Programapalooza - Dynamic Children's Programming

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The Abilene Public Library in Abilene, Texas presents program ideas and suggestions for all age groups accompanied by pictures of specific programs and examples for use in library settings.

Text of Programapalooza - Dynamic Children's Programming

  • 1. Presented by Alyssa Crow Childrens Librarian South Branch Library Dynamic Childrens Programming Workshop Abilene Public Library March 17, 2014

2. Program-a-what? Huh? Program Planning APL Programs Program Ideas Resources 3. 2 Types of Programs Programs That Go Well Programs That Dont 4. Program Planning (10 Easy Steps) Purpose Specific, measurable, ag reed upon, realistic, time- framed Goals Audience Content & Activities Time & Location Marketing Press release, flyer, poster, bro chure, bookmark, social media Resources & Supplies Budget Collaboration Evaluation 5. Program Checklist 12 Weeks Before 8 Weeks Before 1 Week Before 2 3 Hours Before 30 min 1 Hour Before After Program Complete Confirm all Confirm AV Check setup Greet Clean up 10 step plan presenters needs or presenters in writing requirements Check all AV Record and Create all Greet guests report necessary Create book Gather statistics documents list if supplies necessary Evaluate program 6. Resource Folder Resource Links Print Resources Storytime Planning Form Lapsit Planning Form Puppet Manipulation Storytelling Tips Favorite Recipes 7. Regular Programs Baby Steps: Birth 1 year Lapsit: 1 2 years Toddler Time: 2 3 years Storytime: 3 6 years *About 30 minutes long *Activities vary 8. Family Fun All Ages Stories, songs, games, cra fts, activities 1 hour Themed 9. Make & Take All Ages Craft only Supplies provided Drop-in program 30 minutes 10. Tween Time Ages 8 15 Crafts & Games 1 hour 11. Teen Time Ages 13 18 Crafts & Games 1 hour 12. Collecting Commas Ages 10 17 Writing Club Create & Share Original Works 13. Zoo Lady Abilene Zoo Joy Harsh 14. The Tooth Fairys Sister Rebecca Haberman, Abilene Pediatric Dental Assoc. 15. Read To A Dog Paws To Read 16. C.A.L.F. 2013 17. SRC: Pirate School 4 programs in total Included pirate stories, games, and crafts Each program built on the previous one By end of SRC, kids who attended them all had made a complete pirate costume Spyglass, pirate hat, hook, sword, shoulder parrot, eye patch Final program was a Treasure Hunt encompassing the entire library. 8 stations throughout library Needed many volunteers! 18. SRC: Pirate School 19. SRC: Pirate School Treasure Hunt 20. Problem Programs Quarterly Programs Anime Club Gaming Days Stories & More Da de los Nios/Libros Mini-Camps Teen Advisory Group 21. Other Guest Presenters Abilene Kennel Club Dog Obedience with Jon Julien Sassy the Clown Vortex Martial Arts Young Audiences of Abilene 22. Think Outside The Library Community Related: Business Mercado City Sidewalks & ArtWalk Friends of the Library Book Sale HEB Feast of Sharing NCCIL & C.A.L.F Out & About Food For Fines School Related: Literacy Night, Scavenger Hunt, Open Houses Meet The Teacher Night Million Word Reader Celebration Summer Reading Club info distribution 23. Resources: Supplies, Gifts, Prizes Online Other people Dont be afraid to ask for what you need! They may collect it and/or let you use or have it for free! 24. Resources: Programming Ideas Why reinvent the wheel? Internet searches Craft websites Teacher blogs (activity guides) 25. Resources: APL ( E-resources NovelistPlus K-8 Booktalks Book Discussion Guides Picture Book Extenders Grab & Go Book Lists Book records with further info NovelistPlus Author Read-Alikes Featured Articles 26. Resources: APL ( Kids & Teens Kids Site Crafty Pages Crafty Creations how-to craft videos and activity guides Themed Activity Pages crafts, activities, songs, fingerplays Storytelling Kits 65 ranging from Alligators to Zoos Searchable in APL catalog (storytelling kits subject) Includes books, puppets, songs, games, fingerplays and other supporting materials Abilene Public Library Online 27. So, Remember Programs are what you make them! Take the time to prepare and include a variety of themes and activities. Think outside the box. Good preparation leads to more successful programs and repeat library patrons. Like Darla said, Flexibility is key! 28. Thanks for coming! Extras CE certificates Evaluation forms