Word Power Types of sports Unit 3 Looking good, feeling good

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Word Power Types of sports Unit 3 Looking good, feeling good Slide 2 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Slide 3 1.To enlarge the vocabulary of different types of sports 2. To discuss what we can benefit from sports Tasks: Slide 4 Slide 5 can you guess out what kind of sports from the following pictuers? running swimming martial arts gymnastics hurdle race boating bicycle racing roller skating judokickboxing/taekwondo badminton kicking shuttlecock Slide 6 What sports can you find in the movie? running swimming high-and-low bars hurdle race boating bicycle racing roller-skating wrestling kickboxing badminton kicking shuttlecock martial art Slide 7 More sports--- soccer volleyball basketball tennis table tennis hockey badminton ice hockey softball baseball golf bowling squash football snooker Slide 8 More sports--- soccer football volleyball basketball tennis table-tennis hockey ice hockey badminton baseball softball squash golf bowling snooker ball games Slide 9 Lets share--- Of all the sports, which one do you like best and why? Slide 10 Do proper sports ! I want to get strong and have some fun with my friends! football, soccer, volleyball, basketball, softball, baseball team work Slide 11 I want to have some fun and exercise with only one of my friends! Do proper sports ! Slide 12 I want to build up my strength by myself! Do proper sports ! Slide 13 We just want to lose weight! Do proper sports ! Slide 14 I have no gift for sports at all, but still want to keep a good figure! Do proper sports ! Slide 15 What can we get from SPORTS ? Slide 16 sports happy mood healthy body good appetite high spirit good friends cool figure Slide 17 Do sports, every day! Looking good, feeling good! Slide 18 Homework: 1. Try to remember more words about sports. 2. Talk about your favorite sports with your partner. Slide 19