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Protecting Our Environment

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Protecting Our Environment. Protecting Our Environment. Language The present continuous tense. Look at them!. What are they doing?. 肯定 : 主语 + am, is, are + V.-ing. 第一人称单数 I. 第三人称单数 He, She, It, Jim, The bird, A car…. 第二人称单数 You. 所有人称复数 We, You, They, My friend s , Many dog s …. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of Protecting Our Environment

  • Protecting Our EnvironmentLanguageThe present continuous tense

  • I He, She, It, Jim, The bird, A car You We, You, They, My friends, Many dogs



  • Ted isnt reading at the moment. The children are not singing now.Look! Is a bird flying in the sky?Where are the students planting trees? Exception: Who is laughing there?

  • +eie



    die dyinglie lying


  • At this moment my family __________ (do) different things. My brother and I are at school. I __________ (read) English while my brother __________ (have) his Chinese lesson. My grandma ___________ (watch) TV. My grandpa _________ (play) chess with his friends. My uncle __________ (drive) a car while my aunt ___________ (shop) for food. My father ___________ (work) in the office. My mother isnt at work. She ____________ (sweep) the floor at home. My little sister __________ (lie) in bed. Shes still sleeping!Complete the passage with the right forms of the verbs in brackets. are doing am reading is having is watching is playing is driving is shopping is working is sweeping is lying

  • 1.,: now, at the moment, Look!, Listen!2.,: at the present(), this week, these days3.,,: go, come, leave, start, arrive, return, sleep4.always,,- see, hear, notice, like, love, hate, know, want, hope, think, believe, agree, own (have/ has)

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    3. ()


    ( ) Im knowing the answer. ( ) I know the answer. ( ) Are you liking the milk? ( ) Do you like the milk? ( ) This book is belonging to May. ( ) This book belongs to May.

    1.Listen! A bird is singing in the tree. What are the kids playing with now?

    2. Im getting on well with my studies.What lessons are you studying this week?

    3. ()Where are you going tomorrow? Shes leaving for Shanghai this evening.

    4. Hes always making the same mistake! () She is always thinking of others instead of herself! ()

  • Complete the dialogues with the right forms of the verbs in brackets. Add other words as necessary.1 NANNY: The phone _______. (ring) MAY: I _______. I _______ it. (know, hear)

    2 MAY: Your dinner is on the table. DANNY: I ______. I ______ it. It ______ good. (know, see, smell)

    3 DANNY: These cars _________ to me. (belong) RITA: I ___________ you. (not believe)is ringingknowhearknowseesmellsbelongdo not believe

  • Complete the dialogues with the right forms of the verbs in brackets. Add other words as necessary.4 RITA: I _____________ her. What ____________? (not understand, mean) MAY: I ______ that she _______? Be quite! (think, mean)

    5 MAY: Look! Your baby __________. (smile) RITE: Yes, she ________ you. (like)

    6 DANNY: Why is your case so heavy? MAY: It _________ books. (contain)dont understand does she meanthinkmeansis smilinglikescontains