Tour SEA BREEZEâ€‌ (Odessa-Nikolaev) - Ukraine .Tour “SEA BREEZEâ€‌ (Odessa-Nikolaev) Tour program

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  • Tour SEA BREEZE (Odessa-Nikolaev)

    Tour program from TBA (times and places can be changed at the discretion of the company as necessary)

    First day. 19:10 Departure from airport John F. Kennedy, NY US (JFK)

    Second day. 12:15 Arrive in airport Moscow-Sheremetyevo , RU (SVO) 16:45 Departure from airport Moscow-Sheremetyevo , RU (SVO) 18:00

    Arrive in airport Odessa , UA (ODS) Time for pick-up at the airport baggage claim


    Meet at the airport in Odessa, Ukraine (ODS) there will be a sign with your name on it. Meet with your fellow tourists. Ukrainian tradition to greet guests with bread and salt!


    Transfer from the airport to the hotel in a comfortable bus (the trip takes about an hour) During the trip to the hotel you will get acquainted with each other (translators with the group will ask for more information about hobbies and interests of all tourists.) Present tour program and give you your cell phone with

    Ukrainian numbers for your comfort and better communication

  • 20:00

    Hotel accommodation (in the city center)

    For your service a lovely room in the city center with all amenities (Take your swimming clothes in case if you want to swim in the pool or visit the spa complex)


    A nice dinner with your fellow tourists in the city or hotel (meal not included in the price of the tour)

    21:00 Back to the hotel and discuss plans for tomorrow

    Third day. 8:00

    Breakfast in the hotel.

    9:00 Excursion. Sightseeing tour

    World-famous Deribasivska street and the Potemkin Steps, the Opera House, Maritime and French boulevards, Arcadia and Langeron, the rustle of the trees and the smell of acacia will not leave anyone unimpressed. The theatre is interesting not only for its architecture but also rich creative history. The credit for the development of the theater is due to the musical

    culture in the south of the country. Seaside Boulevard - one of the best urban ensembles of classical architecture in Ukraine, which joins the central part of the city to the sea, is the main front at the entrance to Odessa from the sea. The monument to the founder of Odessa AE Richelieu is crowned by the famous Potemkin stairs, 400 steps which lead to the Odessa seaport.

  • 12:00 Free time - preparation Social Party.

    14:00 Social Party in Odessa.

    Social Party program: 1) Registration; 2) Introduction and presentation of men and women to each other; 3) Banquet; 4) Games and entertainment; 5) Dancing; 6) Securing dating - exchange contacts and appointments for the next meeting.


    Walking through the central city. Deribasovskaya street - one of the central streets of the city of Odessa is one of the main attractions of the city. The roadway is lined with stones. Currently, most of the Deribasovskoy is closed to traffic and is a pedestrian zone. Deribasovskaya is popular for festivals and celebrations such as the Day of the City of Odessa and Humor.

    The street name (originally Italian - La strata Ribas) was named after Jos de Ribas on the location of his home on the street where he lived with his brother, Felix de Ribas. It Is parallel with Lanzheronovskoy and Greek Streets, between the Transfiguration and the Polish streets.


    Dinner in the city with more stories about Odessa and her citizens. (meal not included in the price of the tour).

    Odessa humor is full of funny phrases and funny expressions because it has its own peculiar humor. Odessa is soaked in emotion and charm through its people. The Odessittov main language is Russian, but this Russian is unusual and is quite convoluted with

    many funny phrases and expressions. Odessa humor always brings delight to visitors! The existing Odessa language, is the same today as it was many years ago. This is due to the many variety of nationalities who cohabit the city. This has led to an "Odessa language" and with it the Odessa humor. Listening to such language you can spend hours discovering new words, funny phrases and expressions of Odessa!

    21:00 Back to hotel and discussion of plans for tomorrow

    Fourth day.

  • 8:00

    Breakfast in the hotel.

    This is a free day to meet with the ladies or visit the office and view the catalog of ladies and make appointments. On request it is possible to make excursions with your lady (not included in the price of the tour) An Odessa joke:- It is true that in Odessa, you always answer a question on a question? - Who told you that?

    Excursion 1 Dolphinarium

    Now the Pearl of the Sea - one of the best in Ukraine Delfinariykurortov boasts the largest and most modern dolphinarium in the CIS! 3 swimming pools (open-air in the summer and warm closed dome in the winter), closed spritz, and a pool for sea lions. It is an enormous complex with a huge seating area and a vibrant program including Delfinariys Black Sea dolphins (bottlenose dolphin) and the northern sea lions. For

    the first time in Europe there are evening performances with a laser show, acrobats, fireworks on the water - all in a unique "Night Show" with the amazing dolphins and seals. Time: 2.5-3 hours Cost: 100 UAH or $12.5 + ticket for the show (15$)

  • Excursion 2 Water park "Poseidon"

    The water park "Poseidon" is the perfect holiday destination for residents and visitors to the city of Odessa. The Akvaparkraspolozhen is in Chabanka - the resort area of the Black Sea, 30 km from Odessa. This is the only in Ukraine indoor water complex and the largest in Eastern Europe. The water park is a unique four-story building covered with glass and concrete with 3 pools (adult and 2 children), 10 attractions, whirlpools and geysers.

    The water park can accommodate 500 people at the same time. Children's pools have a depth of 30cm to 1m Adult - depth 1.4m. The water temperature is 28-30 degrees. Hospitable lord Poseidon invites you to the water kingdom, where guests can relax, have fun, admire the waterfalls, underwater geysers and swim in the pools which are equipped with special spa walls. AkvaparkLyubitelyam offers 10 thrill rides: "Serpentine", "Kamikaze", "braid", "Space cylinder", "Hot Wall", "underwater geysers", "Waterfalls". The "Serpentine" waterslide has a length 156m, which begins inside the building, goes outside and returns under a glass dome. Also available to the guests: 2 cafes, 4 individual solariums, an outdoor terrace-solarium, a fitness bar, and much more. Time: 5-7hours Cost: 400 UAH or $50 + ticket (25$)

    Excursion 3 Legends Ackerman

    The modern town of Belgorod-Dniester is on the picturesque bank of the Dniester River, 80 km from Odessa. Its history dates back to the 6th century BC. It was then that the city was founded by the ancient Greeks. Akkermans has brought together dozens of different nations, bringing its own contribution to the development of the city. Unique Belgorod-Dniester fortress is the most valuable monument of ancient

    architecture. The Ancient tower holds many old legends and stories ... Belgorod fortress is the most outstanding work of military architecture of Bessarabia. It is equipped with external protective structures necessary to stop the enemy forces, and internal protection to offer effective resistance. The first stage includes the tower, the curtain wall and entrance gates, as well as other constituent elements.

  • At the entrance to the fortress, we stand on a floor lined with slabs where once there was a drawbridge and inspect the deep moat and the powerful outer walls of the fortress and the delicate arch, which is surprising for its beauty and unique structure. Akkerman surprises its visitors as it has a lot of greenery and also the vastness and grandeur of the huge yard with its many powerful towers, which carry many interesting tales and legends. The towers of the fortress, even today, leave visitors amazed by its size. On the right side of the entrance to the castle is the still visible excavation of the ancient Greek city of Thira. Tyre or Tiras (Tyras) was an ancient Greek city founded in the 6th century BC, on the west bank of the estuary river. Tiras River (now called Dniester) was named by settlers from Miletus. Tyre made considerable wealth through the development of agriculture, crafts, trades, especially fisheries, and trade with the city of Transnistria. Around 360 BC Tyre began minting its own coins. When Emperor Augustus succeded to Rome, Tyre became an important stronghold on the northern borders of the empire. Tyre carried on trade with other cities of the Black Sea area: Olbia, Toms, Istria, Heraclea, Sinope. In the early medieval times Tyre was settled by immigrants from neighboring tribes, including Slavs. AkkermanV - Later the town became a famous trading city on the route "from the Varangians to the Greeks." To the shores came overseas trade ships to set up trade fairs. The fortress is interesting because in the XVIII century it housed the headquarters of the Russian fortress garrison, and in 1789 the commandant of the fortress and the city was Kutuzov. Rumor has it that here in December 1821Pushkin admired the view of the city. The great poet, traveling to Bessarabia, stayed in Akkerman. Impressions of this we find in these lines: Gypsies noisy crowd, According Bessarabia wander ... The Fortress holds many mysteries and secrets. The first impression is that time stopped and allows you to marvel at the grandeur and significance of the creation of our great ancestors, and the longevity of the fortress. The people of Odessa love this heritage, preserving its history and sending their greetings to