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  • 1. Establishing Goals and Introduction to Food Security Social Justice 12 Mr. Schofield Lesson 1

2. Universal Declaration of Human Rights Everyone has the right to a standard of living adequate for the health and well-being of himself and his family, including food. (1948) 3. Shape of the Class Introductions: Students, Teacher, Unit Establishing class expectations together Current Events: Related to Food Security Hook: YouTube on Feeding 9 Billion Vocabulary & Context: Socratic method Discussion: What is Food Security? Activity: Infographic activity (pair up) Exit Slip: K-W-L on Food Security Closing: Check for understanding Next Class: Current Issues and Trends 4. Introductions Who am I? Mr. Schofield Apples and Eggplants Food Introductions Game What is your favourite food? What is your least favourite food? 5. Classroom Expectations Participate in co-creation of classroom expectations and provide suggestions Use consensus to arrive at agreement Topics include (but not limited to): respect, attendance, assessment, participation, communication, 6. For Example 7. Feeding 9 Billion 8. Current Events 9. Vocabulary & Context Food Food Security Food Sovereignty Right to Food Critical Thinking Zine Food Insecurity Blog Dialogue Reflection 10. Discussion Existing knowledge and interest about Food Security How does Food Security relate to the topic of Social Justice? What are some definitions of Food Security? What are some different perspectives that we can use to look at Food Security? Existing knowledge about learning concepts Dialogue, critical thinking, and reflection Unit End Project zine or Blog your choice 11. HUNGER 12. Food Security Access by all people at all times to enough food for an active healthy life. At a minimum this includes the ready availability of nutritionally adequate and safe foods and the assured ability to acquire personally acceptable foods in a socially acceptable way. 13. Hunger Map 14. Growing Food Insecurity 15. Barriers to Food Security 16. Mukesh Ambanis House $1 Billion 27 Storeys 17. Dharavi 18. Zines Most commonly a small circulation publication of original or appropriated texts and images. Any self-published work of minority interest usually reproduced via photocopier. Typically 1,000 copies or less. Often written by marginalized citizens. Commonly written about controversial topics. 19. Infographic Activity In pairs, analyse Infographic and look for themes, trends, inaccuracies, etc. Record notes using a critical thinking len Report critical summary of Infographic to other students Please hand Infographic back in after activity 20. Infographic 21. Self and Peer Evaluation 22. K-W-L Activity Write down everything you think of related to Food Security (know, wonder, and want to learn) Hand in as an Exit Slip This will help inform the remaining classes 23. Closing Use your hand to demonstrate how well you understand: Agreed upon classroom expectations Methods and concepts of learning Various categories of Food Security Using a thumbs-up, please rate todays activity Homework: Think about how you would like to contribute to the Unit End project (topic & medium) Be prepared to vote on this next class 24. Next Class Issues and trends related to Food Security