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Unit: My self Topic: Social Issue Mattayomsuksa 6

Unit: CommunityTopic: Social Issue

Mattayomsuksa 6

529, 531, 538

prime minister Vocabulary

campaign Vocabulary

upheaval Vocabulary

democrat Vocabulary

majority Vocabulary

prime minister Vocabulary Review

upheaval Vocabulary

campaign Vocabulary

If-clauses (Conditional sentences)There are four main types of'if'sentences in English1.The 'zero' conditional, simple present2. The Type 1 conditional, simple present and simple future 3.The Type 2 conditional, simple past andpresent conditional4.The Type 3 conditional, past perfect andperfect conditional

1.The 'zero' conditional, simple presentIn these sentences, the time isnow or alwaysand the situation isreal and possible. They are often used to refer to general truths.

2. The Type 1 conditional, simple present and simple future In these sentences, the time is thepresent orfutureand the situation isreal. They refer to apossible conditionand itsprobable result.

conditional, simple past andpresent conditionalIn these sentences, the time isnow or any time, and the situation is unreal. They arenotbased onfact, and they refer to anunlikely or hypothetical conditionand itsprobable result.

4.The Type 3 conditional, past perfect andperfect conditionalthe time ispast, and the situation iscontrary to reality. Thefactsbased on theoppositethey refer to anunreal past conditionand its probablepast result.

Thailand Election Campaign Heats Up!!!There are two political parties in Thailand. There preparing for elections in July. They are two parties neither party is expected to win the majority. They will be 30 parties in the race and they will come together to form government. Puea-Thai won election in 2001-2005.Thaksin choose Yinglucks for the Thai-Ruk-Thai party. The campaign is about Thaksin in Dubai if Yinglucks win, she will be the first prime minister in Thailand.

People may not vote for Puea-Thai because they are tired of political upheaval. They have a lot of support in Bangkok. Many people think that Abhisit would do a good job if he is elected. Abhisit has the support of many business people but he may not win because the majority of Thai votes will vote for Yingluck. The Democratic has prepared many programs to become more popular. There was a poll taken at Dusit University: this poll showed 41% of voters in favor of Yingluck and 37% of voters in favor of Abhisit.

Pre-speaking (asking for explanation)Thailand Election Campaign Heats Up Example:

Im afraid I dont understand. Do you think you could explain that?

I dont understand what it means by (rehear). Could you explain that?

- Im still not sure what it means. Would you mind explaining it again?

While-speakingActivity 1 (Mechanical Drills: Completing Sentences )Dragon Fight!!

Activity 2 (unscripted conversation) My name is .......................................................... I am a ............................................... The interviewee is.

Example - Hello. I am a reporter from BBC News, may I ask you a few questions?- What are your party policies? - If you were a Thailand prime minister what would you do?reporter/ candidate number 1/ candidate number 10

Post-speakingActivity3 (Role Play)

Activity 4 (Critical Thinking; Think Forward)

If .(Puea Thai/Democrat) party win the election, what will happen?... why?...

If-clauses (Conditional sentences)

If+ Present Simple, Future Simple

Example: If .Puea Thai party win the election, the red shirt will be happy a lot because..