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MetaStock V.8 MetaStock Help Help QuickStart Install CD Autoplay Install Logo Next> I accept this agreement Next> Setup Key (M97C-66U9-5N46S) Next Yes Next No Real-time Vender Next Next Folder Next () 2 MetaStock Professional Offline Mode The Downloader C:/MetaStock Data Update 17: 15 . Yahoodl Yahoodl Newage pro TSW Make sure Command Prompt Window XP MS Dos Prompt Window Version ( C:\Document and setting \Manit cd yahoodl enter) yahoodl -e enter 200 yahoodl a s bbl.bk ( yahoo symbol ) Result_YahooDL convert data The Downloader update data newage newage pro E.prn 2 SPC SSEC I set SPCI SSECI newage.txt convert data The Downloader The Downloader update Yahoo_Database.txt update manual date The Downloader Open Update () MetaStock Professional Offline Mode Stocks, Future, Options Mutual Funds. (Performance) panic Charts (bar chart) X Y Cyclic indicators cyclic indicators overbought/oversold indicators reversal indicators Indicators Stochastic Oscillator (higher low) (lower high) Indicators Trend-following indicators lagging indicators indicators Moving average. Indicators MetaStock Performance Systems Indicators Price patterns ( Chart) Moving Average Moving Average moving average 10 10 10 Simple moving average MetaStock moving average 6 8 1) 30 30 2) 30 30 3) 30 4) 30 5) 6) 7) 8) Stochastic Oscillator Indicators Stochastic Oscillator Stochastic 10 10 fast sto 15/3/3 slow sto 14/5/5 100 10 0 10 Stochastic overbought/oversold indicator indicator Stochastic oversold 20 Stochastic Overbought 80 Stochastic cyclic (non-trending) Other Indicators MetaStock indicators 120 indicators Accumulation /Distribution Zig Zag Function 100 Function Function Indicator indicators 2-3 MetaStock Performance System indicators Bollinger band OBV (On balance volume) Price Oscillator MACD (Moving averages convergence/divergence) RSI (Relative strength index) Volume Oscillator NVI PVI (Negative and Positive Volume index) Indicator MetaStock MetaStock Performance Systems Introduction MetaStock MetaStock Performance Systems MetaStock MetaStock Performance System MetaStock MetaStock The Explorer, System Tester, Indicator Builder, Expert Advisor The Explorer Scan indicators System Tester () Commision Parameters Indicator Builder Indicators Functions Functions 200 Functions plot Parameters Expert Advisor Indicators MetaStock Performance Systems MetaStock Performance Systems 80 MetaStock 26 54 Plug-in System System test, Exploration Expert advisor How the MetaStock Performance Systems MetaStock Performance Systems 10,000 delay Commision Stops loss 50% Which System Should I Use? MetaStock Performance Systems 2 1. Systems 2. System 2 Comparing System Tests BT System Tester Running the Comparison System Test MetaStock TA 3 option () delay = 0 Long Short Long Points only 26 MetaStock Performance System click PS system Shift Click PS system Compare click Compare (Net Profit) TA PS Exponential Moving Average 55.60 3 3.15 PS Exponential Moving Average Commission click Reports Buy/Hold profit 5.75 55.60 10 Buy/Hold profit (Buy/Hold profit ) click Plot Equity Equity TA Equity 1998 6 Equity 1999 2000 sideway attach expert advisor expert alert expert comment Indicators Running a Performance Exploration 4 Pattern Trading System 1 1-2 Explorer PS Pattern Trading System 1 Click Options Load 500 (time period) click OK, click icon Explore Directory click OK click Reports Exploration Results perform column L Perf click column Click Click Column L Perf buy and hold points Long short short Column Explorer short BT buy and hold 1.3044 1.3044 0.1419 0.1159 10 Click Shift Click 10 Click Open Click Explores System Test 10 PS Pattern Trading System 1 equity lines 10 4 BBL ADVANC BEC TA System Test 4 4 4 4 attach PS Pattern Trading System 1 Expert o Load o buy and hold o equity lines o Style o ( Copy Set