Procurements in Kazakhstan

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Procurements in Kazakhstan . General information. 2008. 165.102 million KZT factual amount of procurements. 2009. 18.136 billion KZT factual amount of procurements . 60 . 8 billion KZT planning amount of procurements. 2010. Dynamics of 3 years. Legislation in GP. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation



Procurements in Kazakhstan

2010. . .1165.102 million KZT factual amount of procurementsGeneral information60.8 billion KZT planning amount of procurements

2008201018.136 billion KZT factual amount of procurements 2009

2010. . . Total 2008Total 200925th of march, 2010Customer59219 45320 081Supplier47413 82030 000Results575220 023325 000Planning amount, KZT211.149 million24.118 billion60,8 billionFactual amount, KZT 165.102 million18. 136 billion39,8 billionEconomy, KZT46.04 million5.982 billion21 billionEconomy, %21.824.8134Dynamics of 3 years2010. . .TenderLegislation in GPAuctionRFQOne sourceGP2010. . . Makes the announcements

Realizes the process of the opening the RFQs

Summarizes the results Imports the Annual Plan of purchases

Makes the requests to identify his needs to Organizer

Allocates the contracts

Passes the reports Searching announcements

Passes RFQs

Monitors the results of GPConceptual scheme of e-RFQ




2010. . .TenderLegislation in GPAuctionRFQOne sourceGP2010. . .


Customers Portal

Annual plans of purchases e-bulletin e-tender government register monitoring and accounting

National Verifactory Center

Tax committee database

LB& databases

Conceptual scheme of e-tenderAnnual plans of purchases2010. . .Advantages of e-procurements


Passing docs by Supplier

Opening and access


Passing RQFsChecking debts to budgetChecking the status of unfair supplier or insolvent debtorsAuto openingRising of the Committee members personal responsibilitiesPaper economyNo transport expensesSimplification of passing processe-report about the results2010. . .TenderLegislation in GPAuctionRFQOne sourceGP2010. . .

Step up to AuctionAdvantages:

Open space of procurements Availability to information about all procurements hold in Kazakhstan

Economy of time Decreasing of GP terms from several days to several hours

Minimizing human factor in GP The decisions will be done by the system

One time passing confirmation of qualification No huge documents to every bid, no expenses for inquires

Openness and transparence of biddings for suppliers Equal opportunities to everybody

2010. . . Questions

Thank You for attention!!!2010. . .