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牧養沙龍: 新媒體及流動平台如何應用於堂會與機構事工 (2011.07.27)

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YouTube: 詳情: 牧養沙龍: 新媒體及流動平台如何應用於堂會與機構事工 新媒體如臉書及微博等日趨普及,智能手機及平板電腦等流​動平台亦縮窄了數碼鴻溝,令不同人士都能輕易存取網上資​源。堂會與機構如何能以低成本,善用新媒體及流動平台,​促進其相關事工的發展?是次對談由Erwin與Cal​vin分享經驗與心得,與教牧及信徒領袖共同研討如何把​握新媒體和流動平台帶來的機遇,進一步整合推動異象與使​命的資源。 How New Media and Mobile Platforms can be applied to serve Churches and Christian Organisations This set of slides is prepared for a forum organised by Hong Kong Church Renewal Movement about how social media and mobile platforms can be used by Churches and Christian organisations in gospel work and pastoral care.

Text of 牧養沙龍: 新媒體及流動平台如何應用於堂會與機構事工 (2011.07.27)

  • 1. How New Media and Mobile Platformscan be applied to serve Churches andChristian OrganisationsErwin HuangCalvin [email protected]

2. New Media 3. Solidify, Deepen, Extend 4. Jesus Daily @Facebook Pages 5. Pastor Rick Warren @Facebook Pages 6. RickWarren @twitter 7. biblesummary 8. biblesummary @twitter 9. 10.10.10 2010 @Facebook Group 10. What do you think? 11. Mobile Platforms 12. Curated Computing 13. Curated Computing Post-PC Era User Centric + PC-Free Less Choices, More Relevance Raise the bar with lower barriers 14. Curated Computing Narrow technical digital divide New users of digital information 15. Glo @iOS, PC & Mac 16. App @iOS, Android & WordPress 17. App @iPhone 18. What do you think? 19. Key: Knowledge Management + Platform Combinations 20. @ 21. @ 22. @ 23. calvinyu 24. calvincyu 25. App @iOS, Android & WordPress 26. What do you think? 27. Embrace New Platforms To, Strengthen Faith, Hope, Love 28. Are you ready?