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Text of Gradle ’Œ Android Studio --- Jason Ko

Gradle + Androidby Jason Ko

GradleAutomation Tool : compile, test, package, deploy (ship), project dependenciesGradle Groovy ( edit, compile, link, run , , shell ) Groovy ( Less verbose ) ( Very flexible)DSL ( Domain Specific Language) => , ! Gradle !DSL

Java Swing GUI ToolkitGroovy SwingBuilder -q tasks => tasks, -q in quiet modegradle -q help => look help guidegradle properties => project propertiesBuild.Gradlebuild. gradle , ~ex.

run by => gradle compileTask

Java Plugin plugin => apply plugin: java plugin => apply plugin: JavaJava 4 Configurationcompile, runtime, testCompile, testRuntime 4 configuration, dependenciesfor Android Project compileExample 1

Marven Central , Gradle , library group, name, versionExample 2

Multiple Projects


ex. Project build.gradle

Project build.gradle

Android Studio Project,

p.s , HelloCloudEndpoints project,api, app module, app module, api google cloud moduleAndroid Studio gradle

gradlewProject gradle project gradle sync project with gradle

gradle file, syncApp build.gradle apply plugin apply plugin android{} configuration element

AndroidManifiest.xmlCompile SDK version APP, release debug App build.gradle

include Libs jar

jar product flavors, APP ex. Demo version, Full version Android {} productFlavors{}

product flavors

Android Studio + App Engine + Cloud Endpoints=> 1. web server api !2. (json, xml) 50% "App Engine Java Endpoints Module" Template

:IROMIN Gradle Tutorial All.