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JAB Consulting Pte Ltd

Contractual Claims Management and Commercial Support Presentation

Introduction to JABContractual Claims Management and Commercial Support StructureAdvantages of Engaging JABCase Study Circle Line Stage 4 & 5 Contract 855SummaryProfessional Services for International Construction ProjectsPresentation Overview



Commercial Claims Management Support StructureAdvantages of Engaging JABCase Study Circle Line Stage 4 & 5 Contract 855SummaryIntroduction to JABProfessional Services for international construction programmes

Presentation Overview



JAB Consulting Pte Ltd (JAB) was initially formed in Singapore in May 2001 providing commercial and contractual management consultancy services to the construction industry

JAB has been heavily involved in construction projects particularly working with Main Contractors and System Wide Contractors on the Singapore MRT rail network expansion with John Blowers (Managing Director) working and living in Singapore since 1996

Other project sectors included the oil and gas industry and civil aviation contracts including the construction of the new Changi Airport Terminal 3, Terminal 4 and Dubai Airport Concourse 2 & 3

JAB currently employs five full-time professional staff in Singapore

1 - IntroductionIntroduction to JAB

JAB MAJOR CLIENTS (May 2001 Present)

JAB MAJOR CLIENTS (May 2001 Present)

Since 2001, JAB consulting has partnered with some of the largest global engineering and construction companies, helping to deliver iconic infrastructure projects with budgets ranging from $36 Million to over $600 Million.

ServicesRisk ManagementDispute Resolution/AvoidancePlanningProject Control and Earned Value ManagementCDM Health and SafetyFeasibility and Environmental ManagementCommercial ManagementProject Management

Air and Maritime

Energy: Gas, Oil & Electricity

Power Generation: Wind, Waste to Energy, Biomass, Carbon Capture & Nuclear


Transport: Road, Rail, Ports, HighwaysA Solid Foundation for Growth

Professional Services for the Delivery of International Construction Programmes


Introduction to JABAdvantages of Engaging JABCase Study Circle Line Stage 4 & 5 Contract 855SummaryCommercial Claims Management Support StructureProfessional Services for international construction programmesPresentation Overview


i - Example Overview of JAB Team

ii - Roles of the Contract Manager

iii - Responsibilities of the Contract ManagerClaim Management and Commercial Support Structure

2 Claims Management and Commercial Support Structure

Typical Example of Structure For Claim Management Support Services Claim Management Structure

Contract ManagerJohn Blowers

Senior ConsultantLee Chia Wei

Senior ConsultantRob MaguireRodyk & DavidsonLegal Support/Advice & Expert Services RequirementsSenior QSEmma Castro

Drafting relevant correspondences and contractual documentsPresenting strategic advice in relation to any contractual issuesAttending any meetings (internal and/or external)Preparing claims for Extensions of Time and/or additional costIdentification and substantiation of any variationsProtecting/ defending claims issued by subcontractors/ suppliers etcProviding advice on ways of handling/ preventing disputes

2 Commercial Claims Management Structureiii. Contract Manager Role and Duties

Single point of contact for ClientOverall responsibility for delivery of claim management support serviceResponsibility for ensuring work is undertaken in strict accordance with Client requirements and instructionsConvening of periodic, regular internal team meetings with Clients site management membersFinal review and endorsement of JAB documentation prior to submission to Client Management

2 Commercial Claims Management Structureii. Contract Manager - Responsibilities

i - JAB Experience of Preparing Claims on Behalf of Main Contractors and System Wide Contractors in Singapore

ii - JAB Experience Preparing Claims on LTA MRT Projects

iii Support From Law Firm Collaboration (R&D)

iv Existing Support Services to ongoing Downtown Line and Thomson Line Contractors

JAB Value Proposition3. Advantages of JAB Engagement

Singapores Circle Line Contract 8554. Case Study

Construction & Completion of Holland, Buona Vista and NUH Station Including One-North Station Fit Out Works & Tunnels

Contract 855 was awarded to the Woh Hup-Alpine-STEC JV (Main Contractor) in August 2004 for a Contract Sum of S$400 million

Significant post-contract variations were identified as emanating from the new requirements implemented by BCA into the design of temporary works earth retaining structures as a consequence of the Nicol Highway incident

Other claim and variation events were encountered during the execution of the Works giving rise to claims for additional costs and/or time extensions

JAB were commissioned by the Main Contractor to provide commercial and contractual advisory services

4. Case Study

Circle Line - Project Overview

Establishing robust commercial procedures to capture any change events on site

Identifying and serving written notification of any claim and/or variation issues to the Client (LTA) in a timely manner in accordance with the contract provisions

Developing and updating claim reports to demonstrate contractual entitlement, providing a forensic analysis of all correspondence/meeting minutes to outline the chronology of events and the inclusion of all supporting information pertaining to time and cost implications

Responding to all correspondence pertaining to the individual claim items

Representing the Main Contractor in any contractual meetings

Establishing and management of a dedicated claims team assigned to negotiate and pursue a settlement of all outstanding contract issues

4. Case Study

Circle Line - JAB Role

Typical Claim Events Encountered

Variations resulting in associated time/cost implications due to Client instructed changes

Delays to commencement of construction work due to delayed access to Site

Delay/Disruption events caused by other contractors engaged by the Client

Late issue of design information by the Client

Delays caused due to the encountering of adverse ground conditions

Delays caused by Client issued instructions to stop work

4. Case Study

Circle Line Project Claims

In total the Main Contractor issued over 70 notified claims for additional costs and time extensions

Through a Commercial Settlement in late 2008, the Main Contractor was awarded significant monetary compensation and an Extension of time of 18 months for the amicable settlement of all contractual matters known up to that period

This Commercial Settlement figure represented 25% of the original Contract Sum and was approximately 75% of the overall claim amount submitted by the Main Contractor

Circle Line Project Summary4. Case Study

JAB has significant experience of working in Singapore working with major local and international Clients within the construction industry over various disciplinesJAB has full support from Rodyk & Davidson for any legal issues via a collaboration agreement

JAB has an excellent track record in successfully negotiating claims on behalf of their Clients

JAB has experience working with both Main Contractors and System Wide Contractors preparing claims for Extensions of Time and additional costs on their behalf

5 - SummaryPresentation Summary

JAB Consulting Pte Ltdt. +65 6507 4429111 North Bridge Roadf. +65 6507 4408#21-01 Peninsula Plazam. +65 9625 5683Singapore 179098 e. john@jabc.com.sg

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