilliant work,They Have Uncrowned Him,he was definitely speaking ofJudeo-Freemasonry, for there is no other kind, as we shall prove in Chapter 6). However, even though henormallydid not bring up the subject and immediately after saying that he did notwantto speak of them,he nevertheless went on to expose and denounce the Jews for orchestrating the early attacks against Econe, while pointing out in the same paragraph that they believe to have already seized the world in their grip and under their domination.He also implied that they held as one of their greatest concerns the supreme Catholic doctrine of the Kingship of Christ, suggesting that they recognize what most Catholics havent the foggiest notion about, specifically, thatthe universal social reign of Christ the King is not onlyessential to Catholicismbutfatal to the Revolution.Why are we placing so much emphasis on these things?What does all this tell us?Certainly not, as many of the archbishops friends and followers today would have Catholics falsely conclude, that silence on the question of Jewish perfidy is a virtue, as in the exercise of an ostensibly congruent prudence.Certainly notthat we are supposed to refrain from exposing the forces of hell and their secret societies and programs of destruction when our backs are up against a wall, as they clearly are today.And this applies all the more so in accordance with their hierarchical order of importance, that is to say, thegreaterthreat should be exposedfirst,and withall due concentration and sense of urgency.Certainly notthat the archbishop would advise us today to keep silent on the all-out war Talmudic Jewry is waging against Christ Our Lord in paving the way for their own naturalistic/supranationalistic messiah, the Antichrist.Any one who knew Abp. Lefebvre, either personally or through his prolific writings and long and fruitful ministry, knew that he did notnormallycriticize the popes, and that he certainly did notwantto criticize them.And yet, in order to defend the faith and not betray His Divine Master and neglect his duty as a Prince of the Church, he was morally-bound to expose their errors and condemn their evil deeds.This he did not hesitate to do, no matter how personally distasteful and painful it was to him, or how politically incorrect it was thought to be.And he did not especially concern himself about who might be offended, but sought above all not to offend God, always and everywhere only desiring to defendHisinterests and that of souls and the Church.To this prelate who was as unfaltering in his theology as he was holy in his demeanor, his duty was abundantly clear:the Church had been betrayed; the smoke of Satan had entered the sanctuary; souls were perishing; Christendom was coming apart; Christ was everywhere being uncrowned by Jews, communists and freemasons and their progressive/modernist allies.Hehadto act and to resist with every ounce of strength and courage he could muster.He did exactly that, persevering in the struggle till the very end.And so must we.THE SUPREME PONTIFFS

SOUND THE ALARMAll of these warnings from eminent churchmen, and from many, many more, as well as from scores of prominent and learned laymen, were in keeping with the repeated commands of the supreme pontiffs toall bishops, priests and lay peopleto protect the faith, alert the faithful, expose the enemy and forge a strong resistance against them.Leo XII saw it as the popes duty to respond to the threats against souls in this manner: Blessed Peter, Prince of the Apostles, and his successors have been given the power and care of feeding and ruling the flock of Christ, our God and Savior.Hence, the more grave the evils threatening the flock, the greater the solicitude the Roman pontiffs ought to employ in preventing them.[20]Pius XI, for his part, exhorts the clergy to show great charity towards all who have gone astray, even those who hate and oppose them and their Church.But he quickly cautions thatthis duty of charity cannot in any way be understood to condonesilenceornon-resistancein the face of error, and more so in the face ofevil,and he imposes a sentence of harsh judgment on the consecrated ministers in the event they fail in this regard.The first gift of love made by the priest to those around him, he explains, the one that is most obviously required, is the one that consists inserving the truth, the whole truth, in uncovering and refuting error in any form, no matter how it is masked or disguised.A failure on this point would not only bea betrayal of God and of your holy vocation, but alsoa crime against the true interests of your people and your countryThe Church cannot wait until altars have been overthrown and sacrilegious hands have destroyed the temples before beginning to cry out and protest.[21]That last line that the Church cannot wait until altars have been overthrown and sacrilegious hands have destroyed temples before beginning to cry out and protest applies in the most profound manner to the crisis of faith and crisis of civilization now facing Catholics on every continent.We cannot wait until our clergy are arrested, our altars smashed, our churches torched, our homes invaded and the children snatched from the arms of their parents, our wives, daughters and sisters brutally violated by stormtroopers of a foreign occupation army or by a greatly emboldened future Department of Homeland Security answerable to none; we cannot wait until the leaders of Catholic Action and members of the Catholic resistance are rounded up like common criminals and trucked off to the FEMA concentration camps never to be heard from again BEFORE WE START FIGHTING BACK.The time to fight back, dear friends, isnow.And as weve already noted, fighting back does not mean mere prayer, penance, acts of mortification and reparationalone,as vital as these measures are.Nor is praying the rosaryenoughby itself.The rosary is one of the most powerful weapons in the arsenal of the Church Militant in countering the great errors and evils of modern times, but it is not theonlyweapon.For most of us, to pray and do nothing more is to sin by omission.In addition to the rosary and the other Catholic devotions there is a plethora ofactivitiesthe devout clergy and people must jointly engage in each according to their respective state in life in order to properly fight the combats of Christ in accordance with the spirit and rule of the Magisterial Church.Why is this so?Leo I explains it in these words: Not to oppose error is to approve it, and not to defend truth is to suppress it, and indeed to neglect to confound evil men when we can do it, is no less a sin than to encourage them.[22]To state what should be obvious: to oppose error, to defend truth, to confound [thwart] evil men areactionsabove and beyondthe purely spiritual acts of prayer, devotion and penance.In another encyclical Pius XI writes: Where, moreover, she [the Church] finds that hatred of the Christian religion has driven misguided souls, whether of the Jewish people or of other origin, to ally themselves with or actively to promote revolutionary movements that aim to destroy society and to obliterate from the minds of men the knowledge, reverence, and love of God,she mustwarnher children against such movements,exposethe ruses and fallacies of their leaders, and find against themappropriate safeguards.[23]In his letter addressing the duties of pastors of every rank in the ongoing warfare, Leo XIII wrote as follows:In the face of the combined efforts of incredulity and heresy to consummate the ruin of Catholic faith,it would be a realcrimefor the clergy to remain in a state ofhesitancy and inactivity.In such an outpouring of error [as in our day]he must not prove faithless to his mission, which is to defend dogma assaulted, morality travestied and justice frequently outraged.It is for him to oppose himself as abarrierto the attacks of error and the deceits of heresy; towatchthe tactics of the wicked who war with the faithtounmasktheir plots and reveal their concealments; towarnthe faithful,strengthenthe timid andopen the eyesof the blinded.[24]To unmask their plots, reveal their concealments; to warn the faithful, strengthen the timid and open the eyes of the blindedGod give us the grace of being worthy of such stalwart and vigilant popes of the past and of traditional bishops and priests with the sense of holy duty to adhere to their Apostolic exhortations!In another of his many encyclicals, Leo XIII instructs the bishops: And first endeavor to make your people understand of whatvaluethe Catholic faith is to them, and how they ought todefendit at every cost.But, since the enemies and assailants of the Catholic name employ a thousand devices and a thousand feints to seduce those who are not on their guard,it is of the utmost importanceto unmask and to drag into the light of day their secret machinations,so that Catholics, having their eyesopenedto the real aims of these men, may feel their own courage redoubled, and may resolve openly and intrepidly todefendthe Church, the Roman pontiff, and their own salvation.[25]Pius XII too exhorts his holy ministers, saying it is the chief duty of his supreme pastorship as pope to do Our utmost to help make the work of pastors and priests daily more efficacious inencouraging the faithful to avoid evil, to overcome dangers and to acquire perfection.This is all the more necessary in our days when people and nationsare suffering in the depths of their souls while the enemies of Catholicism, becoming bolderare striving with hate and subtle snares to separate men from God and Jesus Christ.[26]The voices of the vicars have not been silent in denouncing inaction or in summoning all Christians shepherds and flock to holy warfare, both spiritual and social, religious and political, neither the one without the other.Political?What is political but public morality, immorality or amorality; in any eventa clear domain of the Church and of her pastors, and a clear interest of the people of God.Severing faith and politics, or religion and public life are the things of liberalism and apostasy not orthodoxy and tradition.What Pope St. Pius X wrote of modernism most certainly may also apply to the equal or even greater menace of Talmudic Jewry.Wherefore We may no longer keep silent, lest we should seem to fail in Our most sacred duty[27]Pius VII too spoke of the silence of the shepherds and of his own duty as pope and that of his fellow bishops and their clergy: For too long have we been silent, he writes in his letter on the return to Gospel principles.The particular part of our duty which is expressed in the words, strengthen your brethren, also urges us todo so.For at the present turbulent time, as much as ever, Satan has sought after us all in order to sift us as wheat.Therefore it is our duty tohelp men and nations who are in distress, and toeliminate all present and threatening evilsIf ever anything deters, prevents, or delays any one of us from performing this task,what a disgraceful sin he will commit!Therefore, omit no watchfulness, diligence, care and effort, in order to guard the deposit of Christs teaching whose destruction has been planned, as you know, by a great conspiracy.[28]Indeed, what a disgraceful sin our bishops and pastors would commit byneglectingto lend their best efforts to summoning the clergy and laity under themto mount a formidable counteroffensive against the forces of evil, the greatest of which, by far, is militant Judaism, calling the laity to their side ina new crusade of counterrevolutionary Catholic Actionin the service of the Mystical Body of Christ in this fallen and fornicating world that tirelessly wars against it.POPES TAKE DECISIVE ACTION

AGAINST JEWISH MENACEAn important part of the deposit of Christs teaching that we must guard is the Churchs traditional teaching on Judaism, for Judaism plays a necessary part in salvation history both as the religion of Gods original chosen heralding the coming of the Christ, and as the subsequent Church of Darkness taking the lead in the waragainstChrist.By the same token,an important part of thegreat conspiracywe must expose is that of organized, subversive, revolutionary Judaism, which stands on the verge of obliterating faith from the world of man, and extinguishing the spark of liberty wherewith Christ has made us free.[29]Modernism, Freemasonry, communism and even Islamism would be nowhere near the menace that they have become in this age of great impiety and social tumult, had it not been forthe dark intrigues, covert machinations and nefarious conspiracies ofRabbinic, Talmudic Judaism.This will become crystal-clear as we develop our treatise.Dozens of papal documents have been issued warning the Church and the world of the great menace of the secret societies, at least 115 of which directly pertain to the dangers of International Jewry and 50 more addressing the grave evil of esoteric Freemasonry, which, as you will come to see, is little more than a Jewish creation and front.The following is a summary overview of theVaticans explicit, authoritative, compelling and most just condemnations of the forces of occult Jewry and/or repudiation of their diabolic propaganda.

St. Gregory the Great, writing inEpistulae,said that Jews were not to be granted full liberty due to their frequent use of such liberties to undermine the faith;

Honorius I, at the Council of Toledo in 638, said that the Church must take action against Jewish perfidy;

Leo VII gave permission for the expulsion of Jews from part ofGermany because of their constant and relentless attacks there against Catholics;

Innocent III denounced Jews practicing usury against Christians of Nevers, France;

Gregory IX found it necessary to order the confiscation of all copies of theTalmuddue to its sacrilegious and subversive contents;St. Albert the Great was among several theologians to examine theTalmudmore thoroughly, resulting in the order to burn the book in public;[30] Innocent IV again ordered theTalmudto be burned;In the Papal BullSicut tua nobis(1254), the Pope authorized the expulsion of Jews fromVienna;

Clement IV condemned theTalmudin the BullDamnabili perfidia; Honorius IV reiterated his predecessors condemnation of theTalmudin the 1285 BullNimis in partibus anglicanis; John XXII repeated the same condemnations in 1320 in the BullDudum felicis recordationis; Eugene IV insisted in the BullDudum ad nostrumon Jewish segregation given their unrepentant blasphemies and secret plots against the Church;

Nicholas V, Calixtus III and Paul II reenacted or renewed the decisions of their predecessors;[31] Sixtus IV put forth in the BullIntenta simper salutisof 1484 that Jews and Muslims residing in Spanish territories were to have the least possible social intercourse with Christians in order to protect the faithful from the poisons of these purveyors of heresy and immorality;

Leo X took severe actions against Jews in his Brief of 1518, addressed to the Nuncio of Venice;

Julius III granted permission for the burning of theTalmudby the Inquisition;

Paul IV took decisive actions against the Jews in the BullCum nimis absurdumin order to defend the integrity of the Faith and prevent Jews from dominating Catholics;

Pius IV in 1564 added theTalmudto theIndex Librorum Prohibitorum(The Index of Forbidden Books);

St. Pius V in 1569 enacted the BullHebraeorum gensforcefully repudiating the Jewish practice of usury, theft, prostitution, divinization, sorcery and witchcraft.By a decree ofFebruary 26, 1569, St. Pius V expelled the Jews from the Pontifical States, since, in addition to the mentioned crimes, the Jews spied for the Muslims and supported Islamic plans of conquest that endangered all Christendom.In this Brief, he said: We know that this most perverse people have always been the cause and seed-bag of almost all the heresies.[32] Gregory XIII in his Brief of 1581 (Antiqui Judaeorum) issued a grave warning against the false conversion of Jews as cover for undermining the Church from within;

Clement VIII in the 1593 BullCum Hebraeorumdenounced theTalmudonce again, and strongly urged preachers to stress Jewish conversions;

Urban VIII in 1628 once more anathematized the Jewish crime of usury, this time inPortugal;

Benedict XIV in 1751 reaffirmed the Papal condemnations of theTalmud;

Pius VI in 1775 issued two edicts repeatingand reinforcing his immediate predecessors directives concerning the criminal activities of revolutionary Jews;

In a speech given in 1871, upon having lost control of thePapal States, Bl. Pius IX strongly condemned anticlerical Jews of Rome for their part in the revolutions responsible for this loss of temporal power;

Leo XIII publicly condemned Jews, Freemasons and anatchists as the chief enemies of the Church;He reiterated the fact of seditious Jewrys antichristian continuity down the centuries and sounded many a call to arms against some of Judaisms deadliest fronts (Freemasonry, socialism, communism, democracy, predator capitalism, Americanism, the rights of man);

The year 1900 saw St. Pius X express high praise for the book,Americanism and the Anti-Christian Conspiracy,by the eminent Msgr. Henri Delassus, which book spared no effort in ripping the mask off the Judaic-Masonic-Americanist plot against the Catholic Church and Christian civilization.During his pontificate he made it vividly clear to Zionist leaders that Jews had no moral right to the Holy Land and that, as pope, he could not in any way sanction their invasion and occupation ofPalestine;

Pius XI in his unfinished, unpublished encyclical of 1938 on Judaism,Humani Generis Unitas,while rightly denouncing anti-Semitism, also denounced the intrigues and schemes of the Jews;

Pius XII in his expressed fear that the reports of the Allied exterminationists were exaggerated for purposes of propaganda.[33]

Fr. Fahey writes: As I point out in my book,The Mystical Body of Christ and the Reorganization of Society,two currents run through these official [papal] declarations.On the one hand, in a certain number of documents the sovereign pontiffs strive to protect the Jews from physical violence and to secure respect for their family life and their worship.On the other hand,they aim unceasingly in the greater number of documents at protecting the supernatural life of Catholics from the contamination of Jewish naturalism and try to prevent the Jews from gaining control over CatholicsFrom the documents promulgated by the popes during 600 years, let us now take a few expressions of the Churchs concern for the protection of the life of the Mystical Body of Christ against the Jewish hatred of the supernatural.That concern is ever the same in all ages.The combat against naturalism in general and, therefore implicitly against the organized naturalism of the Jewish nation is urged upon us, for example, by Leo XIII (Tametsi,1900) and Pius XI (Quas Primas,1925;Quadragesimo Anno,1931).We are warned against Jewish naturalism explicitly in a whole series of papal documents quoted by Pope Benedict XI, the learned pontiff and great canonist:As for us in this matter, as in all others, We follow the line of conduct adopted by Our Venerable Predecessors, the Roman Pontiffs.Alexander III (1159-1181) forbade Christians, under severe penalties, to enter the service of Jews for any lengthy period or to become domestic servants in their households.Thee ought not, he wrote, to serve the Jews for pay in the permanent way.The same pontiff explains the reason for this prohibition as follows:Our way of life and those of the Jews are utterly different, and the Jews will easily pervert the souls of the simple folk to their superstition and unbelief, if such folk are living in continual and intimate converse with them.Innocent III (1198-1216), after having mentioned that the Jews were being admitted by Christians into their cities warned Christians that the mode and condition of admission should be such as to prevent the Jews from returning evil for good: When they are thus admitted out of pity into familiar intercourse with Christians, they repay their hosts, as the proverb says, like the rat hidden in the sack, or the snake in the bosomIn like manner, in another decretal,Cun Sit Nimis,he forbids public positions to be bestowed on the Jews: We forbid the giving of public appointments to Jews, because they profit by the opportunities thus afforded them to show themselves bitterly hostile to Christians.Pope Gregory XIII warned Catholics in 1581 that the Jewish attitude towards Our Lord had not changed:The sovereign pontiffs, ever anxious for the conversion of the Jews, have received them kindly, have graciously allowed them to dwell amongst their own subjects and have always striven with pious zeal to draw them to the light of truth.In addition, they have helped them to secure the necessities of life, have forbidden all to injure or insult them and to their benevolence have bestowed many privileges upon them for their protection.The Jews, however, in no way softened by these benefits, and with their ancient anti-Christian attitude unchanged, do not cease, in their synagogues and everywhere, torage against Our Lord Jesus Christnow gloriously reigning in heaven.Moved by anintense hatred of the members of Christ, they continue to planhorrible crimesagainst the Christian religion with daily increasing audacityPope St. Pius V expelled the Jews from the whole territory of the papal states exceptRome andAncona.In the letterHebraeorum Genshe explains why he did so: Theirwickedness, which has been developed by every evil art, has now reached such a point that, in view of our common safety, We feel it expedient to check the spread of such a disease by applying speedy remedyWe have clear and definite proof how this perverse racehatesthe name of Christ,howhostilethey are to all who bear His name andby what tricks and frauds they plot against the lives of ChristiansFinally, in the encyclical letterStudiorum Ducem,Pope Pius XI says that St. Thomas Aquinaswarnsthatfrom the beginning of the primitive Church the Jews persecuted the Christians, as is evident from the Acts of the Apostles, and they would do the same even now if they could.[34]On the same general theme as these many papal warnings, which comprises the principal thrust of the present book, we apply St. Pauls exhortation to the Galatians to Stand fast, and do not be caught again under the yoke of slavery;[35]and Pius XIs exhortation to the episcopacy and clergy: See to it, Venerable Brethren, that the faithful do not allow themselves to be deceived.[36][1]Pope Pius VII,Diu Satis, on a return to Gospel principles, May 15, 1800.[2]Pius XI,Divini Redemptorison atheistic Communism, March 19, 1937.[3]Clearly the religious discrimination the magazine exercised was the strictly moral sort, i.e. by merely discerning good and evil.This type of discrimination every righteous man practices, differentiating between truth and untruth, redemption or damnation.[4]Msgr. George Dillon,The War of Antichrist with the Church and Christian Civilization,1884, republished in 1950 under the title ofGrand Orient Freemasonry Unmaskedwith an 18-page Foreword by Fr. Denis Fahey (emphasis added).[5]Msgr. Henri Delassus,Americanism & The Anti-Christian Conspiracy,1899.In 2007 this book was translated into English by Daniel Leonardi and published byCatholicActionResourceCenter (emphasis added).[6]Msgr. Jouin,Ligue Franc-Catholique,taken fromDossier on the Anti-Christian Revolution,1968-75.See also Msgr. Jouins other writings,Jews and Masons; The Holy See and the Jews; Judaism and the Papacy;andSources and Discipline of Jewish Imperialism: The Talmud, the Shulchan Aruch, the Zohar, the Kahal.[7]Quoted by Fr. Fahey inThe Kingship of Christ and the Conversion of the Jewish Nation(emphasis added).[8]Fr. Denis Fahey,The Mystical Body of Christ and the Reorganization of Society.[9]Secret Societies and the Kingship of Christ(emphasis added).[10]The Kingship of Christ and the Conversion of the Jewish Nation(emphasis added).[11]Bp. Sigauds letter, which was written in reply to an inquiry sent from Domenico Card. Tardini, is available fromCatholicActionResourceCenter.comas anApostolum Christumreprint under the title of A Bishops Exhortation to the Fathers of Vatican II.[12]This was the International Group of Fathers which was organized in opposition to the strong liberal and revolutionary elements that were plotting to hijack the Council for their own subversive purposes, which of course they were successful in doing.[13]Bp. Sigaud,Ibid(emphasis added).[14]Ibid.[15]In the spirit and tradition of the bookThe Plot Against the Church,another Catholic stalwart has come forward to assume the same pseudonym of Maurice Pinay in order to carry on the vital struggle of the earlier authors.Catholics are encouraged to view and disseminate the sobering commentaries found at MauricePinay.blogspot.com.[16]PiusBruderschaft.de, translated by AppliedLanguage.com.[17]Ibid(emphasis added).[18]John Allen, NCR staff, Lefebvre Movement: Long, Troubled History with Judaism,National Catholic Reporter, Jan. 26, 2009, NCRonline.org (emphasis added).[19]Marcel Lefebvre: The Biography,Bp. Bernard Tissier de Mallerais (emphasis added).[20]Leo XII,Quo Graviora,condemning Freemasonry and other Secret Societies, 1826.[21]Pius XI,Mit Brennender Sorge,against National Socialism and the idolatry of nationalism, 1937 (emphasis added).[22]Quoted in the statement, Why You and I Must Speak Out NOW! TheFatimaCrusader.com[23]Pius XI,Humani Gregeris Unitas,on Judaism and the unity of the human race, 1938.The Holy Father died before releasing this papal document (emphasis added).[24]Leo XIII,Depuis le jour,on the education of the clergy, Sept. 8, 1899 (emphasis added).[25]Leo XIII,Etsi nos,Feb. 15, 1882, to the Italian bishops (emphasis added).[26]Pius XII,Menti Nostrae,Apostolic exhortation to the clergy of the entire world, 1950.[27]Pope St. Pius X,Pascendi Dominici Gregis,on the doctrines of the Modernists, 1907 (emphasis added).[28]Pope Pius VII,Diu Satis, on a return to Gospel principles, May 15, 1800 (emphasis added).[29]Eph. 4:31.[30]If the confiscation and burning of theTalmudby the Church gives you a sense of injustice or feeling of revulsion, we ask you to withhold your judgment until you read in Chapter 7 the unspeakable blasphemies against Jesus and Mary that are contained in that Diabolic Text.[31]Atila Sinke Guimaraes, Is The Catholic Church Becoming a Branch of the Synagogue?TraditionInAction.org.[32]Ibid.[33]This came from Harold Tittmann, assistant to Myron Taylor, Pres. Roosevelts personal representative at theVatican, as quoted by Robert Faurisson inPope Pius XIIs Revisionism,2006. Seven sources were used to compile this list of papal actions against antichristian Judaism: Msgr JouinsThe Papacy and Freemasonry,Charles CoulumbesA History of the Popes,Maurice PinaysThe Plot Against the Church,E. Michael JonesThe Jewish Revolutionary Spirit,Fr. Denis FaheysThe Kingship of Christ and the Conversion of the Jewish NationandA Brief Sketch of My Life Work,Fr. Leonard Feeneys newsletterThe Point,and Atila Sinka Guimaraes online article Is the Catholic Church Becoming a Branch of the Synagogue? The website TodaysCatholicNews.com names the 114 papal documents relating to the Jewish threat.The 115thdocument is Pius XIs unfinished encyclical,Humani Generis Unitasof 1938, mentioned above.Although the unpublished work does not carry the same weight as a popes published writing, it still carries the authoritative distinction of being a papal document.[34]Fr. Denis Fahey,A Brief Sketch of My Life Work(emphasis added).[35]Gal. 5:1.[36]Divini Redemptorison atheistic Communism, March 19, 1937.http://www.synagoguerising.com/Share this: MoreAbout AdmView all posts by Adm

The Frankfurt School: Conspiracy to CorruptToksyczne szczepienia. Wywiad z doktorem Jerzym Jakowskim. 1.

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Catholic Clergy and Laity on 4 Continents Have Encouraged/Supported the Writing of

this Book, and are now giving it the highest accoladesDear Mr. AkinsHave read your powerful book Synagogue Rising twice since getting it on June 1st. I think it is a masterpiece and the most powerful one volume Ive ever readMay God bless you and yours and your superb apostolate. J.D.M., Howell, New JerseyHere is a link to an ISOC interview with Hugh Akins, author of Synagogue Rising. He is an upright man with an integral Catholic spirit. Now that the SSPX leadership has become neutralized against the greatest threat facing us today, i.e., the Jewish threat, we will need to rely on the likes of Hugh Akins to speak for Catholic militancy. Br. Anthony, T.O.S.F., posted Nov. 8, 2012

I Ignis Ardens Blog ForumDear Sirs: I read Hugh Akins powerful new book, Synagogue Rising, and found it to be one of the most important books I ever read. I am a researcher and an author myself, and I know from my research that Mr. Akins is right on the mark about the political and spiritual war being fought by the Jews against the world, and especially against Christianity. I am an Episcopalian, but I strongly support the objectives of Catholic Action. -E.W. Westport, ConnecticutSynagogue Rising is awesome ! J.K., Ft. Wayne, IndianaFor a Traditional Catholic viewpoint on the Synagogue, get Hugh Akins latest book, Synagogue Rising. Ecclesia Militia,http://www.CathInfo.comHugh Akins has published a new book called Synagogue Rising which contains a wealth of information on the Zionist takeover of the U.S. Doosildorgher,http://www.RealJewNews.comDear Mr. Akins: Not long ago I finished reading your new book. Great job. Thanks. Especially interesting and invaluable to me is how you showed that the errors of Russia were essentially crypto-Judaic, and that helped to bolster my faith in the Fatima apparition. J.P.J., Denver, ColoradoSince the end of WWII the Catholic Church has marched with the victors, and supported the atrocity propaganda against Germany to the extent of almost making the Holocaust/gas chamber lie into dogmaThe present Vatican taking on the Holocaust lie would mean a volte-face (a complete turn)As a youngster I learned aboutthe militant ChurchWhat we have now is a wimpy church.But there is a small group of Catholics who in 1965 rallied around Abp. Lefebvre. This group vehemently opposed Vatican II. Bishop Richard Williamson belongs to this group and so does Hugh Akins, author of the book, Synagogue Rising -- A Catholic Worldview of Anti-Christian Judaiam and Counterrevolutionary Resistance. In this militant book the author unpacks everything from the Levon Affair to the USS Liberty to 9/11, covering all the points made by the revisionists.I have been waiting for a book like this for years, and highly recommend it Christine Miller, revisionist authorSYNAGOGUE RISING IS A STUNNING BOOK BY LONGTIME CATHOLIC AUTHOR, ACTIVIST AND LEADER IN CATHOLIC ACTION, HUGH AKINS. I WAS EXTREMELY IMPRESSED BY THE AMOUNT OF SERIOUS SCHOLARSHIP AND DOCUMENTATION. IT MUST BE STRESSED HERE THAT IN NO WAY IS THIS WORK ANTI-SEMITIC, ALTHOUGH NO DOUBT IT WILL BE VICIOUSLY ATTACKED BY THE ADL, SOUTHERN POVERTY LAW CENTER AND OTHER SUCH ENTITIES ON THIS GROUND. RATHER, THE BOOK IS IN THE MOLD OF THE WRITINGS OF THAT COURAGEOUS DEFENDER AND PROMOTER OF THE SOCIAL REIGN OF CHRIST THE KING, FR. DENIS FAHEY.THE BOOK WAS THREE YEARS IN THE MAKING AND ITS 700 PLUS PAGES PACK A TREMENDOUSLY IMPORTANT MESSAGE -- NOT ONLY FOR THE CHURCH MILITANT, BUT FOR THOSE OUTSIDE THE CHURCH AS WELL. THE BOOKS COVER STATES IT WELL: A CATHOLIC WORLDVIEW OF ANTI-CHRISTIAN JUDAISM AND COUNTERREVOLUTIONARY RESISTANCE.THIS EXTREMELY WELL RESEARCHED AND DOCUMENTED BOOK SETS OUT THE MASTERPLAN OF THE ELDERS OF ZION. MAKE NO MISTAKE, THOUGH. IT DOES NOT DEAL IN ANY WAY WITH FRINGE CONSPIRACIES. WITH A CALM CERTAINTY IN THE TRUTH, MR. AKINS INFORMS US THAT ALTHOUGH THIS MASTERPLAN MAY BE DIFFICULT TO BELIEVE, IT IS FATAL TO IGNORE. HE GOES ON TO TELL US THAT, THE MOTIVE BEHIND SYNAGOGUE RISING IS NOT MERELY TO POINT OUT THE PERIL, BUT TO HELP PUT OUT THE FIRE.I ARDENTLY HOPE THAT THIS BOOK IS WELL RECEIVED BY THE CHURCH MILITANT, WHAT REMAINS OF IT, AND BY MANY OTHERS AS WELL JAMES BATES PHILLIPS, CICERO, ILI havent read his book yet, but the interview with Hugh Akins [on the book] is terrific. Mr. Akins points to the Jews and Israel as Christendoms greatest modern enemies. He, along with other Catholic luminaries like Fr. Paul Kramer, Bp. Williamson, Dr. Robert Sungenis and Michael Hoffman constantly point to the chief anti-Christ promoters of evil in our world today, Zionist Jews and faux IsraelOrganized Jewry is hell-bent on leading us to destruction and imposing Jewish hegemony over what remains of a war-torn and virtually depopulated world where only the Jews survive and rule the scattered gentile remnants. We traditional Catholics had better wake up, join forces and fight. T. Hollingsworth, posted Nov. 8, 2012, Ignis Ardens Blog ForumNo Other Book Quite Like it!A bona fide classic! CanadaSynagogue Rising may well be the best book ever written on the subject. U.S.A.AWESOME BOOK! I anticipate this writing inspiring the uninspired! Its one of those rarest of literary works that reaches deep down into the soul of Christian manhood and refuses to let go! AustraliaWe stand with you in your heroic work. Your book will help re-energize the Church Militant in her age-old fight against Pharisaic intrigues, a crucial fight from which loyal Catholics should never have retreated. MexicoMr. Akins: The sample chapters you entrusted to me are excellent well researched and skillfully composed; yours is a brilliant testimonium of Catholic Action and the Counterrevolution. You speak many truths here; hard truths that I fear not many Catholics will readily embrace (i.e. Church and nations fighting to survive the tyranny of a Serpent Cult), and which may bring the wrath of the enemy down upon you. I hope I am wrong, and will be praying for your safety as well as for the books widest possible readership. This book certainly DESERVES to be widely read. U.S.A.Now I know what a Catholic worldview means, what the Catholic counterrevolution entails, and how exactly Satan destroys Church, state and civilization. Synagogue Rising is the heavy artillery of the Catholic Resistance. New ZealandHeres the book that braves exposing the mother of all conspiracies; the book that others did not have the faith and fortitude to write, and the courage to put their name to. With such an exemplary and virile example, us Irishmen can do no less than put shoulder to task in giving your book a hardy (and hearty) boost. IrelandIf this book were placed in enough hands, the Church and the nations might yet break free of the New World Order chains of slavery. Eindhoven, NetherlandsReading so many intelligible and profound passages from the pontifical letters, I realize how incomplete my seminary training and post-seminary studies really were. The Magisterium has spoken, but we have not heard. We might as well have turned a deaf ear to the Master Himself. Youve made your point quite convincingly: no matter how much spiritual good the traditional movement has done, we have our failings some quite serious. The City is being overrun because there were strategic fortifications we left unguarded, or battles we simply did not see fit to fight. Your book, it seems to me, represents the Churchs last-ditch attempt to mount one final all-out counter-attack, the outcome of which will extend into eternity for countless millions of souls. I commend and I thank you, and send my priestly blessings upon your labors for Christ. U.S.A.We are disheartened by traditionalists who fear the Jews more than they fear God. They cannot wish-away the Mystery of Iniquity, no matter how much they may want to. Albeit, our hope has been restored with the announcement that your book a tremendous work-in-progress is soon to be made available. CanadaWhat you have written is as a fire that burns bright in the darkness of these irreligious times; its too important not to share with non-English-speaking Catholics. Let us discuss the possibility of a Spanish translation. ArgentinaThis long anticipated soon-to-be-published book, Synagogue Rising, is destined to become an instant underground best-seller among Catholics who refuse to surrender to the spirit of the age the spirit of fanatical Judaic Christ hatred, as you so meticulously document. RomeNews of your book has given us cause to rejoice. We of todays Sorrowful, Persecuted and Forgotten Church look upon this book as a ray of light in this vale of despair thanking God the Church Militant lives on. We await its publication with much prayer, anticipation and hope, trusting in the boundless mercy of the Lord to reach out from the Tabernacle to bless your work and give you long-lasting strength to carry the torch of truth, and to deliver His Church suffering [the suffering Church Militant] from the present evil. an Israeli-occupied former Catholic village in the Holy LandI just completed your phenomenal bookI had to tell you that I think yours is the most important expose in a long time. Its a powerful classic in league with the best of Cahill, Fahey, de Poncins, Pinay and Solzhenitsyn. Synagogue Rising is much more than a tremendous work of research and literary work of excellence[Its] an encyclopedia of information of the most vital kind, the book nothing short of a manifesto for the 21st century Church Militant, arming the remnant and putting muscle to the resistance. I do not stretch the truth in saying what you have written has made of me a changed man. You opened my eyes, introduced me to a gold-mine of papal wisdom, made me aware of our confirmation duties as a soldier in Christs ChurchCatholic Action was the furthest thing from my mind. The counterrevolution even further. Yet I thought I was living the good life of a traditional Catholic. Who knew? Now we have no excuse for not knowing, not acting. We hear you, brother. I and others have a lot of wasted time to make up for before we can think of ourselves as Christian soldiers. I want to personally thank you for this graceMr. Akins, I owe you big time. We all do everyone fighting for the faith and to keep our families and country free and safe from the Enemy. U.S.A.I think this gutsy writer is nothing less than the conscience of contemporary Catholicism. Wed be foolish to ignore the important message he brings us. CanadaWith Synagogue Rising our hope is renewed in building the last line of defense of the City of God. BrazilIf there is a conspiracy book hall of fame that will some day exist, your book will be one of the very few in it, as far as Im concernedIn any case, there are good conspiracy books, great ones, very great ones and then there is Synagogue Rising. U.S.A.Synagogue Rising is not just another important treatise on the greatest peril of our time; the book is equally a powerful inspiration. Its not just another expose on Talmudic fanaticism but a compelling summoning of all good men to organize against it. Here is a tremendous work of Christian scholarship, Magisterial apologetics, and counterrevolutionary militancy by an accomplished writer, a passionate Catholic and a fearless defender of Church and country. I would be less than the good shepherd I was ordained to be if I neglected to encourage my flock to read, study and disseminate this very excellent, very timely book. U.S.A.Mr. Akins: Your amazing book Synagogue Rising was my wake-up call. It grabbed me by the shoulders and shook me out of a deep spiritual coma. It was just the thing I needed to come to grips with reality and to take the giant step I was thinking of taking (and wanting to take) but was too chicken to take for nine whole years. I told the family that if this author and his book is what being a traditional Catholic is all about -- theres no way I can keep delaying my decision any longer.You made it easy for me. You put everything in perspective -- the Reformation, the Council, 9/11, the Jewish control of the US and UK -- everything. You tied everything together, answered so many questions and removed every doubt that I was clinging to for nearly a decade. You can count on me ordering from you again, and sending a donation when I can manage it. I also plan to give a gift copy of this awesome book to my former (Novus Ordo) pastor, to my new (traditional) pastor, and to each of the eleven families and five single adults that make up our Family.On behalf of the whole clan, and with my deepest gratitude, thank you for authoring this great book. -- U.K.Mr. Akins, please post this on your websiteNo one with a sound mind and his faith intact can disagree that contemporary thinking is poisoned by the apostasy thats become nothing less than pandemic since the Second Vatican Council. The situation on every continent is bad and getting worse. It has never been this bad. Even so, all is not yet lost. Not YET! Even as we see that once great bastion of Catholic Tradition, the SSPX, now faltering and breaking apart since its leadership has lost much of its fighting spirit, the voices of the pre-Vatican II popes, and of great minds such as Fr. Fahey and Abp. Lefebvre, can still be heard. They have not been entirely silenced. They resonate today, by the grace of God, through the writings and/or mission of steadfast Catholic heroes like Bp. Williamson, Hugh Akins, Robert Sungenis, Michael JonesHugh Akins has long been an inspiration to the men of America, Europe and Australia. He has surpassed all previous labors and victories for Christ with his newest book, Synagogue Rising -- one of the most important books of the post-Vatican II era,. if not THE most important one.Friends in Christ, friends of Catholic Tradition -- flood the offices of Maurice Pinays blogsite, of Catholic Family News, of Mike Hoffmans revisionist newsletter, of the Remnant and New Oxford Review, of Real Catholic TV/Church Militant TV, The Wanderer and others, urging that this ultra-powerful new book be given thier full backing and extensive exposure. They should be hounded until they start promoting Synagogue Rising; a book that contains within its pages enough spiritual explosive-power to jolt good men from their present ignorance, lethargy or cowardice, and to make bad men tremble as their empire of evil begins to crumble before a vastly reinvigorated Catholic Action Counterrevolution. Peter B. PhD., Indianapolis, IN