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  • 8/10/2019 Kord bass gitar




  • 8/10/2019 Kord bass gitar


  • 8/10/2019 Kord bass gitar


    A major chord is made up of three notes; the root after which it is named, the major

    3rd and the perfect 5th. Mayor chords sound happy.

    Major chord using 4 notes:

    Index finger plays the root (1st). Ring finger frets the 5th, pinky on the 8ve and

    the middle finger on the major 3rd.

    Remember: The 1st degree (root) is

    the same note as the octave. So if

    the 1st degree is an A then the oc-

    tave is also an A.

    Symbols: Capital letters, !, M or

    maj ex: A, B, or AM, BM or A maj,

    or B!.

    Major chord using 3 notes:

    We use the ring finger to play the

    root, the middle finger to play the

    5th and the index to play the 3rd.



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    A minor chord is made up of the root, a minor 3rd and a perfect 5th. Minor chords pro-

    duce a sad sound.

    Minor chord using 4 notes:

    Use the index finger to fret both the 1st and 3rd degree. Use the ring finger to fret

    the 5th and the pinky to fret the octave.

    Symbols: m, min or -

    Ex: Am or A min A-

    Minor chord using 3 notes:

    Use the index to fret the 3rd, the

    middle to fret the 5th and the ring

    finger to fret the octave.



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    A major 7th chord consists of a root note, a major 3rd, a perfect and a major 7th. The

    addition of the 7th degree adds more color to your bass line.

    Note: If you want to strum a major 7th chord on

    the bass it is recommended not to play the 5th de-

    gree to prevent the sound from being too muddy

    (unless you use a bass with 6 or more strings).

    Luckily you cancreate a lick that uses all 4 notes

    (arpeggio) or tap them.

    Symbol: M7, Maj 7

    Ex: AM7, GMaj7

    7th chords using 3 notes:

    Index plays the 1st, middle plays the 7th and

    the ring finger plays the 3rd.

    Note: You can skip the 5th degree because

    the nature or flavor of the chord can still be

    implied by the remaining notes.

    Alternative way:

    Index plays the 3rd, middle plays the 1st and

    the ring finger plays the 7th.



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    A dominat 7th chord consists of a root note, a major 3rd, a perfect and a minor 7th.

    The addition of the 7th degree adds more color to your bass line.

    As previously stated you should not play the

    5th degree unless you are playing a bass with

    5 or more stings.

    Symbol: 7 or dom7

    Ex: C7, A7 or Cdom7

    3 note dominant chord: I personally use

    the index to play the root, the middle to play

    the 7th and the ring to play the 3rd.

    Alternative way:

    Index plays the 3rd, middle plays the 1st and

    the ring finger plays the 7th.



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    A diminished chord is made up of root note, minor 3rd and an augmented 4th (4#) or

    diminished 5th (5b).

    This chord has a very dissonant sound. It is

    also very rare when compared to the major

    and minor chords but you will come across it

    in other genres.

    NOTE: This chord is unstable and is often

    used as a bridge between chords. Its eerie

    sound leaves you hanging which in turn

    makes the resolution into a stable chord that

    much more powerful.

    Symbol: o or dim

    Ex: C or Cdim

    3 note disminished chord: Use the

    index to play the 3rd, the middle to play the

    5th and the ring finger to play the root.



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    When we invert a chord we simply change the order in which we play the notes of the

    chord. So instead of playing the root, third and then fifth we can rearrange the order of the


    minor chord first inversion major chord first inversion

    Note:You have already seen the second inversions for major and minor chords in page 2

    and 3 where the 5th is the first note we play.

    minor chord alternate position major chord alternate position



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    Chord Chart



    Cb Cb, Eb, Gb Cb, D, Gb Cb, D, A Cb, Eb, G Cb, Eb, Gb, Bb Cb, Eb, Gb, A Cb, D, Gb, A

    C C, E, G C, Eb, G C, Eb, Gb C, E, G# C, E, G, B C, E, G, A# C, Eb, G, A#

    C# C#, F, G# C#, E, G# C#, E, G C#, F, A C#, F, G#, C C#, F, G#, B C#, E, G#, B

    Db Db, F, Ab Db, Fb, Ab Db, Fb, G Db, F, A Db, F, Ab, C Db, F, Ab, B Db, Fb, Ab, B

    D D, F#, A D, F, A D, F, Ab D, F#, A# D, F#, A, C# D, F#, A, C D, F, A, C

    D# D#, G, A# D#, F#, A# D#, F#, A D#, G, B D#, G, A#, D D#, G, A#, C# D#, F#, A#, C#

    Eb Eb, G, Bb Eb, Gb, Bb Eb, Gb, A Eb, G, B Eb, G, Bb, D Eb, G, Bb, Db Eb, Gb, Bb, Db

    E E, G#, B E, G, B E, G, Bb E, G#, C E, G#, B, D# E, G#, B, D E, G, B, D

    F F, A, C F, Ab, C F, Ab, B F, A, C# F, A, C, E, F, A, C, Eb F, Ab, C, Eb

    F# F#, A#, C# F#, A, C# F#, A, C F#, A#, D F#, A#, C#, F F#, A#, C#, E F#, A, C#, E

    Gb Gb, Bb, Db Gb, A, Db Gb, A, C Gb, Bb, D Gb, Bb, Db, F Gb, Bb, Db, E Gb, A, Db, E

    G G, B, D G, Bb, D G, Bb, Db G, B, D# G, B, D, F# G, B, D, F G, Bb, D, F

    G# G#, C, D# G#, B, D# G#, B, D G#, C, E G#, C, D#, G G#, C, D#, F# G#, B, D#, F#

    Ab Ab, C, Eb Ab, Cb, Eb Ab, Cb, D Ab, C, E Ab, C, Eb, G# Ab, C, Eb, Gb Ab, Cb, Eb, Gb

    A A, C#, E A, C, E A, C, Eb A, C#, F A, C#, E, G# A, C#, E, G A, C, E, G

    A# A#, D, F A#, C#, F A#, C#, E A#, D, F# A#, D, F, A A#, D, F, G# A#, C#, F, G#

    Bb Bb, D, F Bb, Db, F Bb, Db, E Bb, D, F# Bb, D, F, A Bb, D, F, Ab Bb, Db, F, Ab

    B B, D#, F# B, D, F# B, D, F B, D#, G B, D#, F#, A# B, D#, F#, A B, D, F#, A

  • 8/10/2019 Kord bass gitar


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