Japanese Vocabulary

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Japanese Vocabulary

Japanese VocabularyChapter 7 Cut, SliceSend GiveReceiveLearn Teach MakeLendBorrow Chopsticks Cell phoneNew year greeting cardEraserPunchStaplerPaperLetterScissorsFlower, blossomMoneyFatherMotherOthers fatherMother (other)Not yetWelcomeMay I? / Excuse meThank you (Before eating)Hand, armMailShirtLuggage, parcelTicketAlreadyIts niceDo come inWont you?Delicious (after eating/drinking)Japanese VocabularyLesson 8 Clean, beautiful Quiet Famous Healthy Free time Convenient Nice Big New Good Hot Cold (touch) Difficult Expensive, tall, high Low Tasty Enjoyable White Red Cherry blossom Town, city Place Life How Very And Please come again Its time, I was going Lively Helpful How are you? Well, let me see Have one more cup of Its already, no? Small Old Bad Cold (feeling) Easy Inexpensive, cheap Interesting Busy Black Blue Mountain Food Dormitory Work, business What kind of Not so (negative) But Lesson 9 Understand Like Good Drinks Sports Dance Music Classical music Kabuki Letter, character Ticket Something to do Work part time (my) husband (my) wife Well, much Many, much Not at all (negative) ~ Because~ Please lend it to me Sorry but unfortunately Wont you join us So you cant come (no) Sorry Have Dislike Poor at Dish Baseball Trip Song Concert Picture, drawing Small change Time Appointment, promise Others husband Others wife Child Mostly, roughly A little, few Early, quickly, fast Why Sure, certainly Oh ~ is a bit difficult Rain check Lesson 10 Exist, be (inanimate) Various Man Boy Dog Panda TreeWood Battery Switch Table Shelf Window Building Park Place for train/cab Above, up, over Front, before Right In, inside Next, next door Between, among The bottom Exist, be (animate) Woman Girl Cat Elephant Thing Box Fridge Bed Door Post, mail Convenience store Store, ~Shop Prefecture Under, below Back, behind Left Outside Near, vicinity And so on