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  • 2016

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    PRODUCT INFORMATION Of Calcined Petroleum Coke


  • Chapter II Application of CPC & its Market in Industry

    Chapter I General Description of Calcined Petroleum Coke (CPC)


    Chapter III Product Specification CPC PT. MJIS


    General Description Of Calcined Petroleum Coke

    (CPC) a. Raw Material

    Calcined Petroleum Coke produced from raw materials Green Coke. Green coke or also known as green petroleum coke, a material derived from residue oil refining process. Green Coke, produced in oil refineries. Processing of solid carbon compounds using Delayed Cooking Unit is capable of converting heavy oil (short residue) into green coke. Green Coke has a heavier fraction when compared to gasoline. Due to the lower calorific value of between 7500-8500 Kg, but when compared with coal ( 5000 to 6000 Kg), the calorific value higher green coke.

    Judging from grade, petcoke classified into two types, namely fuel grade coke and anode grade coke.  Fuel-grade coke is used as fuel, while  The anode grade coke used in the aluminum smelting industry, steel and

    titanium. The main difference of fuel grade coke with anode grade coke is a metal

    element content and sulfur levels. At the anode grade coke, metals and sulfur

    content should be very low.

    Green Petroleum Coke

  • There are several types of pet coke is needle coke, honeycomb coke, sponge

    coke and shot coke. Needle coke and coke honeycomb classified in anode grade

    coke, while the sponge coke and shot coke classified as fuel grade coke.

    Calcination of the green will produce calcined petcoke petcoke, this calcination

    process removes moisture content and volatile matter content and changing

    the crystal structure of pet coke.

    In general, the processing of calcined coke product can be classified into tree

    factors such as the following picture:

    b. Petroleum Coke Calcining

    Petroleum Coke Calcining is a process whereby green or raw petroleum coke is

    thermally upgraded to :

     Remove associated moisture and volatile combustion matter  Improve critical physical properties like

     Electrical conductivity  Real density  Oxidation characterictics

    Green Coke Calcinacing Process


    Application of CPC & it’s Market in Industry

    Market of CFC Calcined Petroleum Coke (CPC) is important industrial commodity linking the oil

    refining, metallurgical/chemical with solid material industries and an aluminium

    and titanium dioxide production.

    The application for Calcined Petroleum Coke (CPC) is used in this following

    industries :

     The Aluminium industry More than 70 percent of all CPC used to produce anodes for the smelting of alumina into aluminum.

     Titanium Dioxide Industry Calcined petcoke is used in the production of titanium dioxide (TiO2), a naturally occurring mineral that is used as a pigment for plastics, paints, sunscreen and food coloring. Two significant usefulness of titanium dioxide is as a replacement for lead in paint and as a bleach paper.

  •  The Steel Industry

    Calcined petcoke as recarburizer in the steel industry recarburizer used to adjust the carbon content.

    Application of CPC in Aluminium industry

    The use of CPC in Aluminium industry is to produce anode for reduction process in

    Aluminium process. Liquid Aluminium is produced by electrolytic reduction of

    alumina (AL2O3) dissolved in an electrolyte (bath) mainly containing Cryolite

    (Na3AlF6). The chemical reaction can be written as :

    where Carbon ( C ) use anode Carbon made from CPC as reductor

  • Aluminium Production use Anode (Carbon) from CPC

    The anodes used are termed as prebaked anodes which are made from a mixture

    of Calcined Petroleum Coke, aggregate and coal tar pitch binder moulded into

    blocks and bake in separate anode baking furnace at about 1120 C. An Aluminium

    rod with iron studs is then cast or rammed into grooves in the top of the anode

    block in order to support the anode and the conduct the electric current to the

    anode when it has been positioned in the cell.

    Application of CPC in Titanium Dioxide (TiO2) industry

    In opposition of the popular belief, the most widely used titanium product is not the titanium metal and alloys, but rather is the titanium dioxide (TiO2) pigment that provide whiteness and opacity to a vast range of everyday products from coatings and plastics, to inks and even as flux in glass manufacture, filler in paper, rubber industries, cosmetics and food. Annually more than 4.5 million t of TiO2 are produced worldwide and only about 4%~5% is used to produced metallic titanium.

  • Titanium Dioxide (TiO2) pigment are produce from variety of ares by two different process :  The Sulfate Process (about 40% use in industry)  The Chloride Process (about 60% use in industry)

    At the chloride process, TiO2 produces by using Carbon as reductor, shown in this

    reaction :

    TiO2 is simple inorganic compound produced as a pure white powder (known as

    titanium white). This pigmen can be use, in most of its application, as a pigment to

    scatter light, provide whiteness & opacity product in coating, plastic and paint,

    printing inks and paper, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries, textile and food


  • Application of CPC in Steel Industry

    The Calcined Petroleum Coke is widely use in Steel industry. It is use as recarburizer in the steel industry. Recarburizer used to adjust the carbon content in the steel making.

    Steel Industry Tree

  • Parameter Specification offered

    C fix Min 97% min

    Ash content 1% - 1,5%

    Volatile Matter Content 1,5% - 2,0%

    Sulfur Content Max 0,5%

    Moisture Content Max 0,5%


    Product Specification CPC PT. MJIS

    Typical Specification CPC

    Product Pictures :

    Product CPC in Bag CPC Product

    Packaging :

    Jumbo Bag with ± 550 kg

    per bag

    Size Distribution :

    < 1 mm : 28.71%

    1-5 mm: 54.57%

    >5 mm: 16.71%