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I want to tell you,design is my whole belief

Text of Wendy shen portfolio

  • 2011-2015




    Preparing for the portfolio like running back to the original period of

    my design travel .learning to enjoy a design proposal and to share d

    -ifferent feelings of architecture .but this year.I want to turn back,b-

    ecause design is my belief.




  • FOURTH|Future ...

    FIRSTInterior designer

    China Resource vanguard Co.L td . (CR Vanguard

    Job Descr ip t ion

    Des ign ing the whole des ign p lan.

    Do ing the concept des ign and const ruct ion documentat ion w i th the u rban des igne.

    Do ing the Eng ineer ing management and const ruct ion s i te p ro ject .


    SECONDInterior designer

    Dong Yi Ri Sheng Home Decoration Group Co.,Ltd

    Job Description

    The f i r s t in ter io r ass i s tance was promoted s to des igner in past 10-yeas company cu l tu re l .

    Handl ing fu l l set of des ign independet ly Pro ject Des ign,Conceptual Des ign ,Const ruct ion

    Des ign etc.

    Communicat ion wi th the const ruct ion s i te worker and the c l ients .

    Work ing Exper ience

    THIRDInterior designer assistance

    Dong Yi Ri Sheng Home Decoration Group Co.,Ltd

    Job Descr ip t ion

    Del iver ing in a l l the const ruct ion drawing des ign and computer 3d render ing

    Ass i s t ing the sen ior in ter io r on the in ter io r des ign and creat ion.

    To be res ident Des igner to so lve the prob lem in the const ruct ion s i te .

    Personal resume:

    Name : Shen Qing

    Date of B i r th :Apr ,26 ,1990

    Locat ion : Shenzhen P .R .Ch ina

    Emai l

    Te l :+86 18508243601

    Educat ion:

    Bachelor of In ter io r des ign in Arch i tect (4 years )

    Academy of Ar t s

    S ichuan Normal Un ivers i ty . Chengdu. Ch ina

    GPA:3 .43/4 .00


    Exce l lent in : Mandar in , Eng l i sh

    Good command of : F rench ,Cantonese

    Computer Sk i l l s :

    Auto Cad,

    Adobe Creat ive Su i tes

    Core ldraw,


    Hand Drawn

    Indes ig

    o r other graph ic des ign


  • CR Vanguard Ole Depar tment


    Inter io r Des igner01The life in Crv is a

    different and


    experience. But in

    my truth feeling.

    the comfortable

    working giving the

    different feeling.

  • Taikoo Li ChengduOle G5 Supermarket

    The First Project In CRVChengdu Swire project is the Ole departments the5th generation design project with

    the help of American design company.Upon the basics on the 1th generation .I made

    innovative project for HBC(personal care) bakery, coffee bar, beauty center etc,As fo

    -r the 4th generation,The G5 is the latest new art work.

    Graphic Des ign

    Prophase des ign

    the s i te of cons t ruct ion

  • GT Blt2 design, is the new project of the ole department , the main style concept

    is American farm, For the most innovative form desgin,I have learned much.

    Blt G2 Supermarket


  • QingDao MIXC

    Ole G5 Supermarket

    This is the replica supermarket with is based on the natural gener-

    ation design.I created the new style of bakery and Deli restaurant

    the project is the first ole construction in Shandong,China.

  • Dong Yi Ri Sheng Home Decoration Group Co.,Ltd

    20112014 Interior designer ,

    Interior designer assistance

    02The life in

    DYRSwas a

    beginning when I

    was a student. It is

    cool and amazing

    experience.I am

    great glad to be

    the one member

  • The project In home decoration

    Home decoration design is my first career in my interior

    life. Its my first work project in DYRS.So it means much for

    me.I have all handled the concept elements and cons-

    ruction drawning and the furniture.

  • The project In home decoration

    Home decoration design is my first career in my interior

    life,I try to provide with the home sprite for my clients p-

    artys.So I use the color and furniture to match the all the

    views of the home.

  • Others works

    On the contrary,I love the drawing and design.

    2011 2016

    is my hobby, and painting have let me into the interior design career, drawing is

    the habity,but majority of people lost their love,

    Hand Drawning

    Hand drawning 03I love the design

    d r a w n i n g a n d

    regard it as my

    relief.it also is my

    hobbit.I want to

    d r a w n i n m y

    whole life.I am not

    only the designer.

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