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I hereby declared that this is truly and purely my own works except otherwise stated the resources of the materials







21 MARCH 2013




First and foremost, I would like to thank to our supervisor of this English Language Proficiency coursework, Mdm. Asmad Bt. Mohd Salleh for the valuable guidance and advice. She inspired us greatly to work in this project. Her willingness to motivate us contributed tremendously to our project. I would also like to thank her for showing us some example that related to the topic of our project. Besides, I would take this oppurtunity to thank the authority of Institut Pendidikan Guru Campus Sultan Mizan for providing us with a good environment and facilities to complete this project. I am also like to send my grateful unlimited to all friend who helped me a lot in partnership form idea and information and do not forget also to IPGKSM library of a lot prepared in reference source for our resources search. Finally, yet importantly, I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to my beloved parents for their blessings, my friends/classmates for their help and wishes for the successful completion of this project. Without helps of the particular that mentioned above, we would face many difficulties while doing this project .


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Table of Contents Task 2 : ( Part 1 ) Articles 1 : Dont ban mobiles in schools , let students use them . Articles 2 : Importance of Mobile Phones Articles 3 : Why cell phones should not be allowed in a school setting Articles 4 : Cell Phones Should Not Be Allowed In School Task 2 : ( Part 2 )


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10 - 11 Graphic Organizer Task 2 : ( Part 3 ) Argumentative Essay on Handphone should be banned in Malaysian Schools . Reflection 14 12 - 13





TASK 2 : ( PART 1 ) Articles 1 : Dont ban mobiles in schools , let students use them

The furtive glance down into his or her crotch is the tell-tale sign all modern teachers will recognise as a dead give-away that a student is using a mobile phone in class. Its a comical sight, its sheer obviousness apparently lost on most students, but one that is also serious in its implications that particular student is probably not paying attention at that moment, and perhaps hasnt been for quite some time. Mobile phones are a distraction in class. Theres no debate about this. But, with the exception of some schools where strict discipline is the defining characteristic of its ethos, I dont think theres any need to ban them in most schools, In fact, Id go as far as to say we teachers should be glad that almost all our students will have a mobile phone with them in school. Mobile phones today are minicomputers which can be used as internet browsers, cameras, video and audio recorders, calculators, stop clocks, homework diaries and notebooks. They can be used as data-loggers in science lessons, maps in geography lessons and for listening exercises in language lessons. At a time when few schools can afford to provide every student with a laptop or tablet computing device, mobile phones can allow us to make the most of modern information technology in our classrooms. In my science lessons, many of my students will use their mobile phones in place of calculators and stop clocks when doing experiments. I also encourage them to use their phones to take photographs of apparatus and to make videos of the phenomena we observe in class. Recently, as part of an activity making cloud chambers, some students filmed the tracks made by different types of nuclear radiation. In watching the video back, they saw a track in the cloud chamber that was not from the radioactive source they were using it was caused by a cosmic ray, a physical phenomenon related to what they were studying and something the students would not have observed so clearly had they not filmed their work. These were A-level students, but I have also let younger students film exciting experiments in class a great way for them to share what they learn at school with their parents. 1

There are other occasions when I am happy to let my students use their mobile phones recording their homework, for example, or putting a reminder for a deadline into their calendars or searching the internet for information. In other words, I let them use their mobile phones in class as they do outside the classroom. And this is perhaps the most important reason why I think schools which ban mobile phone use in schools should reconsider allowing their use in schools lets us accomplish something which I believe will become increasingly important in education: ensuring the development of digital literacy in our students. The use of mobile phones offers much more than novelty, fun and excitement I believe there are tangible educational benefits. Students today have grown up in the digital age and it is surely one of our duties as teachers to create opportunities for them to develop the skills they will need to succeed in a world driven by new technologies. Just as the ability to use word processing, simple spreadsheets and presentation software are now necessary in the modern workplace, it may be just a matter of time before simple digital video and audio manipulation skills are essential. Using mobile phones in class, when other devices are in short supply, provides one way to address these needs. Im not naive I know that students with permission to use mobile phones in school will not be able to resist checking their text messages and social media updates. That is, they wont be able to resist doing these things unless they are otherwise engaged with whatever it is theyre supposed to be doing in class. Sure, some students will always find checking their Facebook page more interesting than anything we teachers can offer them in lessons, but the majority of students, like the majority of adults, can be trusted to make their own decisions about the appropriate time and place to check their email or send a text message. And heres a controversial thought just as you can quickly send a text message or check your email while doing something else, perhaps students can be trusted to do the same in school? It cannot be right that schools spend huge amounts of money investing in technology to improve and enhance their students education whilst ignoring the powerful technological tool that almost every student brings into school every day. http://blogs.independent.co.uk/2011/11/09/don%E2%80%99t-ban-mobile-phones-inschools-let-students-use-them-all-the-time/ 2

Articles 2 : Importance of Mobile Phones

With the advent of new technology the way of communication is also changed. In very early days of history, pigeons were used as means of communication. Later, written messages are sent through letters by post. As the time passed, telephone came into existence and today is the era of wireless communication which gives rise to mobile phones. Mobiles are the latest invention and common way to communicate now-a-days. Mobile phones are long range, portable and wireless electronic device of communication. A few years back, when mobile phones were not so common, the device was expensive and communication costs pretty good to the user. But in last a few years as the use of mobiles increased, their cost is decreased considerably and this factor helped a lot to make them available for common men. Mobile phones are now inexpensive, easy to use, and comfortable and equipped with almost every latest feature we desire. Mobiles are now every one's first choice gadget, either an elderly person or a younger one. It is like a status symbol now. Every persons hand is equipped with latest mobile models and everyone has its own reason to have this magic gadget in his hands. Every day new models of mobiles come replacing the older ones to lure the users. The interested users especially the young generation is very fond of the latest features provided in new handsets. People like the new ring tones, hello tunes and wallpapers. With this, mp3 and video recording facilities, MMS and Internet facilities are attracting the users to mobile world. Mobile users can't even imagine their world without their handset. The importance of mobiles can be imagined by the reaction of people if they are asked to leave their handset separate from them for a day. Their life got a comma if they are keeping apart of their mobiles. In Japan, mobile phone companies provide immediate notification of earthquakes and other natural disasters to their customers free of charge. In the event of an emergency, disaster response crews can locate trapped or injured people using the signals from their mobile phones or the small detonator of flare in


the battery of every cell phone; an interactive menu accessible through the phone's Internet browser notifies the company if the user is safe or in distress. There is no doubt that the mobile phones have made the life more easy and comfortable. Everyone is in touch with their family members, friends and other known. If we want to talk with anyone, there is no need to write a letter and have to wait for days to send the message to receiver, just we have to pick the phone and press