Unit 5 牛´¥°­¦è‹±è¯­ 6B Spring is coming, spring is coming. Let’s go climbing. Summer is coming, summer is coming. Let’s go swimming. Autumn

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  • Unit 5 6B

  • Spring is coming, spring is coming. Lets go climbing.Summer is coming, summer is coming. Lets go swimming.Autumn is coming, autumn is coming. Lets go camping. Winter is coming, winter is coming .Lets go skating.

  • Sounds great.(

    A: Which season do you like best?B: I like best.A: Why ?B: Because its . I can .A:

  • City/Town: Zhenjiang()Autumn is the best season in zhenjiang.

    SeasonWeatherspring warm windy(15 /22) summer hot rainy(20 /34) autumn cool sunny(13 /22) winter cold snowy(-4 /10)

  • In autumn, its as cool as in Zhenjiang.

    season WeatherCity :Suzhou Zhenjiangspringwarm rainy (17/25)warm windy(15/22)summerhot sunny(24/30)hot rainy(20/34)autumn cool sunny(13/22)cool sunny(13/22)

    wintercold windy(1/15)cold snowy(-4 /10)

  • Its warm most of the time.

    season WeatherCity :Kunming Zhenjiangspringwarm sunny (17/25)warm windy(15/22)summerwarm rainy(20/27)hot rainy(20/34)autumnwarm windy(17/26)cool sunny(13/22)winterwarm rainy(15/24)cold snowy(-4 /10)

  • In winter, its colder than in Zhenjiang.

    season WeatherCity : Harbin Zhenjiangspringcold windy (8/15)warm windy(15/22)summerwarm sunny(24/30)hot rainy(20/34)autumnwarm rainy(15/20)cool sunny(13/22)wintercold snowy(-15/6)cold snowy(-4 /10)

  • Su Yangs dad is going to New York. He wants to know about the weather in New York.

  • A: Does it often rain in( spring/ summer/ autumn/ winter) in New York? B: Yes, it does. It often rains. /No, it doesnt. It doesnt often rain.

  • Its often in spring. rainyIt often rains. City: New York


  • Which season in New York do you like best?


    I like winter best.

    Because I can makesnowmen with my friends.

  • Its in New York. Its and usually .Sometimes its . People like to in the countryside and .

  • In New York, theres a lot of rain in ______.The weather in summer is as ______as in Nanjing. Autumn is the best ______ in New York .Its ______ and _______.In winter its _______ than in Nanjing .Dad, you need to buy some ________ clothes. springhotseasoncoolsunnycolderwarm

  • Our friend Ben is going to Zhenjiang next week. Would you please tell him the seasons in Zhenjiang ?You can use these sentences:the best seasonmost of the time I like --- best. Because its ---I can ---