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Common Thai Foods

Holiday in Thailand(travel vocabulary review)

Things to know before you go

Currency = Thai Baht (THB)

20 thb = 15.000 vnd

50 thb = 30.000 vnd

100 thb = 70.00 vnd

500 thb = 330.000 vnd

1,000 thb= 670.000 vnd

*Try to memorize the bill colors + value to avoid making any money mistakes

*knowing these / writing them down will save you time and trouble when shopping30 baht = 20,000vnd = $1150 baht = 100,000vnd = $5750 baht = 500,000vnd = $251,500 baht = 1million vnd = $503,000 baht = 2million vnd = $100

Quick Conversions:

The Shangri-La Chiang Mai is

Only 10 minutes from the airport

Within walking distance to the Famous Night Bazaar


Shopping Tip:

The night bazaar has some excellent bargains but be careful. The night bazaar is great for t-shirts, fake designer clothes and watches but not handicrafts. Lacquer-ware and wood products purchased here will split and crack after a year or so.

Airplanes & Airport ReviewThe journey there

You will be going to International Departures for your


The first step is to Check-in.

Common Check-in Conversations

Where are you flying to today?

Were flying to Chiang Mai, with a connection in Bangkok.

Can you please make sure our seats are together?

Would you prefer a window or an aisle seat?

Id prefer a window seat please, if one is available.

4) How many checked bags do you have?

We each have 1 checked back and 1 carry-on

Do I need to pick-up my luggage and go through customs in Bangkok

or will the luggage go through to Chiang Mai?

*I dont think you have to collect your luggage you will go through some security in Chiang Mai once you pick up

your bags

Whats my gate number?

* You will most likely receive 2 boarding passes. 1) HCMC-BKK 2) BKK- CM

On the flight

The Flight Attendants can help you with any request or

question such as.

What would you like to drink?

Id like some hot tea, please. Do you have orange juice?


- Could I please have

a blanket

a pillow

a bottle of water

a sick bag

a snack / bag of nuts

a wet tissue / towel / napkin


my tray table is broken/dirty

My seat wont recline / go back

Im feeling sick, can I sit next to

the bathroom.

Can we please change seats? Are there

free seats available?

* I dont feel comfortable sitting here

Additional Plane Vocabulary:

the overhead bin

fasten your seat belt

Customs declaration form

save your boarding pass seat ticket to know your flight number

Will ask info on your passport (#, expiration date, etc.)

Can write that youll stay at the Shangri-La Chiang Mai hotel

Usually write 0 on all declaration questions

Keep this form; You will give it to Customs in BKK

Standard Transfer Process in BKK airport to Chiang Mai:

= get off

the plane

You can find this info + process explained here:

1) When you land in Bangkok, look for these signs for passengers flying to Chiang Mai, etc.

Transfer to Chiang Mai

2) Continue to follow these signs, and they will lead you to

Passport Control& Immigration

(Concourse building C on 2nd level)

3) Here is Immigration, depending on the line it can take

20min 60min to get through, so try to get there quickly!

4) Next, youll pass through customs. This is when

youll hand in your customs declaration form.

5) After Customs, youll go through 1 more security

checkpoint (x-ray).

6) Lastly, youll get to find your gate and wait for your connecting flight

to Chiang Mai. The Gate will either be on Concourse A or B

If you have some time, you can shop in a duty-free shop OR find an ATM / Money Changer

to get some Thai Baht.

Remember, you can always double check the gate number on your boarding pass with the

Departure board. (its easiest to look for your flight number)

Chiang Mai Airport

1) you should arrive here

2) pick up your


3) This is where youll pass through customs

4) youll exit here, and your

driver should be waiting

*when you leave CM,

youll go through

intl departure

When you arrive, heres the procedure:

Hotel Check-in/Check-out & Services

Upon Arriving, you will need to go to the Reception Desk to check into

your room. Heres a common Check-in Procedure:

Front Desk Receptionist

What name is the reservation under?

May I see your passports

How long will you be staying?

Could I please see a credit card? Theres a 50% refundable deposit on the room.

Complimentary breakfast is served in the hotel Cafe between 7 and 10 am.

I'll give you two room keys.

The gym & sauna are located on the top floor.

Just call the front desk if you need any extra towels or pillows.

Hotel Guest:

We have a reservation under _________.

What time is the pool/gym/business center open until?

What time is breakfast served?

Can we get a wake-up call at 6am please?

When is check-out time?


Check Out


Are you ready to check out?

What room were you in?

How was your stay?

Was everything satisfactory?

Will you be putting this on your card?

And how will you be paying for this?

Would you like to speak to the hotel manager on duty?

I'll just need your room keys, please.

Enjoy the rest of your holiday.

Have a safe trip home.

We're checking out of room 401.

Sorry we're a bit late checking-out.

We really enjoyed our stay.

Thanks for everything, I hope to come back again.


Your Hotel Room

Amenities: Could we please have more/another :

shampoo / conditioner

Hand soap / body soap/ shower gel



Additional Requests:

Could you please send housekeeping to make up/clean up

the room (while were away)?

Id like to order room service please (to room 113)

I have a question about.(this location, how far is it, a tour, etc.)

Could you send someone to assist me with. (the safe, the


My wi-fi is slow / not working. Can you tell me the wi-fi


- Could I borrow an Iron, hair dryer, etc.?

Our neighbors are loud / Room smells like smoke.. Could

we please change rooms?

What to pack

Business Attire (attire = outfits / clothing)

basically, the clothes you wear to work

Formal = usually darker colors, skirt-below-the-knee, ironed blouses, jackets, low-heeled

leather shoes (closed-toe)

Business Casual

Can be more colorful; flat dress-shoes are okay, sweaters/cardigans, pants/loose skirt


* for your tour

Outdoor dinner / formal clothes

can bring light sweater (if it gets cool)

Footwear : heels, but beware of grass. Wedges are better

Making Small Talk

General Meeting Questions

Hi, my name is ___________. Whats yours? (heres my business card)

My name is _____, and this is my mother _________.

Where are you from? Is _________ where you grew up?

Im from Ho Chi Minh City, Saigon. Have you ever been there?

So, what do you do at ____? How long have you worked

for _____?

Ive worked there for about 4 years, and recently got promoted,

so Ive got a lot of new challenges, but Im excited.

Whats the pharma industry like where youre from? What are the

biggest challenges in your hospitals?

In my territories, the biggest challenge for me is.

Do you live near your family? Do you have children? (only ask if youre

sure they may have kids)

Im not sure what drink to get. Yours looks good what are you drinking?

Did you look around the hotel yet?

Travel Questions

* easy to start with when you first meet

What time did you arrive in Chiang Mai?

Is this your first time to Thailand? Do you travel a lot?

How was your flight? How long is the flight from ______ to Bangkok?

We had a great flight there was very little turbulance and its only about

3 and a half hours from HCMC.

Have you had time to explore the hotel yet? Hows your room?

Which tour did you choose?

So, whats the schedule for tomorrow?

Ive always wanted to visit (your country); Do you have any tips / advice?

Oh, Ive heard your country is beautiful. Whats the best thing about living


General Topics

So, how was your tour / activity?

The weather is so (nice, hot, cooler/hotter than I expected)

What do you like to do on the weekends? Do you like to play a