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This handy rule will help you punctuate sentences with and, but, and other coordinating conjunctions.

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  • 1. Writing Better Sentences: Comma Rule 2 by Jean Reynolds, Ph.D.

2. Writing Better Sentences: Comma Rule 2 by Jean Reynolds, Ph.D. 3. English teachers call them coordinating conjunctions... 4. but we can also call them the Magnificent Seven. 5. Another name for them is the FANBOYS words. Its easy to see where that name comes from. 6. Theyre the words for Comma Rule 2.Its a handy rule youll probably use almost every day. 7. Comma Rule 2 Examples 8. You should keep all seven FANBOYS words handy. But most of the time youll use only two of them: and but 9. Comma Rule 2 is all about the number 2. Youre joining 2 sentences 10. And most of the time youll be using only 2 words:and but 11. Lets look at some Comma Rule 2 sentences: 12. Notice that and or but joins each pair of sentences: 13. Here are more sentence pairs joined by and or but and a comma: 14. You must have TWO sentences to use the comma. 15. If you dont have two sentences, dont use the comma. 16. Are there two sentences? Nojust one. Ran across the field isnt a sentence. 17. Now you have two sentences: he ran across the field IS a sentence. 18. Remember: You need 2 sentences if youre going to use a comma. 19. Take a look at these examples.Didnt find any isnt a sentence. I didnt find any is a sentence. 20. Take a look at these examples. Didnt see anyone isnt a sentence. Neither is saw bloodstains on the carpet. 21. Try this one yourself. Which sentence needs a comma? 22. Answer: The second one. It has two sentences joined by and. Saw that Habib was telling the truth isnt a sentence. 23. Take a look at these. Which one needs a comma? 24. Answer: The first one. Bruises on his left cheek isnt a sentence. There were bruises on his left cheek IS a sentence. 25. There are a few more things you need to know. 26. The FANBOYS words (the Magnificent Seven) are the ONLY words that join sentences with commas. 27. Dont try to use other words to join sentences. They wont do the job. 28. If you dont have a FANBOYS word, a comma wont do the job. Use a period instead. 29. Remember: If you dont have a FANBOYS word, a comma wont work. Use a period. 30. Here are a few more examples. 31. Lets review. Comma Rule 2 is about joining 2 sentences with a comma and a FANBOYS word. 32. The FANBOYS words are for, and, nor, but, or, yet, so.Most of the time youll be using and and but. 33. Make sure you know what a sentence looks like. I drove my car is a sentence. Drove my car is not. 34. Remember: If its not a FANBOYS word, it cant join two sentences with a comma. 35. Lets try one more example. Which one needs a comma? 36. Answer: The second one. Called 911 isnt a sentence. 37. Looking for and and but, and thinking about Comma Rule 2, is a great way to improve your writing skills. 38. And there you have it! 39. You can learn more about commas at 40. All the resources there are FREE: 41. And if youre looking for a low-cost, practical book 42. The Criminal Justice Report Writing Guide for Officers is available from www.Amazon.comfor just $17.95.View a free sample online. 43. An e-book edition is available from www.Smashwords.comfor only $11.99. 44. A free Instructors Manual is available on request: Send an email to jreynoldswrite at