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B2B Brand Clinic Grendha SS2016

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Kennen Sie GRENDHA?


GRENDHA is a fashion casual brand, essentially feminine, targeting women who like to feel beautiful, stylish and fashionable without spending too much.

Thats why GRENDHA is a safe option to compose any style and beauty production, ensuring that women are always in fashion, in an uncomplicated way, in any situation of your day.

Through its proposal of fast fashion, the brand translate the main trends from the catwalks and the fashion world into affordable and versatile products.

Female portfolio2016 Collection


81794 Jewel

81797 Essence

81787 Jewel Thong81792 Paradiso81789 Paradiso Sandal

81791 Splendore Thong

81796 Essence Slide81725 Jewel Plat81724 Novita PlatPortfolio visibility

81785 Splendor Sandale

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