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This presentation is about implementing a tele-health home monitoring program for CHF patients on an out-patient basis.

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  • 1. Implementing Telehealth Home Monitoring Project Nicole Norris Chamberlain College of Nursing NR 640 Informatics Nurse Specialist Practicum I Summer 2014
  • 2. Objectives Define telemedicine and how it works Identify and describe current home monitoring practices Define what CHF is and associated complications. Identify the cost of readmission of CHF patients Describe equipment required to monitor patients from home Identify the role of the patient, Assess costs of implementing a telehealth program Identify inclusion/ exclusion criteria for selected patients Identify the project goals Identify a proposal to implement project 2
  • 3. Project Goals Improve quality of life for patients with congestive heart failure Provide continuous care through telehealth home monitoring Provide 24-hour technical support Document findings and make revisions to plan as needed
  • 4. Institutions Mission Dedicated to providing access to quality healthcare Provided supportive environment Devoted to excellence and safety Committed to outstanding healthcare Optimizing quality of life
  • 5. Vision Statement National leader for excellence Deliver the highest healthcare Provide tailored healthcare experiences
  • 6. What is Telehealth? Tele- at a distance The use of electronic communications to exchange medical information to improve patient outcomes. , (American Telemedicine Association, 2014)
  • 7. Telehealth Services Remote patient monitoring Referral services Medical education Mobile health applications Biometric devices Online consults
  • 8. What are the benefits? Decrease hospital admissions Decrease healthcare costs Improve quality of life Improve patient outcomes Improve access to healthcare Decrease use of emergency department
  • 9. What is CHF? Congestive Heart Failure Most expensive chronic condition to treat Affects approximately 5.7 billion annually Leading cause of hospitalization in people >65.
  • 10. Costs of CHF $37.2 billion annually $4,873 average daily cost for hospitalization. Length of stay approximately 4.76 days $17.4 billion for readmissions within 30 days
  • 11. Telehealth Solutions The project is intended to utilize telehealth home monitoring for patients with chronic CHF on an out-patient basis. Successful implementation of this project will encompass tremendous benefits.
  • 12. Telehealth Solution Home monitoring program Cost effective Wireless monitoring Monitors weight, blood pressure, pulse ox
  • 13. How much does it cost? Budget Information IT Technical Support Staff $15,000 ($60,000/year, $5k/month x 3 months) Equipment Installation Fee $3,750 ($150 x 25) Telemonitoring Landline unit with b/p $5,775.00 ($79.00/month x 25 x 3 months) Weight Scale $1,496.25 ($19.95/month x 25 x 3 months) Blood Glucose $1,496.25 ($19.95/month x 25 x 3 months) Training $700 ($28/hour x 25) Total Estimated Budget $28,218
  • 14. Inclusion/ Exclusion Criteria Inclusion Diagnosis of CHF Ambulatory Able to provide self-care Willingness to participate EJF

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