Open Data & Smart Government by Exantium - ArabNet Digital Summit 2014

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Open Data & Smart Government; New Opportunities for Start-ups? Speaker: Ibrahim Elbadawi, Managing Director, Exantium The ambitious plans of smart government and smart cities announced in UAE and other countries in the region are believed to bring new opportunities to further improve the public services and policies but also new challenges. In this speech, we highlight and discuss why governments should consider start-ups real partners in perusing the smart government/city vision and share specific recommendation to design and sustain this partnership.

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  • 1. Open Data & Smart Government June 4th, 2014 @TheExantium @iBadawi Ibrahim Elbadawi New Opportunities for Start-ups?

2. Exantium, , 2 The Government of the future works 24/7 and 365 days a year. The Government of the future is innovative and adaptive His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Facebook Page. Smart Government ... Smart City Today we launched a three-year strategy to transform Dubai into a Smart City 3. Exantium, , 3 How Can Start-ups Help? 4. Exantium, , 4 5. Helped convene domain- experts + health & data analytics + communications Analysed 35m records + all the data & clinical facts National& internationalreach + Economist & FT + broadsheets & tabloid press + cited in G8 & govt. reports Long-term + 100k now raised for phase 2 6. Exantium, , 6 SMART LONDON APPROACH Smart Government Smart City 7. Exantium, , 7 8. Its a New Digital Age 9. Searching for MH370 Its a New Digital Age 10. In the Digital Age Its a New Digital Age 11. Exantium, , 11 New governance models... Adapt to The New Digital Age 12. Exantium, , 13 Building an Open Data Community 13. Exantium, , 14 Build Up Open Data Community Open Data Developers Entreprene urs Prolific Users Occasional Users Financial Institutions Credit Agencies Internation al Bodies Journalists 14. Exantium, , 15 15. Exantium, , 16 White House Showcase 16. Exantium, , 17 Its a Shift ... Not a Project 17. Exantium, , Legislation gap. Data governance The openness culture International best practices Innovation! Its a Shift Not a Project 18. Exantium, , 19 Its a Shift Not a Project 19. Exantium, , @TheExantium @iBadawi Ibrahim Elbadawi Thanks!