10 Reasons Why Your Business Should Be On Twitter

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Twitter is the world’s largest micro-blogging site: The kind I call ‘Truly Social’. It is one of the 10 most visited websites with 200 million active users. If you want to take your business local, mobile and social, twitter is the place to start! Compared to Facebook, Twitter can help your business tap into a huge pool of potential customers. You may only have 100 followers, but your tweets (updates) can reach thousands of people organically if it is relevant to your audience and you are using the right hashtags. For a business, this means, using the right keyword could help you reach your ideal audience; i.e. people who are already looking for the value your business has to offer. This process enables your business to drive high quality traffic to your website, increase conversion rates and build customer lists. Unlike Facebook, your followers on Twitter are not centered around your family, friends and colleagues. In Twitter, following develops around common interests. Therefore, if your business shares valuable and relevant content consistently, your community will grow with alignment with your business’ value proposition.

Text of 10 Reasons Why Your Business Should Be On Twitter

  • 1. 10 Reasons Your Business Should be on Twitter!
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  • 3. Engage with your customers and make them feel the presence of your brand. kl-_II WebAble
  • 4. Use online exposure to drive users to your website or blog. kl-LII WebAble
  • 5. M 7", : . '~azll: :s. % . ll. ' Directly interact and engage with potential customers. L/ -LII WebAb| e
  • 6. Run surveys and play around with feedback received. k/ -J WebAble
  • 7. I Customer Service Respond to queries and provide technical support online. WebAb| e
  • 8. Vvze . . Recruit Spot candidates who are passionate about your product. A I Web/ tble
  • 9. Become A Thought Leader Transform into an authoriity figure in your field with active resourceful updates.
  • 10. Entertainment Stay Up To Date Remain informed. Catch up with ind_u_str. ys-lat-est advances. . AJ WebAblc
  • 11. Connect Use social networking to get in touch with associates and build rapport with your audience! ~_/ -J Web/ Kble
  • 12. WebAb| e IS a digital creative agency passionate A I about community building and story telling through design, content marketing and social media campaigns. Contact us for anything digital: LI-. l