Working with AMIGOS Developing remote measurement stations ... tems, the AMIGOS III. In early 2020,

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Text of Working with AMIGOS Developing remote measurement stations ... tems, the AMIGOS III. In early 2020,

  • Working with AMIGOS – Developing remote measurement stations for Antarctica Bruce Wallin1, Ted Scambos2, Tim White, Skylar Edwards3, Raymie Fotherby3, Emma Tomlinson3, Coovi Meha3, Ryan Weatherbee3, Jack Soltys3, Sid Arora3


    Meet the AMIGOS

    The Automated Meteorology - Ice - Geophysics - Ocean observation System (AMIGOS) is a multi- sensor on-ice ocean, ice, and climate observing sys- tem designed to operate in extreme and remote po- lar deployments, telemetering measurements in near real time throughout the year with minimal human interaction. The engineering and software require- ments are relatively unique and challenging but ac- tually similar to those of another domain - space exploration. Partnering with the CU chapter of the Colorado Space Grant Consortium (COSGC), a NASA funded organization for creating opportu- nities and learning experience for Colorado students interested in careers in space technology, a group of CU undergraduate engineering students known as the Junior Antarctic Engineering Team (JANE) was formed and contributed start to finish in the development of the latest iteration of these sys- tems, the AMIGOS III. In early 2020, this work culminated in two AMIGOS III installed on the Eastern Thwaites Ice Shelf in Antarctica, at Cav- ity Camp (75.048°S, 105.584°W) and Channel Camp (75.057°S, 105.446°W), about 4 km apart.

    2019 COSGC JANE Team - Left to right: Skylar Edwards, Raymie Fotherby, Emma Tomlinson, Coovi Meha, Ryan Weatherbee, Jack Soltys, Sid

    Arora (not pictured)

    Hardware and Software Components


    Data Dashboard

    FTP Incoming


    "Honcho" (Operation Software)

    Archive Dashboard

    Jupyter Notebook

    Data Export

    Daily Data Digest

    FTP Export

    "Taberna" (Ingest System)

    Ingest and Processing

    Processed Data



    Iridium AMIGOSSBD


    SBD Packets

    Large Data (gps, dts, cam)

    Data Overview

    Temporal Resolution Weather, Accumulation, CTD/Aquadopp, PTS Probes, Light/Albedo: Hourly DTS temperature profiles: Summer: daily, Winter: weekly Precision GPS: Summer: 6hr, Winter: daily

    Collection Statistics Active deployment: 2020-01 to present SBD messages: 83135 (8.3Mb) Camera pictures: 4172 DTS profiles: 1362 Total data uploads: 102 Mb


    This project was supported by the International Thwaites Glacier Collaboration, funded by the US National Science Foundation (NSF), and the UK Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) with logistic support from the British Antarc- tic Survey (BAS) and US Antarctic Programme (USAP). Ad- ditional support provided by the Colorado Space Grant Con- sortium.