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  • 1.Content Introduction Market Overview Business Model Business Objectives Brand Differentiation Customer Segmentation Content Development Project Scheme Deployment Plan

2. Introduction 3. Market Overview CoeeMachinesinHongKong Salesincome:USD9.3million 18% Salevolume:37,000coeemachines Filteredcoeemachine33% FullyautomaDcespressomachines8.1% Capsulecoeemachines38.1% Inthersttenmonthsof2013: 4. Filteredcoeemachine 40% 33% 90% 7,500 14,100 2430models USD105~USD797 Availablepricerange Capsulecoeemachines Market Overview Repertoirefromkeybrands Source: COFFEE CULTURE IN HONG KONG CONTINUES TO STIMULATE SALES OF COFFEE MACHINES 5. Porters Analysis Threat of New Entrants Threat of Substitutes Bargaining Power of Suppliers Bargaining Power of Buyers Rivalry 6. Business Model 7. Business Objective Building a socially responsible brand: Reaching 75% recycling rate of capsules in Hong Kong Profitability Revenue objectives: increasing annual sales of pods and capsules by 50 percent with emphasis on U and Lattissima model Increasing Social Media Influence: Achieving 100k+ Like on Nespresso Hong Kong Facebook page Achieving 50k+ followers on NespressoHK Instagram account 8. Sophistication, Perfection, Pleasure, Aestheticism, Simplicity Premium product -- Grand Cru in jewellery box Premium pricing -- High-end, Luxury Exclusive membership and extensive customer service -- Boutiques, Coffee specialists Social responsibility -- Capsule recycling program Brand Differentiation 9. Customer Segmentation Offices Hotels/Restaurants First Class in Airlines/Trains Hospitals High-end Events/Banquets Private Clubs Luxury Boutiques In-home Business 30 and Above Middle and Upper Class Epicureans Quality and Style Conscious Satisfaction of Self-esteem Need Busy Schedule 10. Persona Louie Age: 36 Status: Married Job: Business consultant About Louie Louie is a full-time business consultant with a very tight schedule every day. He makes good money from his job and pursues high life quality. He is a heavy coffee drinker as he often works overtime. Louies Goals Im a busy man and dont like to wait for my coffee. Premium quality coffee suits me better in a Central work environment 11. Persona Michelle Age: 30 Status: Single Job: Art gallery owner About Michelle Michelle was an art major and she went to college in Italy. She runs her own gallery in HK now. She is an elegant woman of sophisticated taste. Michelles Goals To me, coffee is not just a drink, but a lifestyle; I like machines of good design because it lights up my room; Serving guests a cup of premium coffee tells them about my own taste as an artist. 12. Customer JourneyCustomer Journey 13. Whos Next Microfilm Trilogy -- 14. ESPRESSO -- Whos Next 15. ESPRESSO -- Whos Next August/September/October Week 1 (Trailer) Week 2 (Release) Trailer Video Full Video Stage Photos Trailer Video Stage Photos Event News Links to Official Website Stage Photos UGC (Buzz #Nespresso) Influencers tweets Trailer Video Stage 1 16. ESPRESSO -- Whos Next November Week 1~2 (Answer Collection) Event News UGC(Answer) Stage Photos + Hints Stage Photos + Hints Event News Links to Official Website Stage Photos UGC (Buzz #Nespresso) Influencers tweets Online Stage 2 17. ESPRESSO -- Whos Next November Week 1~2 (Answer Collection) Offline Stage 2 Newspaper Entertainment, Culture and arts Section: SMCP, Ming Pao Press coverage and encourage the audience to match each microfilm with one director. 18. ESPRESSO -- Whos Next November (Behind-the-Scene Documentary) Online Answer Announcement Answer Links to Official Website Answer Buzz #Nespresso Influencers tweets Stage 3 19. ESPRESSO -- Whos Next November (Behind-the-Scene Documentary) Offline Stage 3 Outdoor advertising at Elements & Posters in Boutique Media coverage about the documentary premieres and film-making procedure TV entertainment, culture and lifestyle program news report on TVB pearl- Dolce Vita Newspaper: South China Morning Post NESPRESSO - WHOS NEXT DOCUMENTARY Date: Early November 2014 Venue: The Grand Cinema, Elements Guests: Moses Chan & Sandy Lam Audience: Participants invited & Nespresso Club Members 20. - Art Exhibition 21. ESPRESSO -- Coffee Recipe 22. CHEN Yanjuan 1155037735 HUANG Qingyi 1155037897 LIANG Weishan 1155036055 LIU Zichen 1155036871 ZHANG Shurong 1155037487