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  • Fuzzy Front End !Ballast Bad Boys!

    John Martin Kleven God!Rasmus Engebretsen!Martin Lygre Furevik!Kristoffer Lvall!

  • 2

    The original problem!

  • Ballast tank?!

  • Whats the problem?!Det er jvla nsty!!!It is quite unpleasant, indeed !! Karoline Kaspersen pressure sensor installer!

  • Reframing! What is the best way to measure the weight of water in

    ballast tanks?!

  • Selection of class ideas!

  • The first prototypes!

  • What did we learn?!Conductivity! Accurate! Cheap! Easy installation! Drift over time! Oil and dirt ! Corrosion! Gas!

    Laser! Accurate! Cheap! Easy installation! Easy maintenance! Requires a reflective

    surface! Lens must be kept


    Ultrasound! Very cheap! Easy installation! Easy

    maintenance! Inaccurate! Requires a stable

    environment! Affected by

    signal noise!


  • Needfinding and Benchmarking!

  • Our choice!

  • How does a laser work?!

  • Key challenges !

    Floater! Dirt! Installation!

  • Floaters!

  • Maintenance!

  • Keeping lens clean!

  • Installation!

  • The Journey prototype resolution!

  • The Journey!

  • The Journey! Testing prototype

  • The Prototype!

  • Laser vs. Pressure sensor! Very accurate No tube or floater required Expensive Complicated installation Complicated maintenance Sediment

    Accurate Cheap Easy installation Easy maintenance Requires a reflective surface Lens must be kept clean

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