The Key Terms for page 173 Peninsula – how did the shape of the land affect the way Greece developed? Peninsula – how did the shape of the land affect

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  • The Key Terms for page 173Peninsula how did the shape of the land affect the way Greece developed?Acropolis (acro = high, polis =city) why do people build their important buildings on top of hills?

  • The other key termsAristocrat means rule of the bestTyrant having the support of middle class traders and merchants along with lower class working people will end up leading to.Democracy! Invented in Greece! 500s 400sB.C.!

  • 1 (a)Geographic setting and major landforms of Greece.The mountains isolated communities from one another and made each separate community need to be self-sufficient and independent. This caused the different city-states to come into being.

  • Also, Greece is in an excellent location in the Mediterranean Sea and is made up of peninsulas and rocky islands.

  • 1 (b) How did the geography effect Greek communities?The mountains, peninsulas, and islands cut off and isolated one city from another.Each city-state developed independently.

  • 2. (a) Describe two early Greek civilizations.Minoans were on the island of CreteThey were great traders.They had a writing system.Their main city was Knossos.The Mycenaeans lived on the mainland.They also had a writing system.They were also great traders.After the Minoans declined, they became stronger.

  • 2 (b). Why were poems and myths important to the ancient Greeks?These writings taught about the Greek gods and goddesses.They told about the great heroes and how they behaved.They unified the culture by being passed down orally or in writing over the generations.

  • Two epic poems about the Trojan War: The Iliad and The Odyssey

  • Troy ruins of ancient city

  • How did people remember their history during the Dark Ages?1100s 750 B.C.Poverty was everywhereTrade for food and goods no longer took placePeople moved away from GreeceWriting disappearedThrough the telling of myths, Greek traditions were preserved oral traditions!People later began building villages on an acropolis & gradually the dark ages ended

  • Solon paved the way to democracy by reforming the laws, he allowed the people to debate laws

  • 3 (a).What were the 3 kinds of governments in Greek city-states?After the Dark Ages, aristocrats controlled most of the good land and used wealth to rule the city-states.In time, aristocracies were overthrown by tyrants who governed the city-states; usually the middle classes supported these tyrants.Lastly, the people of many city-states overthrew the harsh tyrants and formed self-governing democracies.

  • 3 (b) How did the rise of the middle class help government become more democratic?Merchants and artisans formed a wealthy middle class. They wanted to have a say in who became their leader. Only male citizens could vote. Only one in five people were citizens

  • Political shift

  • Homer the poet

  • Not the cartoon!