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My Portfolio 2008-2012

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3D Animation and Digital Painting

Text of My Portfolio 2008-2012

  • Chun-Wei KuoPortfolio 2008-2012National Taiwan University of Arts/

    Multimedia and Animation Arts

  • The Last Treasure3D Animation/ 04:49sTeam members: 42010

    I was in charge of:co-writingco-writingScene DesignLighting and Effects

    Parts of Animation,Scene Modeling, andTexturing

    SynopsisSynopsisThe story take place in asmall, old town. It beganwith a careless boy whodropped his toy at the town square. When he went back to look for it at night, an incredible at night, an incredible magical parade emergedbefore his eyes.

  • Sketches of scene and objects.

  • Color design and texture used.

  • Render images of

    The last Treasure.

  • 7

  • The N Station3D Animation/ 06:20sTeam Members: 32012

    I was in charge of:co-writingco-writingStoryboardStation DesignLighting and Rendering

    Parts of Animation,Scene/Character Modeling, and Texturing

    This is the thesis project for our university program. The story isThis is the thesis project for our university program. The story isabout a lonely ticket collector whose life is full of strange phenomenon that happened at a station where he work at.

  • Final images

    of The N Station.

  • Storyboard made by Photoshop and Flash.

  • 22

    Game ProjectThese are background scenes I created for a student group called, Narrator. The members of Narrator come from different

    universities. The goal of the project is to create an interactive game, which the players can have conversations with the

    characters whe the story goes on. The layout of the art works was first discussed and agree upon within the group.

    My responsibility was to design and draw the background scenes which best fit the storyline based on what was

    described to me by the script writer.

  • What the game looks like.

  • X-RayThe feelings of cold.