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  • 1. STEM CELL DISCOVERY MEETING SUPPLEMENT Dr. Paul V. Holland, M.D. (AML) (JAMA2009301(22)2349-2361) ImmucorMemberBoard of DirectorsCERUSScientic Advisory Board PaciCordMedical Director (HLA-typing)(8/8)5ISPChiron/NovartisConsultant ()Probability of Overall Survival by HLA Matching: 20 Indications for hematopoietic stem cell transplation in North America 2005 (Forbes)20096 Overall survival of 3,857 U.S. transplant recipients from1988-2003 with ALL, AML, CML and MDS using NMDP donors. (autologous cell transplant)(This research was originally published in Blood. Lee SJ, et al. High-resolutiondonor-recipient HLA matching contributes to the success of unrelated donor marrow transplantation. Blood. 2007; Vol 110:4576-4583.(c)the American Society ofHematology.)20103191

2. STEM CELL DISCOVERY HLA ()70 12CD34 + 0.01-0.1% HLA-Typing 1% AABB(20073) 2007 Circulation Research (Rush University) () AABB News March () 2007 Vol.9 No.3 Medistem Laboratories ( Business Journal of Phoenix, 2006915) (New Scientist) 20096 () New Scientist: Hybrid hearts could solve transplant shortage (Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications,2007)The nature of stem cell in proliferation and differentiation (NEJM, 2009361(25))(NIH) (Science2006311(5769)1880- 1885)Stem Cells and Their Niches 2 3. MEETING SUPPLEMENT200912Athersys (Salk Institute) ( ) (Multipotent Cell recovery and viability of BioArchive Stem Cell) (AABB Smart Brief2009 6) Joanne Kurtzburg BioArchive minimizes number and severity of temporary warming events 98() 1020 96 15 24 48-196C (TWEs) (NYBC) 1. BioArchive 2. -196 C 2( -196CBioArchive )(AXP) 3 4. STEM CELL DISCOVERY Q&A Q Q? ? A A Q1015Q ? ?A A20 ( 15 )152 1515 20 HLA 203040 Q ? Q ? A HLAA (ex vivo) Q Q? ? A A Q(exvivo) ?A 4