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The University of Chicago Booth School of Business(シカゴ大学MBA)について、日本人留学生有志が作成した説明資料です。出願者の皆さんの学校選択の参考となるように作成いたしました。本資料を説明したビデオも用意していますので、関心のある方は下記ブログの問い合わせ欄よりお問い合わせ下さい。

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  • 1. Why Chicago Booth? 201311 Chicago Booth

2. The University of Chicago Overview 1890 5,369 9,850 2,188 898 3. Eugene F. FamaLars Peter Hansen20132013BoothEconomicsGary S. BeckerMilton Friedman19921976Economics 4. Booth School of Business Overview 1898 Full-Time MBA 1,162 Part-Time MBA 1,473 Full-Time MBA International 32% 205 2 Harper Center, Gleacher Center Full-Time MBA - #1 in Business Week, 2012 - #1 in The Economist, 2013 5. Chicago Booth Eugene F. FamaSteven Neil KaplanFinanceEntrepreneurship and Finance BusinessWeek 12Richard H. ThalerEric LefkofskyBehavioral Science and EconomicsEntrepreneurship Groupon CEO 6. Chicago Booth 1. Most flexible program on the planet 2. Discipline-based approach to business education 3. Rigorous quantitative culture 7. Chicago Booth 8. LEAD (Leadership Effectiveness and Development LEAD20 - 3Accounting, Microeconomics, Statistics - 6 - FunctionsFinance, Marketing, Operations - ManagementDecisions, People, Strategy - Business Environment - 11 Part-Time MBA 9. Chicago Booth Experiential Learning /MBA 10. Finance Theory of Financial Decisions I / Prof. Fama Fixed Income Asset Pricing, Cases in Financial Risk Management, Advanced Models of Option Pricing and Credit Risk / Prof. Veronesi Advanced Investments / Prof. Cochrane Money and Banking / Prof. Kroszner The Analytics of Financial Crisis, Understanding Central Banks / Prof. Kashyap Advanced Microeconomic Analysis / Prof. Murphy Sports Analytics / Prof. Moskowitz PhD 11. Polsky Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation New Venture Challenge Entrepreneurial Finance and Private Equity / Prof. Kaplan Building the New Venture / Prof. Deutsch New Venture Strategy / Prof. Schrager Building Internet Startups: Risk, Reward & Failure / Prof. Lefkofsky, Groupon CEO 12. Experiential Learning LEAD Facilitator NPO Management Lab, New Venture and Small Enterprise Lab, Clean Tech Lab, Social Entrepreneurship Lab Marketing Research, New Product Development Private Equity & Venture Capital Lab D4 FoundationsHealthcare/Education 13. Lincoln Park 14. Why are you here and not somewhere else? Hope we meet again at our campus. Thank you!