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Strategy and Social in Alumni Affairs.


  • 1.Strategy and Social Media in Alumni Affairs

2. Facebook Demographics By Maria Farias 3. #TheGatorNationIsEverywhere We are doing a great job connecting with students. However, it is important to keep those connections alive after graduation. 4. Demographics Even percentage of males and females 5. Age Breakdown Females 13-17: 19% 18-24: 41% 25-34: 17% 35-44: 9% 45-54: 4% 55-64: 3% 65+: 2% 6. Age Breakdown Male 13-17: 20% 18-24: 44% 25-34: 19% 35-44: 9% 45-54: 4% 55-64: 2% 65+: 2% 7. Geographic Distribution Lifetime likes by country 1. US 2. ID 3. MX 8. Geographic Distribution Lifetime likes by city 1. Gainesville 2. Jacksonville 3. Orlando 4. Tampa 5. Miami 9. Notable Trends Majority of demographic is between 18-24. We are reaching age group of current student body but not alumni. Majority if likes come from U.S. and cities in Florida. We are not reaching groups that are outside of our vicinity. 10. Facebook Demographics 11. Notable Trends Teens (13-17) on Facebook have declined -25.3% over the last 3 years. Over the same period of time, 55+ has increased with +80.4% growth in the last 3 years. 12. How does this affect content strategy? Facebook is longer the social media network of choice for teens. When they reach college age, how will we be able to reach them? Add to social platform? Our content is great for our student body but we want to reach older audience, preferably alumni. Significant increase of users on FB between 25-54. Significant growth 55+ with 80.4% We need to attract them into our FB 13. Unique Aspects of Alumni Engagement in Higher Ed Delimited audience Relationships, not transactions Quid-pro-quo (I only hear from you when you want money or I already paid my tuition!) Sense of ownership Increase competition 14. With social media we are able to share alumnis life and career achievements on social media. Marriages, promotions, etc, help reconnect alumni, grow the schools exposure and also increase the SEO value of the alumni and school. 15. Lets talk strategy Increasing alumni engagement can help raise funds for foundation and give us recognition for our UF Rising campaign. Use of #TheGatorNationIsEverywhere can still be used and it is already a well branded campaign. This will allow us to reach those alumni who have moved out of Gainesville and Florida. 16. Lets talk strategy In order to grow communities and deepen engagement at the same time, content is key. Content is also how you learn who these community members are. 17. Lets talk strategy Need of synergy between departments and other FB pages. We should post alumni affairs on official UF Facebook not only on UF Alumni Affairs or Alumni Affairs of colleges. 18. Examples The Bucky Challenge at the University of Wisconsin. An alumni offered matching gifts up to $30,000. For each new Facebook or Twitter follower, $1 was donated to a scholarship fund. 19,432 likes were generated and $19,432 went into the scholarship fund. 19. Examples John Hopkins University Modeled on fantasy football, people draft who theyd like to see at the 2012 reunion. The person who gets the most points will win an iPad. You earn points by getting people to sign up and added points when people donate. 20. Lets Talk Strategy Which alumni group has most purchasing power? Who will benefit us more? Who is most likely to donate? Who is most likely to share our content? Who is most likely to give us more value? 21. Three Month Plan According to data we have the most engagement during Q3. July-September. We should capitalize on quarter 4 when we have the largest decrease of engagement. Q4 is a great time remind alumni of their school spirit. Athletic games, start of new year, etc. 22. Three Month Plan Add Alumni Challenge for every like we donate $1 to a scholarship fund or the construction of a new building. For every like or share they can increase their chances to win tickets to football game with paid hotel. 23. Three Month Plan Share photos of social media campaign #TheGatorNationIsEverywhere. Not only concentrate on notable alumni but also those with interesting stories. We want our current fans to want to be part of this campaign after graduation. 24. Conclusion Social media plays an important role in helping colleges stay connected with alumni. We can also increase the value of their education by expanding their schools recognition. We need to reach our alumni and not only our current student body.