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  • Aids To Navigation Aids to navigation provide:

    Important information about where the safest water is dangers information speed zones position in relation to land

  • Visual Distress Signals Aids are often used together

    to help you follow natural and improved channels

    Provide a continuous system of charted markers for coastal cruising

  • Individual Aids

    Used to mark landfall from seaward Used to mark isolated dangers

  • Lateral Markers

    Floating buoys or cans Day markers Show the port and

    starboard sides of a safe route to be followed

  • Red Right Returning Red day markers and lighted beacons

    mark the proper way to return for sea

    The 3 Rs rule of Red Right Returning When returning from sea keep the red

    makers on right or starboard side

    Inland waterways keep the Red marker on right side when heading upstream or into a port or marina

  • Dont Use As Only Method of Navigation

    Storms and wave action can move buoys out of place

  • Use in Combination With Chart

    Have a chart aboard Compare the position of

    markers in relation to land and each other

    Will help you to determine what is upstream and downstream

  • Lateral Aids

    Show where the safest water is

  • Non Lighted Green Day Beacon

    Marking a Safe Channel On your left or port side

    when going up stream


  • Lighted Green Day Beacon

    This marks a safe channel 5

    5Fl G 6s

  • Green Can

    A can floats in the water Could be used to mark a

    safe channel

    Used by itself to mark an isolated danger


    GC 3

  • Lighted Green Buoy

    Flashes green at night Marks isolated dangers Marks a landfall from sea


    G 1Fl G 4s

  • Odd Numbers & Flat On Top

    All have odd number marking All flat on top and look

    like a soda can

    Helps identify from a distance or in direct sun

  • Red Day Beacon

    Remember Red Right Returning

    Have even numbers and are pointed on the top


  • Red Lighted Day Beacon

    Lighted red beacon6

    6Fl R 6s

  • Floating Nun (red can)

    Red version of floating can 4

    RN 4

  • Red Lighted Buoy

    Is not pointed on the top but exhibits a red light


    R 2Fl R 4s

  • Regulatory Markers

    Often single markers alerting boaters to hazards

    White with an orange horizontal band at both top and bottom

    Black text within or around an orange square, circle, or diamond

    If lit, the light will be white

  • Danger Marker

    Diamond Shape Hazard marked

    inside and is marked on the chart

  • Restricted Operation

    Circle Indicate areas of

    regulated operations

    No Wake Zones Speed Restricted Areas

  • Exclusion Marker (no boats permitted)

    Diamond with a cross Exclusions are noted

    Prohibiting Boat Operation Identifying Swimming Areas

  • Information Marker

    Square Designed to provide

    helpful information

    Launch Ramp Location Provisions Gas Dock

  • Dive Flag / Alpha Flag

    Slow down Stay at least 100 feet away Diving operations, slow down

    and stay at least 300 feet away in open waters or bays

  • Aids to Navigation Use the aids to navigation in

    conjunction with marine charts

    Together will provide a complete picture of where it is safe to operate your boat