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  • Urban landscape Alaqus

  • In order to define the Ethics of a peop le, we must start from the base which configures it, their landscape .

    Landscape as a model l ing element

    Soc iety




  • Relationshi p between men and their env iroment: Landscape

    CulturalIn Alaqus everything i s inf luenced by the human

    presence .



    Natural We don't have a natural env ironment in Alaqus, everything i s inf luenced by the human presence.

    ArchitectureUrbanAgr icu ltura l Soc io-po l it ica l

  • Cultural Agr icu ltural landscapeNatural elements, p lants , trees and fauna at the serv ice

    of human needs.

    Cultural Agricultural landscape in Alaqus

  • Cultural Urban landscapeConstruct ions and bu i ld ings presented as s ign if icant wholes

    Home Church of the Asunc in


    Mayor Street

    New area of The Mayor Street

    Arc of Sant Miquel

    Bui lding LocalPo l ice

  • z

    Cultural Architectural landscapeThe bui ld ing as a s ign if icant element in its surroundings

    Quarta TorreRoundabout

    Olivar Church House Horno de la Pureta

    House Cas ita Blanca

    Alaqus Castle Cultural Athenaeum

  • Cultural Soc io-Po l t ical env ironmentAlaqus as a melt ing pot of ideas, needs and w ishes.

    Meeting in defense Col lege Ciutat de Cremona

    Party Porrat and bless ing Olla de Sant Francesc

    Presentation ofQuaderns d'Investigac i

  • Cultural le isure and festive landscapePlay and fun shape peop le's character.

    Sings ing of La Carxofa


  • Cultural s ports env ironment Cooperation and competit ion as elements for improvement.

    Half Marathon Alaqus Footbal in the Ter

    Basketbal l Esport iu X Swimmingpool of Alaqus

  • Activ ity coordinated by:

    Ethics Department: Justo Muiz Ferrando Arts Department: Ana Per is Antol and Rosa Asens io Berlanga

    Activ ity by :

    Students 4th E.S.O.

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