The power of habit

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Bagaimana kebiasaan kecildapat merubah hidup anda

Tell Me What is Your Habit

Lisa AllenAge 34Smoke and AlcoholicDebt till $10.000JoblessDivorce

Age 38Weight loss 30kgTake Master DegreeOwned HouseDebt $0Lisa Allen


MICHAEL PHELPSAchievement :Gold Medal 100m butterfly (Pan Pacific 2014)Gold Medal 4x200m freestyle (Pan Pacific 2014)Gold Medal 4x100m medley (Pan Pacific 2014)Gold Medal 100m butterfly (World Champion 2011)Gold Medal 200m butterfly (World Champion 2011)Gold Medal 4x200m freestyle (World Champion 2011)Gold Medal 4x100m medley (World Champion 2011)etcHabit :Wake up at 6.30amBreakfast at 7.00am Training at 8.30 pm 800m freestyle,600m kick,400m lifebuoy pull,200m mixed, 25m sprint

Fire Case at 1987

One employee died in one week is common

Paul Oneill

If youve been there

If youve been there

Eugene Pauly, 70 YO, Phd from MITIam lucky to have a daughter like you.

Every habit stored here

How HABIT works

Claude C Hopkins

Root every cause

HABIT can not to be erased

When pressure get HIGHThats your CHALLENGE

The difference between who you areAnd who you want to be is what you do-Charles Duhigg-