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Moot court questions


Moot Court & Trial Advocacy Programs

2007 - 2008

Trial Advocacy &

Moot Court Director

Professor Louis Fasulo

E-House room 211

(914) 422-4403 Phone

(914) 422-4180 Fax

e-mail: [email protected]

Table of Contents

Page #

1. Introduction.6

2. Administration8

3. Deadlines for Applications..9

4. Combined Application for the Pace Advocacy Program........10

5. Descriptions of Individual Moot and Trial Advocacy Programs..12

6. Academic Credit & Courses Associated with the Pace Advocacy Program..14

7. Schedule of Events...........16

8. Oral Advocacy Grading Sheet..18

9. General Rules & Regulations...................19

10. Team Deadlines & Information Sheet....................................21

10. Practice Round Summaries...23

12. Course Description for Law 872 .... .26

Fall Competition Fact Sheet

Welcome to an exciting year of Pace Interschool Competitions The Pace Advocacy and Moot Court Program offers a number of great opportunities for all levels of students to compete against other Law Schools. in a variety of National and regional competitions In addition these experiences are a great opportunity to experience lawyering skills in a competitive environment followed by expert critique and evaluations. Each external team is mentored by a Practicing Attorney in the field. The mentors provide invaluable insight and training in the substantive law. The preparation for the competition is an intensive learning experience. This informational sheet is a supplement to our program booklet which should be consulted prior to tryouts. If you have any questions feel free to contact me or any of the Advocacy Board. Please take advantage of the opportunity and try out.

Good Luck!

Louis V. Fasulo

Director of Trial Advocacy and Moot Court


The Willem C. Vis International Commercial Arbitration Moot is held in Vienna in the spring and is the premiere international commercial law moot court in the World. Sponsored by Pace University School of Law, the Competition is named for Professor Vis who was a highly respected teacher and scholar at this law school. The Moot involves an arbitration of a contract of sale between two parties in countries that are parties to the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods. The Moot provides experience in commercial litigation skills and provides an opportunity for students to develop commercial law expertise. The research for this Moot begins in the fall semester and continues through the spring, at which time two Briefs are due. Selected students within the VIS Team will travel to Vienna. Students will receive two credits for their participation in the Vis International Commercial Arbitration Moot in Law 872. All Team members, regardless of their selection to travel to Vienna, are entitled to earn two credits for their participation.

The Phillip C. Jessup International Moot Court Competition is the second oldest Moot in the country and is recognized by practitioners and academics alike as one of the most prestigious moot court competitions in which law students can participate. In some circles, being a member of the Jessup Moot Court Team is considered equivalent to being a member of law review. The competition is worldwide, the final rounds usually attracting one or more judges from the International Court of Justice. The research for this Moot begins in the fall semester, with the Brief due in early January. The Moot is argued in February or March of 2007. Students will receive two credits for their participation in the Jessup International Moot Court Competition in Law 872.

The National Black Law Students Associations Frederick Douglass Moot Court Competition is renowned as the premier Black legal advocacy competition. This program facilitates and promotes academic excellence. Each year more than 150 teams of Black law students have the opportunity to compete in oral advocacy at the national level and to connect with Black attorneys and judges. This Moot is organized by the National Black Law Students Association (NBLSA), the largest student-run organization in America. Students who are members of BLSA are eligible to participate in this Moot. Students will work on the Brief during the fall and early portion of the spring semesters and will compete in February. Students will receive two credits for their participation in the Frederick Douglass Moot in Law 872.

Animal Rights Moot Court Competition This national competition address issues regarding animal rights in a Moot Court setting


American Association for Justice (formerly ATLA) sponsors the National Student Trial Advocacy Competition. This annual, nationwide civil mock trial competition allows students to devolop and practice their trial advocacy skills before distinguished members of the bar and bench. The mock trial cases are civil cases, dealing with issues such as products liability, personal injury or medical malpractice/negligence. Teams are judged on their skills in case preparation, opening statements, use of facts, the examination of lay and expert witnesses and closing arguments. There is no written exercise.

BALSA Thurgood Marshall Mock Trial: This is one of the largest student-run trial advocacy competitions in the United States, drawing more than 200 competitors in recent years.

Buffalo/Niagara Invitational Mock Trial: This competition is hosted by SUNY-Buffalo Law School. The competition includes over 30 teams from across the country. Student advocates will try both sides of a criminal case.

NTC - National Trial Competition: The National Trial Competition was established in 1975 to strengthen students advocacy skills. It is sponsored by the Texas Young Lawyers Association and the American College of Trial lawyers. Civil and Criminal trial problems are alternated each year.

ABA Labor Law Trial Competition: This unique civil trial competition is sponsored by the ABA teams are invited to participate in the Employment Law Trial competition.

St. Johns National Civil Rights Trial Competition: Pace students form a team to compete in Brooklyn, New York against students from around the United States and argue a civil rights case before sitting judges.

Georgetown University National White Collar Crime Mock Trial Invitational: Pace has been one of 20 schools invited to participate during the past few years.

Quinnipiac/John Marshall Criminal Justice Competition: This competition is sponsored by the John Marshall Law School and the Criminal Justice Section of the American Bar Association. During each mock trial, each student advocate is expected to conduct a direct examination and cross examination of a witness and to present either the opening statement or the closing argument of the case.


American Bar Association Negotiation Competition: Established for students to develop negotiation skills and network with peers who attend other schools, this event provides opportunities to build a resume and earn recognition. This competition engages students in legal negotiations to resolve a series of legal problems. Contest simulations consist of a common set of facts known by all participants and confidential information known only to participants representing a particular side. Pace Law School won the competition in Spring 2004 and was aRegional Winner last year.

American Bar Association Client Counseling Competition: The Client Counseling Competition was conceived and developed as a legal teaching technique and is to promote greater knowledge and interest among law students in the preventive law and counseling functions of law practice. It also encourages students to develop interviewing, planning, and analytical skills in the lawyer-client relationship in the law office. Pace hosted the Regional competition in Spring 2006 where we placed Second in the National Competition. for the third time

American Bar Association Arbitration Competition: This competition simulates a realistic arbitration hearing, where students represent a client and participate in opening statements, witness examinations, exhibit introductions, evidentiary presentations and summations.

Dispute Resolution/ Mediation Competition This competition allows students to represent clients in a mediation situation

If you would like additional information regarding any of the above, please call Prof. Fasulo 917-887-8895 or e-mail the Advocacy Board:

Bevin Casey Gugliucciello

Mary Clare Haskins

Lindsey Kneipper

Denise Leong

Hsienjan Huang

Joseph Remy

Dara LaWall

Jessica Cardichon

Keji Ayorinde

Yehuda Angster


Moot Court & Trial Advocacy Program



The Moots

Are you interested in becoming a participant in the Pace University School of Law Moot Court Program? Each year, Pace Law School students participate and represent Pace Law School in a number of Moot Court Competitions including: an International Commercial Arbitration Moot in Vienna, Austria; an International Environmental Moot Court Competition sponsored by Stetson University; an International Criminal Moot Court; a National Moot Court Competition; a The National Black Law Students Association Frederick Douglass Moot Court Competition; the ABA National Appellate Advocacy Competition, the Dean Jerome Prince Evid

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