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Casting Profiles

Casting Profiles

IntroductionThis will brush over who is playing what character in our teaser trailer. It will allow us to keep track of who is playing what, and the pictures will aid us on what direction to take our characters personalities, in order for them to match the person on the screen as much as possible. If done effectively, we will have convincing characters for the audience. This task was completed by Aaron, but was converted to PowerPoint by Jack.

Connor MichieIn the production Connor will play the main character Neil. He will be doing this because he best suits the characteristics of the character; a mainstreamer who likes to blend in with society. He will be in the majority of the scenes in the production.

Jack CooperIn the production Jack will play the character of the Devil. Jack will play this character because he will be doing the majority of the filming, so will need to be free to do this. The role of the devil is small, so it would give Jack enough time to do both of the tasks. He is also tall, which would be good for the low-angle shots needed to connote the Devil as evil.

Aaron Mccalla In the production, Aaron will play the character of the doctor. He will be playing this part because he will be doing a chunk of the filming. The part of the doctor is small in the production, so will also give Aaron enough time to do both.

Bethany LockIn this production Bethany will play a small part in playing the partner of Neil. She wont be seen for the majority of the film, but will be somewhere for the character Neil to turn to. We believe that she fits this role best because she is available to play the character when we need her, and has the caring personality that the character has.

Holly FairbairnIn the production, Holly will play an extra by being a friend for Bethanys character. Holly is best for this role because she is friends in real life with Beth, so we believe the friendship on screen will look authentic.

Aaron GemmellIn the production, Aaron will be playing a small extra character by being a pedestrian. He will be playing this part because he is available for it, and we believe hes a convincing character for the audience within the production.

Bob hendersonRobert will also play a small extra character by being a pedestrian. He will be playing this part because we also believe him to be a convincing character to the audience in the production.

ConclusionIn conclusion we believe that this has been beneficial to the group because it will tell everyone in the production a sense of direction of who they are playing. If we didnt have this aspect of planning, we may end up finding people at the last minute to quickly play a role for our teaser trailer. This could end up with a risk of our production looking rushed and unprofessional.